What is LinkedIn?

With over 5,300 Maxwell School alumni members, and an overall membership of 300 million professionals, LinkedIn is the world's largest professional network. This free, online networking site allows you to reconnect with past colleagues, business partners, and classmates as well as tap into their knowledge and experience. LinkedIn’s vibrant network provides powerful networking tools for career advancement, business ventures, and entrepreneurship.

Why is LinkedIn Important to Maxwell?

Your Maxwell LinkedIn Group membership is a window into what’s happening at Maxwell. You’ll receive Maxwell updates and know who has recently joined the group. You can also ask questions, post job openings and inquiries, as well seek information from fellow members.

By joining the LinkedIn group you also help provide current students the ability to easily connect with professionals who work, or have worked, in their field or organization of interest. The Maxwell Group also provides you an easy way to reconnect with your favorite Maxwell faculty and staff while geographic sub-groups allow you to connect with alumni near you.

LinkedIn’s privacy controls provide you with complete control of your personal information so you can decide what data you would like to have visible and how you want to be contacted.

How do I Join?

Joining LinkedIn and the Maxwell Group is simple. Whether you’re already a LinkedIn member or not, navigate to the Maxwell LinkedIn Group. There you’ll be prompted to join the Maxwell Group and register your LinkedIn profile and security settings (if you’re not already a LinkedIn member). Your membership in the Maxwell group will then be set to pending until your application is reviewed by Maxwell staff. You will receive an email once your membership is approved. This process takes just a few days.


Please contact us or read more about joining LinkedIn.

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