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Maxwell Alumni

  • FaithAbiodun75

    Faith Abiodun

    '12 MPA
    Communications Associate & Project Manager
    African Leadership Academy
  • Chas.Alamo.75px.jpg

    Chas Alamo

    '11 MA (Econ)/ '11 MPA

    United States Peace Corps member

  • DeborahAlexander.75px

    Deborah Alexander

    ’82 MSSc / ’95 PhD (SSc)
    Senior Subject Matter Expert/Mentor
    IDS International and the U.S. Army’s Joint Regional Training Center
  • NancyAndrade.75px

    Nancy Andrade

    '11 MPA
    Health Scientist
    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • AjitBanerjee.75px.jpg

    Ajit Banerjee

    '55 MPA

    UN Special Advisor, Coordinator for Administrative Reform, Governance, and Foreign Policy.

  • IrynaBilotserkivska.75px

    Iryna Bilotserkivska

    ’08 MAIR
    Operations Analyst
    World Bank
  • AaronBeaston-Blaakman.75px.jpg

    Aaron Blaakman

    '96 MPA
    International Health Economist
  • MikBodnar.75

    Mik Bodnar

    '10 MAIR
    International cooperation specialist
    Defense Advanced Research (DARPA)
  • Briggs-S

    Chance Briggs

    '97 MPA
    National Director for Mali
    World Vision International
  • jayme.brown.75px.jpeg

    Jayme Brown

    '09 MPA

    Jobs Plus Program Manager
    U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

  • Amanda.Burd.75px

    Amanda Burd

    '10 MPA

    Health Insurance Specialist

    Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Service

  • BeatrizBustos.75px

    Beatriz Bustos

    '05 MPA/'10 PhD (Geog)

    Assistant Professor of Geography
    Universidad de Chile

  • GaryButterworth.75px

    Gary Butterworth

    '04 BA (IR)
    Line Producer, "Washington Forum"
    Voice of America
  • CherylCamillo.75px.jpg

    Cheryl Camillo

    '98 MPA

    Visiting Fulbright Fellow at the Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy at the University of Regina.

  • Elizabeth_Cardona.75px

    Elizabeth Cardona

    '10 EMPA
    Executive Director
    Multicultural Affairs at Bay Path University
  • SelinaCarter.75px

    Selina Carter

    ’12 MPA/IR, ’13 MA (Econ)
    Economic Consultant for Strategic Planning and Development Effectiveness 
    Inter-American Development Bank
  • AmyChan.75px

    Amy Chan

    '08 MPA
    Associate Transportation Specialist
    Department of Transportation, San José, CA
  • Choden,-Dorji-S

    Dorji Choden

    ’01 MA PA
    Cabinet Minister for Works and Human Settlement
    Nation of Bhutan
  • Choi-S

    Cathy Choi

    '02 MPA
    Director of Program
    Eisner Foundation
  • CraigCohn.75px

    Craig Cohn

    '94 BA (PSc)

    President of Real Estate

  • NicoleCollier.75px.jpg

    Nicole Young Collier

    '00 MPA

    Director of Government Relations at Nestlé

  • Colten-S

    Craig Colten

    '84 PhD (Geog)
    Carl O. Sauer Professor of Geography
    Louisiana State University
  • LoraCover.75

    Lora Cover

    '02 MPA
    Chief Talent Officer
    Cleveland Metropolitan School District
  • KellyCupit.75px

    Kelly Gavin Cupit

    '00 MPA
    Township Administrator
    Township of Green Brook, NJ
  • MathewDaskal.75px

    Mathew Daskal

    '10 MPA

    Director of Operations and Human Resources

    Town of Manchester, VT

  • JeffEckel.75px

    Jeff Eckel

    '82 MPA
    Chief Executive Officer
    Hannon Armstrong
  • Edelstein-S

    Ian Edelstein

    '10 MPA
    Public Affairs Officer
    International Committee of the Red Cross
  • Estefan-S

    Felipe Estefan

    '10 Public Diplomacy
    Open Governance and ICT4Gov
    World Bank Institute
  • Aris Evia 75px

    Aris Evia

    ’99 JD/MPA
    Advisor to the Director
    U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management
  • KateFarrar.75px

    Kate Farrar

    ’04 MPA

    Founder and Principal
    K.C. Farrar Consulting

  • PatFiorenza.75px

    Pat Fiorenza

    '11 MPA
    Research Analyst
  • ElizabethCrosbyFomegne.75px

    Elizabeth Crosby Fomegne

    '09 MPA

    Program Analyst

    Health Resources and Services Administration's Maternal and Child Health Bureau

  • DawnGeoppinger.75px

    Dawn Hunter Geoppinger

    '06 MPA
    Supervising Management Analyst
    City of Cincinnati
  • KevinGilligan.75

    Kevin Gilligan

    '10 MPA

    Management and Program Analyst

  • LisaGordon.75px

    Lisa Gordon

    '90 MPA

    President & CEO
    Atlanta Habitat for Humanity

  • DeborahGreenbon.75px

    Deborah Greebon

    '07 MPA
    Executive Director
    OneVillage Partners
  • GeoffGreen.75

    Geoff Green

    '99 MPA
    Vice president, business dev.
    Oracle Public Sector
  • Steve.Hagerty.75px

    Steve Hagerty

    '93 MPA
    Founder & CEO
    Hagerty Consulting
  • KathyHochul.75px

    Kathleen Hochul

    '80 BA (PSc)
    Lieutenant Governor
    New York State
  • ErikaHoffman-Kiess.75px2

    Erika Hoffman-Kiess

    '00 MPA
    Founding Director
    JOBS Group entities
  • Corey.Jannicelli.75px

    Corey Jannicelli

    '10 MPA
    Manager of Volunteer Engagement Programs
    Association of Small Foundations
  • JeremyJohnson.75px

    Jeremy Johnson

    '03 JD/MA (PSc)
    Attorney, Peace Corps Volunteer (Nong Khal, Thailand)
  • Kaifala-S

    Joseph Kaifala

    '10 MAIR
    Executive Director
    Jeneba Project
  • KariKietzer.75

    Kari Kietzer

    ’11 EMIR
    Independent expert
    Anti-corruption in post-conflict areas
  • WilliamKittredge.75px

    William Kittredge

    '02 PhD (PA)


    Cervelet Consulting

  • Betsy.Kittredge.75px

    Betsy Kittredge

    '94 BA (PSc)

    Managing Director

    Partnership for Working Families

  • Alejandro-Laplana-75px.jpeg

    Alejandro Laplana

    '11 BA (PSc/IR)

    Managing Partner
    Nesting Partners LLC

  • Natalie.Leary.75px.jpg

    Natalie Leary

    '12 MPA

    Director, Community Partnerships & Outreach
    NYC Department of Youth & Community Development

  • DavidLevinthal.75px

    Dave Levinthal

    '02 BA (PPhil)

    Senior Political Reporter
    Center for Public Integrity

  • Michael.Lewan.75px

    Michael Lewan

    '12 Public Diplomacy
    Grassroots and Government Relations Manager
    National Marine Manufacturers Association
  • MichaelLewan75

    Michael Lewan

    '74 MPA
    Michael Lewan Company
  • Katie.Lewinski.75px

    Katherine Lewinski

    '11 BA (IR/PSt)

    Financial Analyst

  • JimLewis.75px

    Jim Lewis

    ’98 MPA
    City Manager
    Pismo Beach, California
  • JohnLinsley.75px2

    John Linsley

    '09 MAIR
    Safety Coordinator
    The School for Field Studies
  • JayMaddock.75px

    Jason Maddock

    '95 BA (Soc)/ '95 BA (Psy)

    Dean of the School of Public Health at Texas A&M University

  • ChrisMalagisi.75px

    Christopher Malagisi

    '04 MPA

    Editor in Chief
    Conservative Book Club

  • John.Mandyck.75px

    John Mandyck

    '92 MPA
    Chief Sustainability Officer
    UTC Climate
  • ChrisMeek.75px

    Chris Meek

    '92 BA (PSc & Econ)
    Chairman and Co-Founder
  • WesleyMilillo.75px.jpg

    Wesley Milillo

    '11 BA IR

    Global Capital Market Analyst for Societe General

  • BeauMiller.75px3

    Beau Miller

    '11 MAIR
    Executive Director
    Aythos, Inc.
  • Misamore-S

    Clint Misamore

    '10 MAIR
    Coordinator of Marketing and Program Development
    Milken Institute

  • MichaelMitchell.75px

    Michael Mitchell

    '11 MPA
    Policy Analyst
    Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
  • JanaMorgan.75px3

    Jana Morgan

    '08 MAIR
    National Coordinator
    Publish What You Pay U.S.
  • Mustafayeva-S

    Shamsiyya Mustafayeva

    '09 EMPA/'10 MAIR
    Associate Vice Rector for Academic Affairs
    Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy
  • Nankoe-S

    Alia Nankoe

    '02 MAIR
    Gender-Based Violence Capacity Development Coordinator
    UNFPA's Humanitarian Response Branch
  • RobertNeedham.75px

    Robert Needham

    '88 MAIR

    Foreign Service Officer

    U.S. Department of State

  • JoveOliver75pxRevised.jpg

    Jove Oliver

    '03 MAIR

    CEO at Oliver Global

  • TenilleParkerSmith.75px

    Tennille Smith Parker

    '98 MPA

    Director of the Disaster Recovery and Special Issues Division 
    U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

  • Michael-Patrick-75px.jpeg

    Michael Patrick

    '75 BA (PSc)

    Fragomen Worldwide

  • AlexPayne.75px

    Alex Payne

    '12 MPA
    Policy Associate
    First Five Years Fund
  • WilliamPolf.75

    William Polf

    ’71 MA Hist/’73 PhD Hist
    Education administration
  • GeorgeProakis.75px

    George Proakis

    '95 MPA
    Director of Planning
    City of Somerville, Massachusetts
  • juliapuaschunder.75px.jpg

    Julia Puaschunder

    '08 MPA
    Research Assistant for The Schwartz Center for Economic Policy Analysis.
  • LloydPurdy.75px

    Lloyd Purdy

    '06 MPA
    Main Street Oregon City Inc.
  • John.Rampulla.75px

    John Rampulla

    '99 JD/MPA
    Senior Manager
    Deloitte Consulting, LLP
  • ScottRayder.75px

    Scott Rayder

    '92 MPA
    Senior Advisor to the President
    University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR)
  • JoRispoli.75px

    Jo Rispoli

    '03 MAIR
    Regional Specialist
    International Organization for Migration
  • Rachel.Roberts-Pickett.75px

    Rachel Roberts-Pickett

    '05 MPA/'06 MAIR
    Vice President of Strategic Operations 
    Red Leaf Investments, LLC
  • PiaRogers2.75px

    Lt. Col. Pia Rogers

    MPA/JD '01

    Deputy Staff Judge Advocate
    82nd Airborne Division, Fort Bragg, NC

  • Shannon.Rosenber.75px

    Shannon Rosenberg

    '12 MPA
    Women's Health Project Consultant
    Population Services International
  • Clare-Rutz-75px.jpeg

    Clare Rutz

    '09 BA (PSt/IR)

    Director of Development
    Americana Community Center

  • MichaelScherger.75px

    Michael Scherger

    ’97 MPA
    Director, Policy and Planning Division
    Bureau of Diplomatic Security
    U.S. Department of State
  • SandeepSilas.75px2

    Sandeep Silas

    '08 EMPA
    Garland of Peace Initiative
  • ChristopherSkaluba.75px

    Christopher Skaluba

    '01 MAIR
    Principal Director for Strategy and Force Development
    Office of the Secretary of Defense
  • CourtneyStuckwisch.75px

    Courtney Stuckwisch

    '11 MPA

    Operations Manager

    Cohen College Prep High, New Orleans, LA

  • Laura.Sullivan.75px

    Laura Sullivan

    '10 MPA
    CDBG Disaster Recovery Program Manager
    State of Rhode Island
  • Scott Taitel 75

    Scott Taitel

    '79 BA (PSt)
    Chief Operating Officer - Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership
    Clinton Foundation
  • ScottTaylor.75px

    Scott Taylor

    '06 MPA/MAIR
    Lieutenant Colonel, United States Army
    Strategic Intelligence Officer, Defense Intelligence Agency
    U.S. Department of Defense
  • MaryTyszkiewicz.75

    Mary Tyszkiewicz

    ’93 PhD (PA)

    Heroic Improvisation

  • MichelleVaca.75px

    Michelle Vaca

    '12 MAIR/MPA


    United States Department of Labor

  • Wadsworth-S

    Anne Robinson Wadsworth

    '09 EMPA
    Executive Director
    Girls Education Collaborative
  • DanWeinheimer.75px

    Dan Weinheimer

    ’98 BA (Hist/Soc)
    Policy and Project Manager
    City of Fort Collins, CO
  • LeeWillbanks.75px

    Lee Willbanks

    '84 JD/MPA
    Executive Director, Upper St. Lawrence Riverkeeper
    Save the River
  • JacquelynWilliams-Bridger.75px

    Jacquelyn Williams-Bridgers

    '78 MPA
    Independent Consultant
    JaDa International, LLC
  • RichardWilson.75px

    Richard G. Wilson

    '68 MPA
    Port of Anchorage
  • WilsonJudy.75px

    Judith Allen Wilson

    '70 MPA
    Director of Development
    Pasadena Community Foundation
  • Yiwei.Wu.75px

    Yiwei Wu

    '12 BA (IR)

    Senior Manager
    Interactive Advertising Bureau

  • JasonYaley.75px.jpg

    Jason Yaley

    '05 BA (IR/PSc)/'06 MPA

    Special Assistant to the Air Force Chief of Staff 

  • Yavich 75

    Roman Yavich

    '11 MPA

    Co-founder and Director
    Comunidad Connect