The Maxwell Poll

Civic Engagement and Inequality

The Maxwell Poll on Citizenship and Inequality is a nation-wide annual survey.  The Poll is directed by Professor Jeff Stonecash.  The survey asks questions about engagement in political affairs and other aspects of civic life, as well as views on social and economic inequality in the United States.  The Maxwell Poll is an activity of the Campbell Public Affairs Institute in the Maxwell School of  Syracuse University.  

**See the 2007 Poll Report for full set of results for 2007 and comparison to 2004, 2005 and 2006 results.

2007 Poll Report

Survey Data

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2007 Survey Questions

Survey Reports and Commentaries

2007 Poll Report

2007 Maxwell Poll Brief on Persistent Concern and Political Division

2006 Poll Summary

Inequality in American Society - Maxwell Poll of 2006-II

Law and Courts Questions from 2005 Poll

Log On, Tune Off? The Complex Relationship Between Internet Use and Political Activism, Grant Reeher.  February 28, 2006.

David B. Grusky and Emily Ryo, Stanford University. Did Katrina Recalibrate Attitudes Toward Poverty and Inequality? A Test of the 'Dirty Little Secret'Hypothesis. February 13, 2006.  

Keith Bybee and Jeffrey M. Stonecash, "All judges are political actors-except when they aren't,"  Knight Ridder/Tribune Information Services, December 14, 2005.