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Maxwell / Department of Anthropology



Recent Publications

 Ed Carr

 Ed Carr  2011.  Delivering Development: Globalization’s Shoreline and the Road to a Sustainable Future (Palgrave/McMillan).



Book Ahmad2 Sadaf Ahmad2009.  Transforming Faith: The Story of Al-Huda and Islamic Revivalism Among Urban Pakistani Women.  Syracuse, NY: Syracuse University Press.
Book Gustafsson Mai Lan Gustafsson2009.  War and Shadows: The Haunting of Vietnam.
Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press.
Book Menon2 Kalyani Menon2009.  Dissonant Subjects: Women in the Hindu Nationalist Movement in India.
University of Pennsylvania Press.  
Book Harrison Kwame Harrison2009.  Hip Hop Underground: The Integrity and Ethics of Racial Identification.
Temple University Press.
Book Cerveny2 Lee Cerveny2008.  Nature and Tourists in the Last Frontier: Local Encounters with Global Tourism in Coastal Alaska.  Elmsford, NY: Cognizant.
Book Dewey Susan Dewey
2008.  Hollow Bodies: Institutional Responses to Sex Trafficking in Armenia, Bosnia and India. Bloomfield, CT: Kumarian Press.
Book Dewey2 Susan Dewey
2008.  Making Miss India Miss World: Constructing Gender and Power in Post Liberalization India. Syracuse, NY: Syracuse University Press.  


Book Fosher Kerry Fosher
2008.  Under Construction: Making Homeland Security at the Local Level.
Chicago, IL: University of Chicago Press.
Book Hauser2 Mark Hauser2008.  An Archaeology of Black Markets: Local Ceramics and Economies in Eighteenth-Century Jamaica.  University Press of Florida, Florida Museum of Natural History: Ripley P.Bullen Series.  


Book Karam John T. Karam2007.  Another Arabesque: Syrian-Lebanese Ethnicity in Neoliberal Brazil.
Temple University Press.
Book Pribilsky Jason Pribilsky2007.  La Chulla Vida: Gender, Migration, and the Family in Andean Ecuador and New York. Syracuse, NY: Syracuse University Press.
Book Faust Betty Bernice Faust1998.  Mexican Rural Development and the Plumed Serpent: Technology and Maya Cosmology in the Tropical Forest of Campeche, Mexico. Westport, CT: Bergin and Garvey  



Betty Faust(4)

Betty Bernice Faust.  El Desarrollo Rural En Mexico Y La Serpiente Emplumada.
Rural development in Mexico and the Plumed Serpent: Fondo de Cultura Economica; 1 edition (May 31, 2010)