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  • CCE Scholarships and Awards

    Each year, the Maxwell Program in Citizenship and Civic Engagement (CCE) makes a number of awards and funding opportunities available to our students, thanks to the ongoing generosity of alumni, the CCE Advisory Board, supporters, external funders, and the Maxwell Dean’s Office.

    High Impact Experience Scholars Initiative

    CCE believes in the power of transformative learning experiences outside the classroom: summer work with community partners to jumpstart a Senior Action Plan, archival and fieldwork in support of capstone projects and Honors Theses, papers and poster presentations at regional or national research conferences, resume-enhancing off-campus training workshops, community engagement activities while studying abroad.

    CCE supports these types of activities each year through the High Impact Experience Scholarship Initiative. Awarded on a competitive basis, recent High Impact Experience Scholarships have defrayed student expenses like:

    • an internship with Syracuse Innovation Office, Syracuse, New York
    • a research project throughout New York State on Women's Suffrage
    • volunteer work at St. Aloysius Education Clinic, Inc, New York City
    • an internship with Nourish International in Uganda, Africa

    The Call for Proposals (CFP) for High Impact Experience Scholars funding goes out in late March/early April each year.

    CCE’s Highest Honor: The Civically Engaged Citizen Award

    Each year, students, community partners, faculty and staff nominate seniors for CCE’s crowning achievement, the Civically Engaged Citizen Award.

    To celebrate our very first graduating class in 2016, The John Ben Snow Foundation generously funded this honor (called the John Ben Snow Merit Award). Every year since, we have continued the celebration of student excellence through the CCE Civically Engaged Citizen Award.

    CCE presents it at our Senior Dinner to the student who most exemplifies the spirit of CCE by demonstrating:

    • Exceptional Academics
    • Dedication to a career in public service
    • Legacy of substantial impact on an important policy-related field

    The call for nominations goes out in early April each year.

    Previous Award Recipients

    Audra Linsner2019 Winner: Audra Linsner

    Dual Major: Advertising/CCE

    Inaugural Lead Mentor of the CCE Peer Mentoring Program, Remembrance Scholar, President—Otto’s Army, Believe in Syracuse Fellow, Resident Hall Advisor

    Audra Linsner’s “can do” spirit is irresistible and infectious, which is why many of her CCE peers considered her a leader and mentor. She epitomizes a core CCE program value—respectful engagement. According to a CCE alum who served as one of Audra’s nominators, “college students will often leave campus to volunteer in a city to fulfill a requirement or to feel better about themselves. While Audra has given plenty of time to various volunteer projects, she sees Syracuse as a place filled with incredible people from whom to learn and full of positive things to show case. For her Action Plan, she took advertising to a different level through her work with Believe in Syracuse, and in the process instilled her passion for the city in many of her peers.”

    • CCE Community Placement: Believe in Syracuse
    • MAX 302 Research Topic: Place Branding and Socioeconomic Disparities
    • MAX 401 Action Plan: Syracuse Relocation Guide

    Kennedy Patlan2018 Winner: Kennedy Patlan

    Triple Major: Advertising/Women’s and Gender Studies/CCE
    POSSE Miami Scholar, Blackstone LaunchPad Engagement Scholar, Remembrance Scholar, Resident Hall Advisor

    Kennedy Patlan received six independent nominations that spoke to different facets of her contribution to the CCE community during her time in the program. One nomination in particular, however, summed up what made her stand out: “Kennedy Patlan embodies the characteristics CCE cultivates. She is constantly trying to make her community a better place, and through her service as a Remembrance scholar, a resident advisor, and the Blackstone LaunchPad Engagement Scholar, she succeeds. She also acts as a mentor to other disabled students, and provides advice and support to them on a regular basis. However, she takes it a step further and looks to the root of the problem. She actively tries to better Syracuse University by working to make SU’s policies and future plans more accessible to the Disability Community and other marginalized communities. Kennedy undoubtedly exemplifies what CCE is about.” Currently, Kennedy works at the Ad Council in Washington, DC.

    • CCE Community Placement: Syracuse University Department of Government and Community Relations
    • MAX 302 Research Topic: Creating a Campus Fourth Sector: How can SU Students collaborate to create an experiential learning platform for social impact?
    • MAX 401 Action Plan: Skills-Based Matchmaking Software: Effectively Pairing Student Volunteers and Nonprofits

    carolee lantigua2017 Winner: Carolee Lantigua

    Triple Major: Policy Studies/Political Science/CCE
    McNair Fellow, Renee Crown Honors Program, Dean's Team, Runner Up: Best Paper, Maxwell Celebration of Undergraduate Excellence, 2017

    As one student who nominated Carolee stated: "she never fails to impress me, from inside the classroom, to her independent research, she is always eager to share, help peers and learn more. Her eagerness to learn and to be informed are all traits I believe make an exemplary citizen and a perfect candidate for this award." Another staff nominator shared: "I feel as though CCE has greatly benefited from her consistently strong presence in the program both inside and outside of the classroom. She has volunteered on many occasions to represent CCE at events, with prospective students and current students. She is thoughtful, gracious and dependable." Following graduation, Carolee earned a Master’s of Public Administration (MPA) degree from the Maxwell School in 2018. She is now a Project Associate at the National Quality Forum (NQF) in Washington, DC.

    • CCE Community Placement: Girls' Inc at the YWCA
    • MAX 302 Research Paper Topic: No Woman Left Behind? A Study on the Gender Dimension of Brain Drain and its Effect on Education within the Outsourcing Country
    • MAX 401 Action Plan: Sexual Assault Prevention through Gender Synchronized Programming

    michelle sczpanski2016 Winner of the John Ben Snow Merit Award: Michelle Sczpanski

    Triple Major: Policy Studies/Public Relations/CCE
    Dual: SI Newhouse School of Public Communication, College of Arts and Sciences/Maxwell School

    Michelle is most passionate about poverty alleviation and economic mobility, particularly within the areas of education, community development, and social enterprise. “CCE provided me with both the flexibility to build my own academic experience around my interests and the opportunity to translate that into something tangible in the real-world.” Originally from Ohio, Michelle stayed in Syracuse, where she is now a Codes Data & Planning Liaison for the City of Syracuse.

    • CCE Community Placement: Literacy Coalition of Onondaga County
    • MAX 302 Research Paper Topic: Local Efforts to Limit Summer Learning Loss
    • MAX 401 Action Plan: Slowing the Summer Slide: Increasing Enrollment in Syracuse's Summer Learning Programs

    A Community of Excellence

    Students majoring in Citizenship and Civic Engagement are driven, accomplished scholars. Our students have won numerous awards on and off campus. Current CCE students, please let us know of your accomplishments! We would like to recognize you here.

    Externally Funded Awards

    Blackstone Launchpad Engagement Fellows

    • Luz Perez (EEE/CCE ’20)
    • Kennedy Patlan (ADV/WGS/CCE ’18)

    Fulbright Teaching Fellows

    • Rachel Brown-Weinstock (SOC/PAF/CCE ’17) South Africa
    • Hasmik Djoulakian (ETS/WGS/CCE ’17) Armenia

    Gilman International Scholars

    • Yara Osman (IR/CCE ’19) Ghana
    • Estephany Hinojosa (SOC/PAF/CCE ’18) South Africa
    • Michelle Kincaid (IR/PAF/CCE ’18) Chile
    • Heather Rounds (MES/CCE ’16) Jordan

    George C. Marshall Scholar

    • Dina Eldawy (IR/CCE ’19) University of Sussex & Oxford University, United Kingdom

    Ronald E. McNair Scholars

    • Lie'Chelle Robinson Hernandez (PSC/CCE ’19)
    • Awa Kone (PSC/PAF/CCE ’19)
    • Samantha Sanchez (GEO/CCE ’19)
    • Estephany Hinojosa (SOC/PAF/CCE ’18)
    • Carolee Lantigua (PSC/PAF/CCE ’17)
    • Willow Faulkner (IR/CCE ’16)
    • Karen Castro (IR/LAS/CCE ’16)
    • Hermela Dereje (IR/CCE ‘16)

    National Science Foundation Doctoral Fellowship

    • Rachel Brown-Weinstock (SOC/PAF/CCE ’17) Princeton University

    POSSE Scholars

    • Luz Perez (EEE/CCE ’20)
    • Simone Girma (TRF/CCE ’19)
    • Kennedy Patlan (ADV/WGS/CCE ’18)
    • Dulce Morales (PAF/CCE ’18)
    • Taryne Chatman (AAS/PPI/CCE ‘18)

    Harry S. Truman Scholar

    • Dina Eldawy (IR/CCE ’19)

    Syracuse University Awards and Achievements

    Syracuse University Scholars

    • Ferrell Brenner (WGS/CCE ’17) 2017 Commencement Address Speaker
    • Hasmik Djoulakian (ETS/WGS/CCE ’17)
    • Rachel Brown-Weinstock (SOC/PAF/CCE ’17)

    Chancellor’s Award for Public Engagement and Scholarship

    • Michelle Kincaid (IR/PAF/CCE ’18)
    • Jillian Lynch (PSC/CCE ’17)
    • Ferrell Brenner (WGS/CCE ’17)
    • Nedda Sarshar (WRT/PAF/CCE ‘17)

    Chancellor’s Award for Research

    • Rachel Brown-Weinstock (SOC/PAF/CCE ’17)

    Syracuse University Senior Class Marshals

    • Nedda Sarshar (WRT/PAF/CCE ’17)
    • Rachel Brown-Weinstock (SOC/PAF/CCE ’17)

    Syracuse University Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Unsung Heroes Award

    • Priya Penner (CCE ’20)

    Syracuse University Remembrance Scholars

    • Dina Eldawy (IR/CCE ’19)
    • Simon Girma (TRF/CCE ’19)
    • Arva Hassonjee (IR/CCE ’19)
    • Audra Linsner (ADV/CCE ’19)
    • Madeline Lorang (GEO/CCE ’18)
    • Kennedy Patlan (ADV/WGS/CCE ’18)
    • Rachel Brown-Weinstock (SOC/PAF/CCE ’17)
    • Nedda Sarshar (WRT/PAF/CCE ’17)
    • Jessica Faunce (PSC/CCE ’16)
    • Heather Rounds (MES/CCE ’16)

    College of Arts and Sciences/Maxwell School Undergraduate College Marshals

    • Dina Eldawy (IR/CCE ’19)
    • Meredith Coccoluto (IR/ECN/CCE ’18)

    College of Arts and Sciences Coronat Scholars

    • Lia Chabot (ECN/CCE ’21)
    • Miranda Nemeth (IR/CCE ’21)
    • Catherine Porter (PSC/PAF/CCE ’20)
    • Emerson Womble (ECN/CCE ’20)
    • Dina Eldawy (IR/CCE ’19)
    • Elly Wong (PAF/CCE ’19)
    • Farrell Brenner (WGS/CCE ’17)
    • Rachel Brown-Weinstock (SOC/PAF/CCE ‘17)
    • Hasmik Djoulakian (ETS/WGS/CCE ’17)
    • Neha Rauf (IR/CCE ’17)

    College of Arts and Sciences Deborah A. Coquillon Memorial Award

    • Sarah Buell (IR/CCE ’18)

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