CCE Through the Years

 Lower Division Courses: MAX 123/132:

Foundation coursework in CCE allows students to begin constructing their understanding of domestic and international issues in MAX 123 (Domestic) or MAX 132 (International). In MAX 201, students are introduced to statistical methods in the social sciences that will serve as an important research skill set later in the program. 

CCE Freshman Paige,  2020

"MAX 132 was an introduction to the intersection of factors that arise from globalization and their consequences on the global community. The discussions I had with a small group of students were very valuable in analyzing different circumstances and perspectives."

About Paige: Allentown, PA

Companion Major: undecided

Why I joined CCE: "I love how the program enhances my passion for politics and community involvement by allowing me to focus on an area of study in which I can begin to create social change. CCE allows me to personalize my undergraduate experience at Syracuse."

Why I love CCE: "I have already learned so much from the tight knit community of students that make up CCE. I truly feel that I can go to any of the older students for advice and guidance."

Upper Division Courses:

MAX 301/MAX 310CCE Sophomore Student

MAX 301 explores theories of citizenship, ethics and justice and MAX 310 provides a practical introduction to civic engagement through a community placement.

Dina, 2019

"In MAX 310, I had the chance to intern with a nonprofit and figure out what I was passionate about. I was able to then use what I learned about myself to start generating research and Action Plan ideas."

About Dina: Pensacola, FL

Companion Major: International Relations

MAX 310 Community Placement: Northside Learning Center

Why I joined CCE: "I joined CCE because I have always been passionate about community service and I wanted to continue that experience in college but in a more applicable and impactful way. CCE takes everything that I love about community engagement and develops that passion in a structured, yet creative, academic setting."

Why I love CCE: "I love that CCE courses have a specific game plan but are built so that you can make your own experience unique. Everything builds up to the end goal, which is impacting your community using the skills you've learned. "

MAX 302

MAX 302 is based on the premise that the social sciences aren't just knowledge content areas, but are perspectives and sets of practices for engaging systematically with the social world.

CCE Junior Student

Jared, 2018

"Working closely with my professors, I was able to identify my issue area: urban greening and community development. My research this year was centered on learning about the green spaces currently present in the city of Syracuse and understanding the benefits and challenges of these spaces. "

About Jared: Addison, VT

Companion Major: Sociology

MAX 310 Community Placement: Refugee and Immigrant Self Empowerment, Inc.(RISE) 

Why I joined CCE: "From the start of my college career, I have had a desire to work for others, and I found that CCE allows me to explore the ways in which I plan on doing just that. I was immediately captivated by the flexibility of the major. "

Why I love CCE: "Another aspect of this program that is unique, and highly valuable, is the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in a wide variety of issues facing the Syracuse community.  The CCE coursework has allowed me to combine traditional schooling with a personalized, hands-on approach, giving me the chance to make an impact while still in school. "

CCE Senior Student MAX 401

Our Action Plan course is where four years of hard work is culminated into a final result.

Erica, 2017

"I am focused in Social Entrepreneurship and unique revenue streams, and am also interested in the cross section of business and non profit interaction. The CCE courses have truly added to my college experience and expanded my understanding of our community. CCE provides the unique opportunity of both typical classroom settings and community based experiences. "

About Erica: Needham, MA

Companion Major: Public Affairs. Minor: Management

MAX 310 Community Placement: Syracuse Tech Garden

Why I joined CCE: "I joined CCE my freshman year because I was interested in exploring the intersection of business, non profit and government sectors. CCE seemed to be a natural extension of my Public Affairs major and Whitman minor. "

Why I love CCE: "CCE has provided me with hands on community placements that have helped me build valuable and relatable skills for a future career. CCE has also connected me with extensive Maxwell resources including senior faculty and guest speakers so that I can expand my SU and Maxwell network to aid my research and action plan, as well as my plans post graduation. "

After graduation: Erica is moving to Seattle, WA where she will be working for Highspot as a Sales Enablement Strategist.