Physical Anthropology Laboratory

The newly completed physical anthropology laboratory is equipped for teaching and osteological research.  Teaching resources include a collection of casts representing various nonhuman primates, major finds in human evolution, and dental, cranial, and pathological specimens.  The lab is equipped with anthropometric instruments for the measurement of living populations, and with multiple osteometric kits for hard tissue analysis.  There are facilities for dissection of fleshed specimens and hoods for the use of chemical preservatives and the bedding of bone in preparation for sectioning.  Other available resources include comparative casts, FORDISC software, dissecting microscopes, and a macroscope and microscope with real-time imaging. 

The orientation of the laboratory at Syracuse is anatomical.  There are presently no facilities for physiological or behavioral studies.  The lab abides by the ethical treatment of all human remains, which includes the active engagement of descent communities in biological anthropology research.


Shannon Novak