Overview MAX 302 Research Projects

All students within the College of Arts and Sciences must complete the Liberal Arts Core requirements for the College of Arts and Sciences. Our students who are dually enrolled with the SI Newhouse School of Public Communications or have a home college such as the David B. Falk College of Sport and Human Dynamics will work with their home college to complete their core requirements.  Under the guidance of faculty mentors and the Program’s board, core courses should be selected to provide the broadest possible methodological foundation for a student’s particular interest in civic engagement.

Each student will complete two majors: 

  • Major One: chosen from the existing social-science disciplines within Maxwell (Anthropology, Economics, Geography, History, International Relations, Political Science, Policy Studies, and Sociology), or a related discipline outside of Maxwell that entails a substantial social-science focus. Most majors at Syracuse University can potentially be combined with CCE.
  • Major Two: The second major, Citizenship and Civic Engagement is constructed by the student and his or her faculty advisors in a manner that brings the disciplinary tools gained in pursuit of the social-sciences major to bear on questions of citizenship, civic engagement, and public affairs.

Each student must successfully complete their concurrent major (second major) as required for graduation in the Maxwell Program in Citizenship and Civic Engagement. However, declaration of that major is not a requirement for entry into the program.


Coursework and requirements

The program requires thirty-three credit hours of coursework in addition to the completion of a concurrent major. All of the Citizenship and Civic Engagement Courses are taught  by amazing, dedicated Maxwell professors. Click on the "Faculty tab" to learn more about the professors and staff who will be your teachers and mentors throughout the major. Please refer to the Syracuse University Course Catalog for updated information on the Liberal Arts Core Requirement and CCE Specific Requirements. 

CCE students start in their freshman year taking entry level courses, specifically at least 1 of the MAX Courses in either Global Community or Critical Issues for the United States. As sophomores, students dive into the CCE specific curriculum, which culminate in the senior year with the presentation of an Action Plan. Each student creates a personalized plan of study, approved by the faculty chair and certified by the department.

Where Does My Concurrent Major Fit In? 

Students enrolled in the College of Arts and Sciences can choose the concurrent major from the existing social-science disciplines within Maxwell, or from suitably related disciplines in the College of Arts and Sciences.

Students enrolled in the College of Arts and Sciences dual programs with S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications or the School of Education, or students enrolled in other schools/colleges in majors not directly related to the social sciences, may apply for a dual or double major, respectively, in Citizenship and Civic Engagement if their intended course of study and goals for academically informed civic engagement fit with the structure and capacities of the Program. In such cases, the Program Chair, Coordinator and Board will ensure that the student's program of study provides sufficient background in the social sciences to complete the Action Plan.

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