FAQ for Rising First Year Applicants to Syracuse University

Q. How do I apply to the Citizenship and Civic Engagement major when I apply to SU?

A. All applicants to Syracuse University who would like to apply to the Citizenship and Civic Engagement major should do so via the Common Application. When prompted, you will be asked to select the college and academic plan (major) to which you wish to apply. In order to be considered for entry in the program in your first year, you must select The College of Arts and Sciences as your college and CCE as your intended major. In the Writing Supplement you will be prompted to answer a question as to why you are interested in this program. 

Q. If I do not apply for the major when I apply to SU, can I apply later?

Our program accepts students at only two points in their undergraduate studies: as incoming students at SU, and as current first-year students at SU (to begin the program at the beginning of the sophomore year). The program is small and selective, and space is limited. If you know that the CCE program is a good fit for you and you want to participate, it is best to apply when you apply to SU.

Q. Who will review my application for admittance into SU and the CCE major?

Your application will be first reviewed by the SU Admissions office to determine if you meet the Admissions standards of the University. If your application meets the academic requirements of SU, then your application will be reviewed by a faculty committee from the Maxwell School. 

Q. What type of student are you looking to accept into the CCE major?

A. The CCE program is looking to accept student who are strong academically, who demonstrate a commitment to public service, and who are self-motivated and driven. While the CCE major offers one-on-one attention to students, students selected for this major must be able to advocate for themselves and be proactive about selecting their coursework to satisfy the requirements for the major.

Q. When will I be notified if I am accepted into the program?

A. The Syracuse University admissions office will notify you of all decisions on their scheduled notification dates.

Q. What if I am accepted to SU but not into the CCE major?

Students who are not accepted into the CCE program as a high school senior and attend SU have the opportunity to apply during their first year on campus.

Q. What other majors best complement the CCE major?

A. Most of our students plan to double major in one of the social sciences (Anthropology, Economics, Geography, History, International Relations, Policy Studies, Political Science, and Sociology), but we also encourage students to apply who are interested in another College of Arts and Sciences major with a strong social-science focus (such as Latino-Latin American Studies, Women and Gender Studies, African American Studies, etc.). Newhouse students who wish to combine communications with civic action and leadership are also encouraged to apply as dual majors.