Topical Foci & World Regions

Anthropology at Syracuse focuses on permutations of socio-cultural anthropology, historical archaeology and bio-archaeology. Department strengths include political anthropology, social movements, medical anthropology, gender and sexuality, religious systems, culture change and globalization, and more (see the sidebar for a listing and links to each topic). Area strengths are in Africa, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, South Asia and the United States, as well as the African diaspora.

At Syracuse University faculty research ranges from exploring the lives of seventeenth century European merchants doing business off the coast of Ghana; to the health and everyday lives of  enslaved African-Americans in nineteenth century New York City; to the challenges faced by women living with AIDs in South Asia; to the role of religious faith in the struggles of working-class Brazilians; to how local communities in East Africa cope with the climate change; to Bosnian teenagers dealing with postwar ethnic tensions; to the everyday rituals of soldiers trying to keep the peace in the Middle East; to Native American struggles for sovereignty; and to the cultural rituals of sexuality in US universities.

Graduate Certificates of Advanced Study are available for qualifying graduates in Women and Gender Studies, Conflict Resolution, Post-conflict Reconstruction, NGO management, Environmental Decision-Making, Security Studies, South Asia Studies, Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Middle East Affairs, Europe and the EU, and more.