Campbell Policy Brief Series

In order to tap and showcase the widely varied and excellent work of the Maxwell School, the Campbell Policy Brief Series will feature authors from among Maxwell faculty working individually or (preferably) in collaboration with others, including graduate students.


See the Institute director with your proposal and time frame for completion.

Each proposal will be reviewed and approved by the Campbell Advisory Committee.

The specific form and length of the briefs are open to negotiation, and preferably something more extensive, developed, and researched than an op-ed, but still of interest to and written for a broader audience. Briefs should be between 6,000 and 10,000 words in length and can employ graphics and other visuals.

The Campbell Public Affairs Institute will be acknowledged in the brief, although the views expressed in all policy briefs are solely those of the author(s).

We will work with authors to design, produce, and promote the brief, and the Maxwell School may join in that effort.

There is a financial incentive for each brief produced awarded upon completion of the brief.

At least one author must be a Maxwell faculty member (co-author's outside the University are fine, but we cannot compensate them).

Submit to

Grant Reeher, Director -

Copy Jackie Nocevski, Budget Administrator -

Policy Brief No. 1 | 2019
Beyond Redistricting and Campaign Finance: Six Bold Ideas to Rebuild Our Democracy