John Ben Snow Merit Award and CCE Civically Engaged Citizen Award

In 2016, The John Ben Snow Foundation generously donated funds for the John Ben Snow Merit Award. In 2017, the CCE Department decided to permanently award the CCE Civically Engaged Citizen Award to a deserving senior.

This cash award is awarded each year at our Senior Dinner to the student who most exemplifies the ethos of the CCE Program:

  • Exceptional Academics
  • Dedication to a career in public service
  • Legacy of substantial impact on an important policy-related field

Nominations for this award were collected from peers, community partners, faculty and staff. A committee of faculty, community partners and staff determined the winner. 

2016 Winner: Michelle SczpanskiJohn Ben Snow Winner 2016

Triple Major: CCE/Policy Studies/Public Relations

Dual: SI Newhouse School of Public Communication, College of Arts and Sciences/Maxwell School

Michelle is most passionate about poverty alleviation and economic mobility, particularly within the areas of education, community development, and social enterprise. “CCE provided me with both the flexibility to build my own academic experience around my interests and the opportunity to translate that into something tangible in the real-world.”  Following graduation, Michelle plans to stay in Syracuse, where she will work in the City of Syracuse, Department of Business and Neighborhood Development as a neighborhood planner.

CCE Community Placement: Literacy Coalition of Onondaga County

MAX 302 Research Paper Topic: Local Efforts to Limit Summer Learning Loss

MAX 401 Action Plan: Slowing the Summer Slide: Increasing Enrollment in Syracuse's Summer Learning Programs

2017 Winner: Carolee Lantigua

CCE Award Winner 2017

Triple Major: CCE/Policy Studies/Political Science

McNair Fellow, Renee Crown Honors Program, Dean's Team, Runner Up: Best Paper, Maxwell Celebration of Undergraduate Excellence, 2017

As one student who nominated her stated: "she never fails to impress me, from inside the classroom, to her independent research, she is always eager to share, help peers and learn more. Her eagerness to learn and to be informed are all traits I believe make an exemplary citizen and a perfect candidate for this award. " Another staff nominator shared: "I feel as though CCE has greatly benefited from her consistently strong presence in the program both inside and outside of the classroom. She has volunteered on many occasions to represent CCE at events, with prospective students and current students. She is thoughtful, gracious and dependable. " Following graduation, Carolee plan to stay in Syracuse and enroll in the Maxwell School Master's of Public Administration Program (MPA).

CCE Community Placement: Girls' Inc at the YWCA

MAX 302 Research Paper Topic:  No Woman Left Behind? A Study on the Gender Dimension of Brain Drain and its Effect on Education Within the Outsourcing Country

MAX 401 Action Plan: Sexual Assault Prevention through Gender Synchronized Programming