Interdisciplinary Initiatives

The Ajello Professorship focuses on fostering broadly interdisciplinary research on energy and environmental policy that links faculty in the Maxwell School with colleagues from across the University, including the College of Engineering and Computer Science, the College of Law, the School of Information Studies, the departments of physics, biology, and earth sciences in the College of Arts and Sciences, the School of Architecture, and the Syracuse Center of Excellence in Energy and Environmental Systems.

These projects link Maxwell’s expertise in energy and environmental economics, behavioral economics, randomized controlled trials, data integration, data analytics, and geographic information systems to expertise from other schools and departments in electricity generation and distribution, renewable energy, cybersecurity, information technology, the built environment, infrastructure, regulatory law, and hydrology.

The professorship also emphasizes providing interdisciplinary training and research experience for undergraduate and graduate students. It provides fellowships and internships to support students engaged in research projects. It also helps support two interdisciplinary graduate courses: one on climate change that involves faculty from biology, political science, public administration, and law and one on innovations in the electric grid that involves faculty from engineering, law, and public administration. Finally, it is also involved in two interdisciplinary undergraduate majors: Energy and Its Impacts, and Environment, Sustainability, and Policy.