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Workshops & Information sessions (Archive)

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Career ICMA


  April 14, 2016




Montgomery Company


  April 4, 2016




Career Discussion with Alumni Jason Yaley BA `05 MPA `06 Special Assistant to the Air Force Chief of Staff and Matt Zeller MPA/MAIR `06 Founder of No One Left Behind


  March 23, 2016




NYS DIV Budget


  March 31, 2016




Career Discussion about Careers in the Foreign Service


  March 10, 2016




Career Discussion with Stafford Clarry, Humanitarian Affiairs Advisor to the Kurdistan Regional Government and UN Advisor


  March 10, 2016




Career Discussion with Carissa Ralbovsky MPA `13 from The State of Maryland Office of Management and Budget


  March 8, 2016




Career Discussion with TNGO Fellow Brian Cute, "Crossing Sectors in a Career Path."


  February 18, 2016




Career Discussion with Alum Emily Wollaeger MPA `14 from UPD Consulting and Forrest Ball MPA `14 from The Lewin Group


  February 18, 2016




LinkedIn & Networking Workshop


  February 11, 2016




Dr. Marsha Weissman, Founder of Center for Community Alternatives

Careers in Non-Profit Management and Prison Policy


  February 9, 2016




Empire & Excelsior Fellowships with

Alumni `15 MPA Danny Friedman, `14 MPA Joshua Beams and `13 MPA Kendall Reed