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Giacomo de Giorgi

Professor Giacomo de Giorgi holds a MS in Economics from the University of Warwick and his PhD from the University College London (2007).  He joined the Department of Economics at Stanford University in 2006. From August 2010 to July 2011 he was on leave at UC-Berkeley, and from August 2012 to June 2013 at Columbia University as the Wesley Mitchell Visiting Professor. He is also a regular visitor of the NY-Fed.

Currently, de Giorgi is working on: Climate and development; Risk sharing and consumption insurance; Business literacy and formalization; Indirect and general equilibrium effects of aid policies; Demand estimation; Social interactions; Consumption inequality, Migration; and Evaluation of ALMP’s. 

His work has appeared in the American Economic Review, and the AEJ: Applied, The Journal of Public Economics, and The Journal of the European Economic Association.

At Stanford, he was teaching Labor Economics, Development Economics, Economics of Human Resources, and Advanced Econometrics.