Patrick Gaetjens, '12 MPA/IR

Project Manager
New York City Economic Development Corporation

Patrick Gaetjins

Patrick Gaetjens is a Project Manager at the New York City Economic Development Corporation, where he works on projects which use tax incentives to foster economic growth. He graduated in 2012 with a dual MPA/MAIR degree.

Prior to his time at Maxwell, Patrick was a Peace Corps volunteer. He served two years teaching English in Romania, where he organized community service projects with his students and created a Community Information Center in his local high school through a small project assistance grant from USAID. Since 2008, Patrick worked with Tetra Tech Associates in Rural Development (ARD), Inc. where he collaborated with such clients as the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) to provide the resources they need to improve agricultural and economic growth in communities around the world.

During his time at Maxwell, Patrick was able to further his interest in improving municipal services by spending a semester in Istanbul, researching the city's transformation to modern public services.  He also had the opportunity to work on performance measurement issues with the Port Authority of New York-New Jersey, and examined the opportunities and risks of Social Impact Bonds with a group of Maxwell classmates

Why did Patrick come to Maxwell? "I was living in Burlington, Vermont and working for ARD, Inc. to create and implement projects for USAID. One of my coworkers, Peter Clavelle (MPA, '72), is the former mayor of Burlington and runs ARD's Democracy and Government Practice Area. He advised that I look at Maxwell because of its unique blend of quantitative skills and its strong reputation in government work, which would give me the right tools to excel in public service."

Patrick believes that his Maxwell degree will have a great impact on his career. "I used to work in finance, but the Maxwell program gave me a stronger look at stats. I didn't expect the quality of teachers - the professors are very good at explaining the details. It's a very well thought-out program. The networks and connections you make are great." The networks, his professors and classmates, all helped him when interviewing for jobs with New York City's government.

His advice for those considering coming to Maxwell? "Few programs have such a solid blend of professors and students. Maxwell provides such a breadth of diverse experiences; you learn as much from the thoughts and backgrounds of those you study with as you do from the faculty."

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