Admissions & Finances


Students sitting on steps of Maxwell Hall on sunny daySome students find paid positions on-campus to help cover the cost of their studies. These positions usually offer a stipend or salary and may offer some form of tuition benefit or tuition scholarship. The Office of Residence Life, for example, currently employs a number of graduate students in various positions. You can visit the residence life website to learn more.

A number of offices on campus hire administrative graduate assistants from a number of programs. Holding such a position, if related to the student’s area of academic interest, can enhance the graduate learning experience significantly. Applicants who wish to explore such options should contact their academic departments to determine whether there are particular offices offering these opportunities.

The Office of Human Resources also provides an online listing of positions available at all levels on campus. Spouses of prospective graduate students may wish to this listing at if they plan to seek employment in the area.

International students my explore regulations concerning their employment eligibility, either on or off campus, by contacting the Lillian and Emanuel Slutzker Center for International Services.