CCE Summer Experience Grants

Student in Paris Student in Africa Student at Education Trust, Washington DC Student at Planned Parenthood


The Maxwell Program in Citizenship and Civic Engagement (CCE) will award grants (up to $1000) to support students in the major who are seeking summer internships and/or educational experiences during the summer months that enhance their academic plans. Students who meet the following criteria are eligible and encouraged to apply:

  • Have demonstrated financial need
  • Have declared CCE as a major
  • Are working on a summer project, job or internship that will further their CCE plan.

Funding could be used to supplement experiences such as: unpaid internships, research, action plan implementation, transportation and housing costs, living expenses and other related fees.  

The number of awards and award amounts will vary based on the strength of the applications submitted. Grants can not exceed $1000 and, in most instances, will not cover the entire costs associated with the summer experience. As such, we encourage students to seek funding from other sources.

Previous Awards:

  • travel and expenses for the Paris Noir, SU Abroad Summer Program
  • internship with Nourish International in Uganda, Africa
  • internship with Syracuse Innovation Office, Syracuse, New York
  • internships in Washington, DC at non profit, consulting and government agencies
  • research throughout New York State on Women's Suffrage
  • volunteer work at St. Aloysius Education Clinic, Inc, New York City
  • travel for SU Abroad, International Office of Migration Experience, Ghana, Africa

How to Apply

During the Spring Semester of each Academic Year, CCE will notify current students of funding opportunities and a link to the application will be shared. Questions can be directed via email.

Student on camel during summer abroad experience