Conference Program 

Conference Program


Panel 1: Accountability


Panel 2: Collaboration and Management


Panel 3: Stakeholder Engagement


Panel 4: Public Participation


Panel 5: Diversity Issues in Management


Panel 6: Ineffective Rules in the Public Sector: An International Examination of Red Tape Effects


Panel 7: Organizational Learning


Panel 8: Public Service Motivation


Panel 9: Government-Nonprofit Relationships


Themed Panel: Changes in Environmental Policy and Implications for Public Management


Panel 10: Accountability 2


Panel 11: Collaboration:  Case Studies


Panel 12: Financial Management


Panel 13: Healthcare Policy


Panel 14: Performance Measurement

Panel 15: Public Service Motivation:  An Organizational Perspective


Panel 16: Measuring Critical Concepts in Public Administration


Panel 17: New Approaches to Management Research


Panel 18: Performance


Panel 19: Public Service Motivation:  Impacts


Panel 20: Social Media Networks


Themed Panel: Market-Based Alternatives to Government


Panel 21: Contracting and Performance


Panel 22: Innovation and Creative Problem-Solving


Panel 23: Network Performance


Panel 24: Public Service Motivation:  Organizational Context


Panel 25: Rebuilding Public Management Capacity


Panel 26: Comparative Public Service Motivation


Panel 27: Diversity Issues in Management 2


Panel 28: E-Government


Panel 29: Human Resource Management:  Employee Satisfaction


Panel 30: Market-Based Governance


Panel 31: Organizational Culture


Panel 32: Public versus Private Management: Theoretical Concerns and Evidence


Panel 33: Emergency Management


Panel 34: International Perspectives on Government Performance


Panel 35: Institutional Design/Structure


Panel 36: Performance of Performance Systems


Panel 37: Strategy


Themed Panel:  Global Public Management

  • Paper 1: Ebbs and Flows in Political Appointees: A Comparative Perspective
  • Paper 2: What Capital Requires: Default and Redemption in the United States, 1840-1850
  • Paper 3: Thai Style Agencification in a Bundled Government
  • Paper 4: Remarks: Moving Beyond a Western Perspective on Public Management


Panel 38: Collaboration and Coordination


Panel 39: Ethics


Panel 40: Human Resource Management


Panel 41: Network Management


Panel 42: Regulation


Themed Panel: Performance Management in the Future


Panel 43: Local Government Contracting


Panel 44: Considering Contemporary Public Leadership Challenges


Panel 45: Financial Management in Response to Crisis


Panel 46: Innovations in Public Management Research

Panel 47: Researching Public Values: Dynamics and Developments


Panel 48: The Tools of Leadership and Influence


Panel 49: Management Strategy


Panel 50: Politics and Management


Panel 51: Service Delivery


Panel 52: The Multisectoral Workforce