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2002-Present Dissertation Defenses 


April 15, 2016 Lori Klivak successfully defended her dissertation titled, "Que Salgamos Mas Adelante: Identity, Community, and the Desire for Development in Oaxaca, Mexico"

April 14, 2016 Edwin Kwame Otu successfully defended his dissertation titled, "Amphibious Subjects: Sassoi and the Contested Politics of Queer Self-Making in Neoliberal Ghana"

December 11, 2015 Sarah Loftus successfully defended her dissertation titled, "Post Emancipation Landscapes and Material Culture: The Bethel Community and the Benjamin W. Jackson Plantation."

December 1, 2015 Ayse Ozcan successfully defended her dissertation titled, "Reconfiguring French Secularism: The Mosque as the New Multicultural Space of Young Muslims" 

August 31, 2015 Nicole Wilson successfully defended her dissertation titled, "Middle-Class Identity and Hindu Women's Ritual Practice in South India."

August 14, 2015 Lori Lee successfully defended her dissertation titled, "Consumerism and Slavery: Consumer Practices Among Enslaved Laborers at Poplar Forest Plantation (1828-1861)."

June 17, 2015 Laurah Klepinger successfully defended her dissertation titled, “Flexible Labor in a Spiritual Economy: Peace, Work, and Inequality in Globalized Yoga.”

April 27, 2015 Dwayne Scheid successfully defended his dissertation titled, “The Political Economy of Ceramic Production in Barbados:From plantation industry to craft production."

April 23, 2015 Wesley Willoughby successfully defended his dissertation titled, “The Country's House: Examining Public Space and Community in St. Mary's City's Seventeenth-Century Town Center.”

June 27, 2014 Matthew Reilly successfully defended his dissertation titled, “At the Margins of the Plantation: Alternative Modernities and an Archaeology of the 'Poor Whites' of Barbados.”

June 26, 2014 Ian Wilson successfully defended his dissertation titled, “A Variously Understood Past: Negotiating History and Identity in Eastern Rajasthan.”

June 25, 2014 Jamie Johnson successfully defended her dissertation titled, “Accommodating Conservation: Regulating Heritage in a Himalayan Tourist Town.”

May 29, 2014 Karen McNamara successfully defended her dissertation titled, “Valuing Health: Herbal Traditions, Pharmaceuticals, and Healing in Bangladesh.”

May 27, 2014 Fethi Keles successfully defended his dissertation titled, “Ways to Refuge: Bosnians in Central New York in Ethnographic Perspective.”

May 8, 2014 Faris Ahmed Khan successfully defended his dissertation titled, “Khwaja Sira: Culture, Identity Politics and 'Transgender' Activism in Pakistan.”

May 6, 2014 Meredith A.B. Ellis, successfully defended her dissertation titled, “The Children of Spring Street: The Remains of Childhood from a Nineteenth Century Congregation.”

October 23, 2014 Jesse Harasta successfully defended his dissertation titled, "Searching for a Single Voice: Politics of Use, Form and Belief in the Kernewek Language, United Kingdom"

April 18, 2014 Amy Roache-Fedchenko successfully defended her dissertation titled, "Technological Adaptation on the Frontier:  An Examination of Black Smithing at Fort Michilimackinac, 1715-1781"

April 12, 2013 Rachel Wright successfully defended her dissertation titled, "Making a Living at Making a Difference: A Study of Employees in Nonprofit Social Service Organizations in Memphis, Tennessee

July 16, 2012 Gregory Cook successfully defended his dissertation titled, "The Maritime Archaeology of West Africa in the Atlantic World: Investigations at Elmina, Ghana"

April 29, 2012 Holly Norton successfully defended her dissertation titled, "Estate by Estate: The Landscape of the 1733 St. Jan Slave Rebellion"

April, 20, 2012 Connie Etter successfully defended her dissertation titled, "Women With No One": Community and Christianity in a Secular South Indian Homeless Shelter 

March 5, 2012 Kassahun Kebede successfully defended his dissertation titled, Double Engagements: The Transnational Experiences of Ethiopian Immigrants in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area"

November 11, 2011 Hong Anh Vu successfully defended her dissertation titled, " Nirak Economy Meets Global Economy: Risk Vulnerability and Sustainable Livelihoods among Shrimpfarming Households in Vietnam's Mekong Delta"

October 14, 2011 Jishnu Shankar successfully defended his dissertation titled, "Aghoreshwar Bhagawan Ram and the Aghor Tradition"

June 10, 2011 Chen-I Kuan successfully defended her dissertation titled, "Debates on Gender and Technology: Cesarean Births in Taiwan"

May 11, 2011 Samantha Rebovich successfully defended her dissertation titled, "Landscrap, Labor, and Practice: Slavery and Freedom at Green Castle Estate, Antigua"

April 13, 2011 Jill Priest Amati successfully defended her dissertation titled, Meeting of the Minds: Perceptions of and Experiences with School- Based Mental Health Services"

March 4, 2011  Rachel Horlings successfully defended her dissertation “Of His Bones Are Coral Made: Submerged Cultural Resources, Site Formation Processes, and Multiple Scales of Interpretation in Coastal Ghana”

February 18, 2011  Paola Schiappacasse successfully defended her dissertation"Archaeology of Isolation: the 19th Century Lazareto de Isla de Cabras, Puerto Rico"

January 28, 2011  Andrew Pietruszka successfully defended his dissertation "Artifacts of Exchange: A Multiscalar Approach to Maritime Archaeology at Elmina, Ghana"

January 21, 2011  Ana Servigna successfully defended her dissertation "Transforming the City: An Ethnography of Contested Public Space in Venezuela"

June 3, 2010 David Babson successfully defended his dissertation "Sweet Spring: The Development and Meaning of Maple Syrup Production at Fort Drum, New York" 

May 15, 2010 Helen Blouet successfully defended her dissertation "Marking Life and Death on St. John, Virgin Islands, 1718-1950: An Historical Archaeology of Commemoration Through Objects, Space, and Transformation"

April 16, 2010 Marcos Souza successfully defended his dissertation "An Archaeology of Slave Identities in Central Brazil"

February 19, 2010  Douglas Pippin successfully defended his dissertation "For Want of Provisions: An Archaeological and Historical Investigation of the British Soldier at Fort Haldimand (1778-84)"

February 12, 2010 Liza Gijanto successfully defended her dissertation "Change and the Era of the Atlantic Trade: Commerce and Interaction in the Nuimi Commercial Center The Gambia"

December 21, 2009 Stephan Lenik successfully defended his dissertation "Frontier Landscapes, Missions and Power: A French Jesuit Plantation and Church at Grand Bay, Dominica (1747-1763)"

October 6, 2009 Gerard Chouin successfully defended his dissertation "Forests of Power and Memory: An Archaeology  of Sacred Groves in the Eguafo Polity, Southern Ghana (c. 500-1900 A.D)"

September 10, 2009 Kyungju Ahn successfully defended her dissertation "South Korean Transnational Mothers: Familism, Cultural Criticism and Education Project"

May 29, 2009 Mengistu Dessalegn Debela successfully defended his dissertation "Institutional Practices, Natural Resource Management and Livelihood Strategies in Mahur, Southwest Ethiopia" 

February 9, 2009 Brempong Osei-Tutu successfully defended his dissertation "Slave Castles, African American Activism and Ghana's Memorial Entrepreneurism"

July 28, 2008 John Nicholas Leith Smith successfully defended his dissertation "Archaeological Survey of Settlement Patterns in the Banda Region of West-Central Ghana: Exploring External Influences and Internal Responses in the West African Frontier"

May 16, 2008 Shannon Dunn successfully defended her dissertation "Little More than a Winter Home: An Historical Archaeology of Irish Seasonal Migration at Slievemore, Achill Island"

March 25, 2008 Paul Derby successfully defended his dissertation "Indian Trails, Military Roads, and Waterwheels: Cultural and Ecological Transformations at Glen Lake, New York"

November 9, 2007 Brian Selmeski successfully defended his dissertation "Multicultural Citizens, Monocultural Men: Indigineity, Masculinity and Conscripion in Ecuador"

November 9, 2007 Francesca Gaiba successfully defended her dissertation "Straight Women and Gay Men Friends: A Qualitative Study"

September 6, 2007 Sally Steindorf successfully defended her dissertation "Walking Against the Wind: Negotiating Television and Modernity in Rural Rajasthan"

August 24, 2007 Heather Gibson successfully defended her dissertation "Daily Practice and Domestic Economies in Guadeloupe: An Archaeological and Historical Study"

June 6, 2007 Hadley Kruczek-Aaron successfully defended her dissertation Struggling with Moral Authority: Religion, Reform and Everyday Life in Nineteenth-Century Smithfield, New York

March 1, 2007 George Farag successfully defended his dissertation Escaping a Decade of Darkness: Shi'a Iraqi Diaspora's Role in the Administration of Post-Saddam Hussein Iraq

February 6, 2007 Vikas Choudhary successfully defended his dissertation Craft Producers and Intermediation by Government, NGO's and Private Business in rural Rajasthan, India

October 4, 2006 Sadaf Ahmad successfully defended her dissertation Al-huda: The Story of Islamic Revivalism Amongst Urban Pakistani Women

September 25, 2006 Haripriya Narasimhan successfully defended her dissertation  "Our Health is in our Hands": Women Making Decisions about Health Care in Tamilnadu, South India

August 15, 2006 Francois Richard successfully defended his dissertation From Cosaan to Colony = Exploring Archaeological Landscape Formations and Socio-Political Complexity in the Siin (Senegal), AD 500-1900 

July 14, 2006 Svetlana Peshkova successfully defended her dissertation Otincha in Ferghana Valley: Women & Islam in Central Asia

June 19, 2006 Angela Herrald successfully defended her dissertation Spiritual Itineraries: Journeying to Self via "Sacred India" 

April 11, 2006 Frederick Lampe successfully defended his dissertation Right Rites, Faith and the Corporate Good: Anglican Christianity and Social Change in Western Kenya

March 9, 2006 Robert Cromwell successfully defended his dissertation "Where Ornament and Function are so Agreeably Combined": Consumer Choice Studies of English Ceramic Wares at Hudson's Bay Company Fort Vancouver

December 19, 2005 Suzanne Morrissey successfully defended her dissertation, "We Accept WIC: An Ethnography of Women, Infants and Children's Nutrition Program"

August 22, 2005 Lisa Knight successfully defended her dissertation, "Negotiated Identities, Engendered Lives: Baul Women in West Bengal and Bangladesh"

June 23, 2005 Kerry Fosher successfully defended her dissertation, "I'm Just Thinking Out Loud Here: Making U.S. Homeland Security at the Local Level" 

March 10, 2005 Mai Lan (Putnam) Gustafsson successfully defended her dissertation, "War of the Shadow World: Angry Ghosts and Their Victims in Vietnam" 

September 21, 2004 Samuel Spiers successfully defended his dissertation, "The Eguafo Kingdom: Investigating Complexity in Southern Ghana" 

June 30, 2004 Kreg Ettenger successfully defended his dissertation, "Siipii, Unchii, Ministuk, Istchee [River, Mountain, Island, Land]: Contested Space and Contextual Knowledge in Eeyou Istchee, Northern Quebec" 

June 29, 2004 Lee Cerveny successfully defended her dissertation, "Tourism and Transformations in the Alaska Frontier: A Study of Tourism Growth and Its Impact on Three Southeast Alaska Communities"

June 22, 2004 Alicia DeNicola successfully defended her dissertation,  "Creating Borders, Maintaining Boundaries: Traditional work and Global Markets in Bagru's Handblock Textile Industry"

June 2, 2004  Natalie Swanepoel successfully defended her dissertation, "Too Much Power is not Good: War and Trade in Nineteenth Century Sisalaland, Northern Ghana" 

May 6, 2004  Christopher Ricciardi successfully defended his dissertation, "Changing through the Century: Life at the Lott Family Farm in the Nineteen Century Town of Flatlands, Kings County, New York" 

May 4, 2004  Susan Runkle successfully defended her dissertation, "Becoming Cosmopolitan: Constructing Gender and Power in Post- Liberalization Bombay" 

December 10, 2003  Elizabeth Kellar successfully defended her dissertation, "The Construction and Expression of Identity: An Archaeological Investigation of the Laborer Villages at Adrian Estate, St. John, USVI" 

November 17, 2003  John T. Karam successfully defended his dissertation, "Distinguishing Arabesques: The Politics and Pleasures of Being Arab in Neoliberal Brazil" 

November 6, 2003  Anthony Kwame Harrison successfully defended his dissertation, "Every Emcee's A Fan, Every Fan's An Emcee: Authenticity, Identity, and Power Within Bay Area Underground Hip Hop" 

August 1, 2003  Valerie Singer successfully defended her dissertation, "From the Mouth of the Hummingbird" 

July 15, 2003  Jason Pribilsky successfully defended his dissertation, "La Chulla Vida: Men, Migration and the Remaking of Families in the Ecuadorian Andes and New York City" 

February 28, 2003  Keri Olsen successfully defended her dissertation, "We All Eat Pickles, Don't We?": Negotiating Identity in the City of Ajmer" 

February 27, 2003  Margaret Wehrer successfully defended her dissertation, "Race and Racism in Women-Dominated Progressive Organizations" 

December 6, 2002  Benjamin Kankpeyeng successfully defended his dissertation, "The Archaeology of Kpaliworgu: A Case Study of Culture, Continuity, and Change in Northern Ghana before 1900" 

July 25, 2002  Margaret Wood successfully defended her dissertation, "Fighting for our Homes: Archaeology and the Transformation of Women's Domestic Labor in a Coal Mining Community, 1900-1930" 

April 19, 2002  Christopher Lee successfully defended his dissertation, "Banaras, Urdu, Poets, Poetry" 

April 19, 2002  Sonali Sathaye successfully defended her dissertation, "Performing American Culture: Emotion and Self in American Theatre"