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Sefa Secen

Sefa Secen

Contact Information:

Sefa Secen

Ph.D. Candidate, Political Science Department


Sefa Secen is currently a doctoral candidate in the Political Science Department at the Maxwell School of Syracuse University. His general research interests include refugees, international security, human and minority rights, qualitative research methods, Middle East, and Europe. His dissertation project examines the factors that enabled or constrained the securitization of Syrian refugees in the Middle East and Western Europe. His research has been published or is forthcoming in Global Security Studies, Forced Migration Review, Education in Muslim Societies, EKEV Academic Review and E-International Relations Journals.

Research Interests

Refugees, International Security, Human and Minority Rights, Qualitative Research Methods, Middle East, Europe


Secen S., “Explaining the Politics of Security: Syrian Refugees in Turkey and Lebanon,” Journal of Global Security Studies,

Secen S., Shalaby M., “Living with Absence, Missing Migrants and the Red Cross and Red Crescent’s Restoring Family Links Program,” Forced Migration Review, (Forthcoming, February 2021)

Secen S., “Education in Mother Tongue and Turkey’s Practice, ”EKEV Academic Review 16 (52) 205-219.

Secen S., Gurbuz M., Between Hospitality and Hostility: Public Attitudes and State Policies toward Syrian Refugees in Turkey in Goldstone, A. J., Alimi, E., Ozeren, S, & Cubukcu, S. (eds) (2020).Post-ISIS Era: Regional and Global Implications, IOS Press Publication, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. (Forthcoming)

Secen S., Review of Field Notes: The Making of Middle East Studies in the United States by Zachary Lockman, Journal of Education in Muslim Societies, II, May 2020.

Secen S., Competing Logics of Security toward Syrian Refugees in Turkey and Lebanon available at

Political Science Department
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