More than ever in this presidential election, the question is being asked -- Who is the Real Romney? With me this week on the Campbell Conversations is Michael Kranish, Deputy Washington Bureau Chief for the Boston Globe and co-author of the book with precisely that title -- The Real Romney. Kranish's book is widely considered to be the definitive biography of the Republican nominee. In an interview that took place just prior to Romney's impolitic comments about the 47 percent of Americans who do not pay federal income taxes, we talk about the real Romney and what he might actually bring to the White House.

Among the topics we explore are the nature of the business enterprises he engaged in at Bain Capital, his leadership style there and as a politician, his political career and his time as governor of Massachusetts, his family background, the role of his faith, and why he's not releasing his tax returns. Just as in his book, Kranish is very careful not to editorialize, but there is a lot of rich material here which should help to inform a voter's sense of the nominee as a person and as a possible president.