Frequently Asked Questions for Rising Sophomores

Q. What courses do I need to have completed or be enrolled in to be considered for the major?

A. In order to be accepted into the program, students must plan to complete either MAX 123 (Critical Issues in the United States) or MAX 132 (Global Community) during their first year. 

In addition, all students must complete one additional entry-level course (200-level or below) in the social sciences during their first year. 

Q. What other majors complement the CCE major? 

A. Most of our students declare their second major in one of the social sciences (Anthropology, Economics, Geography, History, International Relations, Policy Studies, Political Science, and Sociology), but we encourage students to apply who are interested in another CAS major with a strong social-science focus (such as Latino-Latin American Studies, Women and Gender Studies, African American Studies, etc.). Newhouse, Whitman, Falk or students with a different home college who wish to combine their major with civic action and leadership are also encouraged to apply.

Q. Do I have to know or have declared my second major to apply?

A. No, you do not need to declare a second major prior to being accepted into the program, but you will need to complete one in order to graduate. You will be asked to declare the CCE major shortly after you are accepted into the program. Most students will declare their second major during the spring semester sophomore year. If you expect that your second major will be outside Maxwell (i.e. the social sciences), be sure to explain in your application how you think the CCE program will fit your educational and career goals.

Q. Can I study abroad if I am selected to participate in the CCE major?

A. Yes. The major was designed so that students could take advantage of the incredible study abroad options that Syracuse University offers. Your advisor(s) will help you determine which semester is most appropriate based on your academic plan and the study abroad programs available.

Q. What type of applicant will be successful in the admissions process for the CCE major?

A. The Admissions Committee, comprised of Maxwell faculty, is looking to accept student who are strong academically, who demonstrate a commitment to public service, and who are self-motivated and driven. While the CCE major offers one-on-one attention to students, students selected for this major must be able to advocate for themselves and be proactive about selecting their coursework to satisfy the requirements for the major.

Q. Will I be asked for an interview during the application process?

A. Applicants may be asked to interview with a program representative late in the application process.

Q. Who should write my recommendation(s)?

For your Instructor Recommendation, you should ask an instructor who knows the caliber of your work, and, if possible, can speak to your ability to find success in college. Students often ask their MAX 123 or MAX 132 instructors, or an instructor in one of their social-science courses. For your General Recommendation letter, which is not required but encouraged, you should ask someone who has supervised you in a community service activity or at work. This person should be able to speak to your leadership abilities and character.