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Welcome to the Anthropology Department of the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs at Syracuse University!  The purpose of this web site is to introduce undergraduate students to our anthropology program. In addition to defining the requirements of our major and minor, we describe the department, its resources, the faculty, and some of the potential career directions available to graduates. Use these pages in combination with the Undergraduate Course Catalog to plan your academic and career objectives.

Theresa Singleton with undergrad studentsAnthropology explores the entire range of human experiences in the past and present. Our department offers undergraduate courses covering the breadth of the discipline, including  physical anthropology  (the study of human evolution and biological variation);  archaeology  (the study of prehistoric and historic cultures through material remains); linguistics  (the study of language - its structure, historic developments, and social aspects); cultural anthropology  (the study of contemporary societies); and  applied anthropology  (the use of anthropological methods and theory to solve real-world problems). Ongoing research by our faculty and graduate students covers a broad array of topics, from slave settlements in Jamaica to women and development in India; from religious movements in Brazil to sustainable agriculture in Nepal; from forestry in Kenya to the Underground Railroad in Syracuse. Current research sites span the globe, including South and East Asia, South and North America, West and East Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and the Caribbean.John Burdick with Honor Society member

Undergraduate training in anthropology is useful in many fields, including education, international business, law, journalism, cultural resources management and public service. 
For students interested in future graduate studies in anthropology, our program offers a solid ground in theory, methods, ethics and practical application.

undergraduate studentsUndergraduate students are encouraged to explore anthropology not only through course work, but with direct involvement in laboratory research and field work. Our department has fully equipped archaeology and physical anthropology laboratories, providing a variety of research opportunities. A well established archaeological field training program is offered each summer. Field experience in cultural anthropology is available through community internships, independent studies, and ongoing faculty research. We also recommend that students consider spending a semester or two in another country through the University's Department of International Programs Abroad (DIPA), as a way of enhancing their major with true cross-cultural experience. For information contact the Anthropology Department Undergraduate Director.

 Lambda Alpha National Collegiate Honors Society for Anthropology,  the local branch, Delta of New York, was formed at Syracuse in 1989.Lambda Alpha National Honors Society 

Anthropology Club
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The undergraduate Anthropology Club is a student run organization that is open to students with interests in any aspect of the discipline.  It is a place to meet other students with similar interests and network within the department.  There are meetings throughout the year that cover a wide range of topics including preparing for graduate school, improving your resume and finding a job in Anthropology.