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Syracuse University Research Centers and Labs affiliated with ASPI

Artificial Intelligence Lab

nando fioretta

Engineering, Syracuse University
Director: Ferdinando Fioretta, Ph.D. 

Nando's research focuses on artificial intelligence, multi-agent systems, and data privacy. He is particularly interested in the interface between machine learning and optimization (making better predictions and decisions), coordination (taking into account agents' goals and preferences), and privacy (while protecting the confidentiality of the individual's data). His group focuses on both foundational aspects and applications of machine learning, optimization, differential privacy, and fairness

Smart Vision Systems Laboratory

Engineering, Syracuse University
Director: Senem Velipasalar, Ph.D. 

Smart Vision Systems Laboratory was established in the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department at Syracuse University. Current research projects cover the areas of computer vision, embedded systems, sensor networks and wireless communications.

There are currently 7 Ph.D. students in the Smart Vision Systems Laboratory working on the projects including lightweight algorithm design for mobile and static embedded platforms, wireless embedded smart cameras, methodologies to increase battery life of the embedded cameras, object tracking and event detection in Wireless Smart Camera Networks (WiSCaNs), tracking of vehicle taillights and detection of vehicle alert signals, autonomous fall detection and activity classification.

Autonomous Unmanned Systems Laboratory


Engineering, Syracuse University
Director: Amit Sanyal, Ph.D. 

The Autonomous Unmanned Systems Lab provides complete testing facilities for autonomous guidance, navigation, and control of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in an indoor environment. The lab is equipped with a sophisticated optical tracking system and decentralized wireless ad hoc network (WANET) for real-time telemetry, making it a state-of-the-art test facility to develop autonomous navigation and control of UAVs using onboard sensors and actuators without external navigation aids like GPS of known beacons.  The lab will be used to test both single vehicles and multi-vehicle formation and synchronization maneuvers. 

Institutional Grammar Research Institute (IGRC) 

Institutional Grammar 200Maxwell, Syracuse University 

Director: Saba Siddiki, Ph.D.

The Institutional Grammar Research Initiative (IGRI) convenes scholars from around the world who are interested in the study and practice of institutional analysis.  Core foci of the IGRI are theoretical and methodological advancement of the Institutional Grammar, proposed by Sue Crawford and Elinor Ostrom.