Rob Magliaro, ’08 B.S. (Econ, IR, & PSt) 

Assistant Principal
The Urban Assembly School for Emergency Management 

Rob Magliaro
Rob Magliaro is an Assistant Principal at The Urban Assembly School for Emergency Management in New York, NY. Rob completed his B.S. in Economics, International Relations, and Policy Studies at Maxwell, graduating in 2008. He then went on to earn his M.A. in Mathematics Education from Lehman College, graduating in 2010.  

 The Urban Assembly School for Emergency Management (UASEM) is a public career and technical education high school in New York City.  “Our mission at UASEM is to put students in the shoes of emergency managers to hone the communication, collaboration, high-stakes problem-solving and complex reasoning skills they will need to succeed after high school in college or employment,” Robert says. By constantly applying what they learn in the classroom to disaster preparation and response scenarios, students develop the confidence to pursue their dreams and the character to serve their communities. “In short, we prepare students to be ready for college, career, and citizenship.”

Rob has been involved with the school since its inception—he did everything from helping write the initial proposal, hiring, and training staff, to working with partners such as The Office of Emergency Management, FEMA, the American Red Cross, NYPD, and FDNY.  On a typical day, he leads a majority of daily school operations, provides instructional support to his teaching staff through classroom observation and professional development, and also teaches courses: Algebra II and Math Enrichment. Moreover, he also works with the school’s principal on much of the programming and issues related to compliance with city and state department of education regulations.  “My real passion is in the longer term strategy of the school and using student achievement data to make instructional and operational decisions to support student learning and social emotional development,” he says.

Previously, Rob worked at a school in the South Bronx, where he helped create a robust student data tracking system which, in part, resulted in school-wide improvements in student achievement.  In the 2012-13 school year the school went from a "C" on the School Report Card to a "B," a goal the school had been striving towards for several years.  He also helped create an Advanced Math Program, which has resulted in nearly 40 students advancing two years in mathematics. These students are now on a trajectory towards high school Calculus. Additionally, as a member of Educators for Excellence Rob helped to write a policy paper on principal evaluation in New York State.

Rob says that his internships, community based projects, and data work at the Maxwell School had the largest impact on his career by far.  “My mentor, Bill Coplin, used to say ‘data is everything,’ and that couldn't be truer in almost every field,” Rob says. “I attribute almost all of my success in education to my ability to collect and analyze data to make decisions in the classroom and at the school level.”  Most of this experience came from Rob’s internship with Syracuse Community Geography and a wide array of other internships, from the Pennsylvania Governor's Office of Health Care Reform, Lovell's International Law Firm in Hong Kong, and the Syracuse Mayor's Office. 

“In schools there are always a thousand and one things going on, so the ability to multitask, prioritize, and manage time is essential,” he adds.  “I acquired many of these skills as a member of OrangeSeeds Leadership Empowerment Program and as a Leadership Intern in The Center for Public and Community Service.  Both of these activities gave me invaluable experience working and leading teams, project management, and networking.”  Rob also says studying abroad in Hong Kong was not only a once in a lifetime experience but also provided for excellent conversation with potential employers.  Additionally, Rob received the Remembrance Scholarship and was a University Scholar.  “The Remembrance Scholarship was a moving experience and has provided critical context for my work now as I help to launch the first Emergency Management High School in the country,” he says.

Rob’s advice for current Maxwell students? “Maxwell offers an array of opportunities both in and out of class to acquire practical skills and obtain valuable internships and work related experiences. Many students get stuck on ‘collecting academic badges’ and working towards graduate school,” Rob says. “While both are crucial, what employers value most is meaningful experience and the ability to solve problems.  Working with data and the ability to communicate its meaning are the two most powerful skills you can bring to almost any profession.”  He adds that interesting experiences in student organizations, study abroad, work study, and internships are equally as important as success in the classroom. “Figuring out what you are not passionate is just as important, if not more, than determining what you are passionate about. Maintain ongoing relationships with your classmates. They are an invaluable asset post-college, both in your transition to the professional world and as resources in the job market,” he says. “You will be surprised how difficult it is to maintain these relationships, even with Facebook and other social media.  Making your Syracuse friendships and network a priority will lead to success on many levels post-graduation.”