What's New in the Center for Policy Research

July 2018

Kathy Michelmore's article "Cross-National Comparisons of Union Stability in Cohabiting and Married Families With Children" was published in Demography.

CPR Research Affiliate, Jennifer Karas Montez's policy brief, “How State Preemption Laws Prevent Cities from Taking Steps to Improve Health and Life Expectancy," was published by the Scholars Strategy Network.

Len Burman was quoted in the Wall Street Journal article, “House Panel Passes Tax Break for Gym Memberships, Exercise Classes.”

Shannon Monnat was interviewed for the MedPage Today article, "High Opioid-Use Counties Voted Trump in 2016."

Hugo Jales' chapter, "Identification and Estimation Using a Density Discontinuity Approach," published in Advances in Econometrics 38, has been selected as an Outstanding Author Contribution in the 2018 Emerald Literati Awards.

CPR Research Affiliate, Jennifer Karas Montez’s article, “Education and Health Disparity Across the US,” was published by Scientia.

Alfonso Flores-Lagunes presented his paper, "Does Youth Training Lead to Better Job Quality? Evidence from Job Corps" (with G. Blanco), at the Western Economic Association International Annual Conference.

June 2018

Shannon Monnat was interviewed for the New Hampshire Public Radio (NHPR) segment "Rural New England Counties See Big Increase in Overdose Rates."

Alfonso Flores-Lagunes presented his paper, "Does Youth Training Lead to Better Job Quality? Evidence from Job Corps" (with G. Blanco), at the Western Economic Association International Annual Conference.

Shannon Monnat was interviewed for the New Hampshire Public Radio (NHPR) segment "Rural New England Counties See Big Increase in Overdose Rates."

Yulong Wang presented his paper, "Unbiased Estimation of Tail Properties in Small Samples with Complete, Censored, or Truncated Data," at the 5th International Association for Applied Econometrics Annual Conference.

Hugo Jales presented his paper, "On the Effects of the Minimum Wage on Employment, Formality, and the Wage Distribution," at the 5th International Association for Applied Econometrics Annual Conference in Montreal.

Alfonso Flores-Lagunes presented his paper, "Bounding Average and Quantile Effects of Training on Employment and Unemployment Durations under Selection, Censoring, and Noncompliance" (with G. Blanco, X. Chen and C.A. Flores), at the Western Economic Association International Annual Conference,
in Vancouver.

Kathy Michelmore presented her paper, "Using Refundable Tax Credits to Reduce Child Poverty: Differences by Credit Type and Child Age," at the University of Michigan.

Shannon Monnat spoke about the opioid crisis in her hometown, Lowville, New York.

Becky Schewe attended the annual meeting for her USDA grant team the Quality Milk Alliance, at Michigan State University.

Hugo Jales presented his paper, "The Effects of the Minimum Wage on Employment, Formality, and the Wage Distribution," at the North American Econometric Society Summer Meeting at UC Davis.

Yulong Wang presented his paper, "Unbiased Estimation of Tail Properties in Small Samples with Complete, Censored, or Truncated Data," at the North American Econometric Society Summer Meeting.

Becky Schewe’s co-authored article, “Climate Change Challenges Require Collaborative Research to Drive Agrifood System Transformation,” was published in Renewable Agriculture and Food Systems.

Yoonseok Lee presented his joint project with Donggyu Sul, "Depth-Weighted Estimation of Panel Data Models," at the 24th International Panel Data Conference. He presented the same paper at the 2018 Asian Econometric Society Meeting, Seoul on June 21.

CPR Affiliate Jennifer Karas-Montez has been promoted to Full Professor. Congratulations Jennifer!

Pregnancy Medicaid Expansions: Differentiating between the Intensive and Extensive Margins,” co-authored by Len Lopoo, Sarah Hamersma and former CPR graduate student, Lincoln Groves has been published in Population Research and Policy Review.

Stuart Rosenthal participated in the Workshop on Urban Economics at the Institute for Economics at Barcelona (IEB), June 20-22.

Len Burman spoke on creating a synthetic income tax return database at the IRS-TPC Joint Research Conference on Tax Administration in Washington, DC.

Shannon Monnat’s co-authored brief, “The Opioid Crisis in Rural and Small Town America” was published by the Carsey School of Public Policy at the University of New Hampshire.

Congratulations to Becky Schewe (SOC) who has received her tenure and promotion to Associate Professor!

Badi Baltagi gave a keynote speech at the 24th International Panel Data Conference held at Sogang University, Seoul Korea.

Kathy Michelmore attended the Institute for Research on Poverty’s Summer Research Workshop in Madison, Wisconsin.

Becky Schewe presented at the International Symposium on Society and Resource Management (ISSRM) in a panel titled "Teaching Environmental/Natural Resource Classes in These Times: A Dialogue," June 17-21. While there, she also organized a mini-conference honoring the work of environmental sociologist Richard Krannich.

Badi Baltagi gave a seminar at the University of Minho, Portugal.

Yoonseok Lee presented his joint paper with Yulong Wang, "Nonparametric Threshold and Two-Dimensional Sample Splitting," at Seoul National University today. He will be presenting the same paper tomorrow at the 19th KEA International Conference in Seoul.

Becky Schewe presented at the Annual Meeting of Agriculture, Food, & Human Values Society (AFHVS) in Madison, WI on her paper titled “Labor and Sustainability: Dairy Farm Labor and Antibiotic Use.”

Kathy Michelmore's co-authored paper "The Impact of the Earned Income Tax Credit on Household Finances" has been published in JPAM.

Ling Li presented her paper, “Helping Nurses or Hurting Patients: The Effect of Workplace Inspections in Nursing Facilities,” at the 7th Conference of the American Society of Health Economists (ASHEcon) in Atlanta, GA.

CPR Research Affiliate, Jennifer Karas Montez was interviewed in a KJZZ Radio segment on "What Does Your College Major Say About Your Future Health?"

"The Differential Incidence and Severity of Food Insecurity by Racial, Ethnic, and Immigrant Groups over the Great Recession in the United States," co-authored by Alfonso Flores-Lagunes and Hugo Jales, was published in American Economic Association Papers & Proceedings.

Stuart Rosenthal was at the AREUEA International Conference at Jinan University, Guangzhou China, June 12-15, which he also helped to run. More info is available at the conference website and program.

Iuliia Shybalkina  attended the Summer Institute of Civic Studies at the College of Civic Life of Tufts University (Medford, MA) from June 11 to June 23.

Sarah Hamersma presented at the 7th Meeting of the American Society of Health Economists at Emory University. The presentation will be given on a joint project with Catherine Maclean titled "Substance Use Disorder Treatment and Youth Access to Public Health Insurance."

Yulong Wang presented his joint paper with Yoonseok Lee, “Nonparametric Threshold Model and Two-Dimensional Sample Splitting,” at the Spatial Econometrics Association 2018 annual meeting in Vienna Austria.

Yoonseok Lee  presented his co-authored paper with Yulong Wang, "Nonparametric Threshold and Two-Dimensional Sample Splitting" at Korea University.

CPR Research Affiliate, Andrew London's co-authored paper, "The Experience and Meaning of Same‐Sex Sexuality Among Heterosexually Identified Men and Women: An Analytic Review" was published in Sociology Compass.

Colleen Heflin's co-authored paper, "Design Flaws: Consequences of the Coverage Gap in Food Programs for Children at Kindergarten Entry," was published in Applied Economic and Perspectives and Policy.

May 2018

Colleen Heflin presented “Analyzing SNAP Benefits and Pregnancy-Related ER Visits to Inform Decision-Making” at the 2018 Research and Evaluation Conference on Self-Sufficiency (RECS) sponsored by the US Department of Health and Human Services in Washington DC.

Sarah Hamersma's co-authored article, "The Effect of Parental Medicaid Expansions on Children's Health Insurance Coverage" was published in the Contemporary Economic Policy journal.

Madonna Harrington Meyer presented work from her next book, Grandparenting Children with Disabilities. Her talk, “How Disability Re-Shapes Carework by Grandmothers,” will be at the Irish Centre for Social Gerontology in Galway, Ireland.

David Popp presented (via videoconference) to a National Academies of Science committee reviewing the Department of Energy’s SBIR/STTR programs.

Shannon Monnat was cited in The Atlantic article “The 9.9. Percent is the New American Aristocracy.”

Yulong Wang was at UC Riverside presenting his joint paper with Yoonseok Lee, "Nonparametric Spatial Threshold and Two-Dimensional Sample Splitting.

Shannon Monnat was cited in the ConvergenceRI story “What is the Best Way to Measure Success in Efforts to Combat Drug ODs?"

Yulong Wang was at University of California San Diego (UCSD) and University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)  presenting his paper titled "Unbiased Estimation of Tail Properties in Small Samples with Complete, Censored, or Truncated Data."

Colleen Heflin presented a lecture on “Implications of Material Hardship for Service Delivery” at the Redesign for Whole Families Policies and Practice Summit, hosted by the Future Services Institute at the University of Minnesota Humphrey School of Public Affairs.

Shannon Monnat’s co-authored article, “Opioid-Related Mortality in Rural America: Geographic Heterogeneity and Intervention Strategies,” was published in the International Journal of Drug Policy.

Congratulations to David Popp on receiving the 2018 William Wasserstrom Prize for Graduate Student Teaching.

Jennifer Karas Montez’s co-authored article, “Does the Functional Form of the Association Between Education and Mortality Differ by U.S. Region?,” was published in the journal Biodemography and Social Biology.

Shannon Monnat  was the keynote speaker at the forum, "Drug use in Upstate New York: Strategies for Change and Reducing the Harms," in Binghamton, NY.

Congratulations to Becky Schewe for being elected to the Rural Sociological Society Council, where she will serve as a Council Member of a Non-Land Grant University.

CPR Graduate Associate, David Schwegman selected to join the Center for Economic Studies (CES) Mentorship Program.

Alfonso Flores-Lagunes presented his co-authored paper with German Blanco, "Does Youth Training Lead to Better Job Quality? Evidence from Job Corps," at the Society of Labor Economists Annual Meetings in Toronto on May 4th.

Shannon Monnat was quoted in The Washington Times article, “‘Deaths of despair’ see massive spike in U.S.”

April 2018

Kathy Michelmore presented her paper "Trajectories of Disadvantage: Predictors of Chronic Hardship and Their Correlates with Education Outcomes" at the Population Association of America meetings.

Shannon Monnat presented at the annual meeting of the NIA-Sponsored Network on Life Course Health Dynamics and Disparities in 21st Century America on April 29th. Her presentation is titled, “Demographic and Geographic Variation in Drug, Alcohol, and Suicide Mortality in the U.S.”

Becky Schewe went back to Abbeville and Houma, Louisiana to survey Vietnamese American shrimpers with an undergraduate research assistant. The research is funded by NOAA.

Congratulations to CPR Graduate Assistant, Iuliia Shybalkina on receiving the Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award from the SU Graduate School.

Congratulations to Alfonso Flores-Lagunes, Yilin Hou, Shannon Monnat, Becky Schewe, Saba Siddiki and Pete Wilcoxen on receiving grants from the Collaboration for Unprecedented Success and Excellence (CUSE) Grant Program for their respective research projects.

Shannon Monnat presented at the annual meeting of the Population Association of America. Her presentation is titled, "Economic Dislocation and Landscapes of Despairs: Rural-Urban and Within-Rural Differences in Non-Hispanic White Drug, Alcohol, and Suicide Mortality.”

Jennifer Karas Montez has been named a 2018 Andrew Carnegie Fellow, the most generous and prestigious fellowship in the social sciences and humanities. This fellowship also includes a research grant.

Hugo Jales gave a talk titled, “On the Effects of the Minimum Wage On Employment, Formality, and the Wage Distribution,” yesterday at Queen's University Department of Economics.

Marianne Bitler (UC Davis) presented "Long Run Effects of Food Assistance and Early Human Capital Programs" as part of the CPR Seminar Series on March 19th.

CPR Research Affiliate, Janet Wilmoth, elected as treasurer of the Gerontological Society of America (GSA), the nation’s largest interdisciplinary organization devoted to the field of aging.

Sarah Hamersma's co-authored paper "Insurance Expansions and Children's Use of Substance Use Disorder Treatment," was published in the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER).

David Popp (PAIA) was quoted by the Ithaca Journal for the article “With the death of fracking, can renewables fill New York’s energy gap?”

Kathy Michelmore attended the NBER Economics of Education meeting in Boston.

Yulong Wang presented his paper “Unbiased Estimation of Tail Properties in Small Samples with Complete, Censored, or Truncated Data” at the
NYU Economics Department.

Susan Dynarski (University of Michigan) presented "Increasing Economic Diversity at a Flagship University: Results from a Large-Scale, Randomized Trial" at this year's Jerry Miner Lecture Series on April 12th

Shannon Monnat was part of a plenary panel on Diseases and Despair at the Annual Northeastern University Health Law Conference.

Yulong Wang presented his paper “Inference in the Change Point Model with Time Varying Moments” at the Columbia University Economics Department.

Becky Schewe  traveled to Abbeville, Louisiana with a research assistant to collect surveys from Vietnamese American fishermen for her research project. 

Yilin Hou presented a co-authored paper, "Tax and Expenditure Limitations and User Charges - a Public Choice Perspective of Paradigm Shift in Local Government Finance," at the European Public Choice Society Conference in Rome, Italy. Yilin also interviewed Rome municipal tax officials on the Italian property tax system and its administration.

Shannon Monnat participated in the Congressional briefing, " Grave Consequences: Why Some Americans Are No Longer Living Longer."

Amy Lutz (SOC) was quoted in KJZZ Phoenix radio news story "Arizona Immigrant Sees Path To Citizenship Through The Army."

The Committee on the Status of Minority Groups in the Economics Profession (CSMGEP), part of the American Economic Association (AEA), has featured Alfonso Flores-Lagunes’ profile on their website after a recent interview.

Shannon Monnat was highlighted in the AgriNews article "Addressing rural opioid crisis means confronting socioeconomic disparity."

David Popp's co-authored paper, "Encouraging Innovation that Protects Environmental Systems: Five Policy Proposals" was published in Review of Environmental Economics and Policy Journal.

Shannon Monnat was in Maryland to present and participate in an Aspen Institute Senior Congressional Staff Retreat on the topic of "Mobility from Poverty: Rural Poverty and Criminal Justice Reform."

CPR Graduate Associate, Iuliia Shybalkina presenting her paper, "How to Increase the Participation and Influence of Low Socioeconomic Status Citizens in the Budget Sphere?," at the Midwest Political Science Association Conference in Chicago

Rajeev Darolia (University of Kentucky)  presented his work, "Where Do Students Go when For-Profit Colleges Lose Federal Aid?" as part of the CPR Seminar Series.

March 2018

Shannon Monnat, associate professor of sociology and the Lerner Chair for Public Health Promotion, was quoted in the UPI story “U.S. Opioid ODs Cluster in Centers of Poverty.”

Bill Horrace presented “Spatial/Network Econometrics with Applications,” at CPR's second Econometrics Methods Workshop.

CPR Graduate Associate, Christopher Rick's working paper "The Effect of Hukou Registration Policy on Rural-to-Urban Migrants’ Health,"  is now available through UNU-WIDER .

Shannon Monnat's study, "Factors Associated With County-Level Differences in U.S. Drug-Related Mortality Rates," was published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine and also referenced in the Tonic article "Drug Deaths Are Highest in Regions with More Divorce and Single-Parent Families."

The Paul Volcker Symposium in Behavioral Economics was held on March 27th. This year's symposium speakers are Andrea Robbett (Middlebury University), Adam Levine (Cornell University) and Emiliano Huet-Vaughn (UCLA).

Dr. Raj Chetty delivered the Fourth Annual Paul Volcker Lecture in Behavioral Economics, titled "Restoring the American Dream: New Lessons from Big Data," on March 26th.

Yulong Wang presented his paper titled "Unbiased Estimation of Tail Properties in Small Samples with Complete, Censored, or Truncated Data" at Duke University, Department of Economics.

Perry Singleton presented his work at the Michigan Retirement Research Center at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

Sarah Hamersma presented the paper “Effects of Pregnancy-Related Medicaid Expansions on Maternal, Infant, and Child Health” (co-authored with Melanie Guldi) for the Population, Education, and Health Seminar at University of Missouri’s Truman School of Public Affairs.

Shannon Monnat  presented at the Rural Poverty Research Institute (RUPRI) Conference: Rural Poverty: Fifty Years After The People Left Behind. Her presentation is titled: "Economic Dislocation and Landscapes of Despair: Rural-Urban and Within-Rural Differences in Premature Mortality in the US."

Alfonso Flores-Lagunes gave a talk at Penn State titled "Bounds on Average Treatment Effects with an Invalid Instrument, with an Application to the Oregon Health Insurance Experiment."

Yingyi Ma presented her paper “International Student Mobility” to Executive Education at the Graduate School of Education of the University of Pennsylvania.

Amy Schwartz attended the Association for Education Finance and Policy meeting this week, where she  presented and served as a chair.

CPR Graduate Associate, David Schwegman attended the Association for Education Finance and Policy meeting in Portland, OR. He will present his paper “The Direct Effects of Accountability-Driven School Closure: Evidence from New York City,” a joint paper with Bob Bifulco.

Len Lopoo and Andrew London’s article titled “Household Crowding During Childhood and Long-Term Education Outcomes” was featured on How Housing Matters.

Shannon Monnat (SOC/Lerner Center) spoke at a USDA-hosted opioid forum in Middletown, PA.

Hugo Jales (ECON) gave a talk at the Research and Statistics Group of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York titled, "On the effects of the minimum wage on employment, formality, and the wage distribution."

Michah Rothbart (PAIA) presented at the Department of Politics and Public Administration in the University of Hong Kong. The title of that talk is “Let Them Eat Lunch: The Impact of Universal Free Meals on Student Performance.”

Madonna Harrington Meyer's (SOC) co-authored paper "A Targeted Minimum Benefit Plan: A New Proposal to Reduce Poverty Among Older Social Security Recipients A Targeted Minimum Benefit Plan," was published in the Russell Sage Foundation Journal of the Social Sciences

Ingrid Gould Ellen (NYU Wagner) presented, “Neighbors and Networks: The Role of Social Interactions in the Residential Choices of Housing Choice Voucher Holders”, as part of the CPR Seminar Series on March 8th.

CPR Graduate Associate, Iuliia Shybalkina (PAIA) attended the ASPA (American Society for Public Administration) conference in Denver, CO, and presented her paper "Participatory Budgeting: Is it a Solution to Unequal Political Participation and Influence?"

CPR hosted the new Cornell Research Data Center (RDC) Administrator, Nichole Szembrot, and several leaders from the Cornell branch on March 6th for an information session on "Opportunities for Research with Confidential Federal Statistical Data at the New York Federal Statistical Research Data Center."

Congratulations to Pete Wilcoxen! He will serve as the Inaugural Ajello Professor in Energy and Environmental Policy. A gift from Maxwell School alumnus James Ajello ’76 MPA will create this new professorship, while supporting interdisciplinary research projects in the field.

Hugo Jales (ECON) gave a talk on "The Effects of the Minimum Wage on Employment, Formality, and the Wage Distribution," at the Economics Department at the University of Michigan on March 8th.

Michah Rothbart (PAIA) presented on the progress of a joint project with Amy Schwartz called, “Does Universal Free School Meals Reduce Childhood Obesity?” at the Tufts/UConn RIDGE Center Grantee Meeting in Boston on March 8th.

Saba Siddiki (PAIA) presented at a workshop called, “Mixed Methodologies and Novel Data in the Study of Local Environmental Governance” at Arizona State University on March 8th.

Shannon Monnat (SOC/Lerner Center) was quoted in the Healthline article, "Why ‘Despair Deaths’ Continue to Rise in the U.S."

Colleen Heflin (PAIA) was in Washington, DC on March 7 and 8 to attend the Family Self-Sufficiency and Stability Research Consortium Ninth Steering Committee Meeting, supported by the Office of Planning, Research and Evaluation (OPRE), Administration for Children and Families at the US Department of Health and Human Services.

Sarah Hamersma's (PAIA) article "Are We Our Students' Keepers?" was recently published in Comment Magazine.

Yilin Hou (PAIA) and former CPR doctoral student, Pengju Zhang, was at the Public Choice Society Annual Conference in South Carolina this weekend to present their co-authored paper, "User Charges Under Tax and Expenditure Limitations -- A Public Choice Perspective of Paradigm Shifts in Local Public Finance."

Yingyi Ma (SOC) was at the University of California, Riverside to attend the Pathway to College (PCN) Network meeting.

February 2018

Len Burman (PAIA) discussed new tax plan on WRVO.

Yilin Hou's (PAIA) co-authored article, "Measuring the Financial Shocks of Natural Disasters: A Panel Study of U.S. States," was published in the National Tax Journal.

Amy Ellen Schwartz (PAIA/ECON) was in Melbourne, Australia this week to attend the Melbourne Institute Director’s Conference. While she is in Melbourne she will also meet with the Victorian Department of Education and Training.

Congratulations to Len Lopoo and Colleen Helfin (PAIA) on receiving funding for their study “Does Child Support Increase Self-Sufficiency?: Evidence from Virginia” from the Institute for Research on Poverty (IRP) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Graduate associate, David Schwegman's co-authored paper, "Teacher Accountability Reforms and the Supply of New Teachers" was recently cited in Education Next’s article, "Has Evaluation Reform Chased Away Competent Would-Be Teachers?"

Shanon Monnat (SOC/Lerner Center) was chosen as a panelist to discuss realistic solutions for the American opioid epidemic in The New York Times article, "How a Police Chief, a Governor and a Sociologist Would Spend $100 Billion to Solve the Opioid Crisis."

Michael Wasylenko (ECON) was cited in the CT Viewpoints article, "Revitalize CT’s cities to strengthening an already healthy economy."

Jennifer Karas Montez (SOC) was quoted in the Washington Post Article, "Why education matters to your health — literally."

Colleen Heflin (PAIA) was highlighted in the Self-Sufficiency Research Clearinghouse newsletter for her work in the Family Self-Sufficiency and Stability (FSS) Research Scholars Network.

Amy Schwartz presented a lecture titled "Think Outside the Classroom: How Schools Can Leverage Non-Academic Services to Improve Student Outcomes" at the Andrew Young School of Policy Studies.

Len Burman (PAIA) discussed state and local tax deduction limit in TaxVox blog.

January 2018

Tom Dennison (PAIA/Lerner Center) was quoted in the Consumer Reports story “Amazon Takes Aim at Disrupting the Healthcare Industry.”

CPR Graduate Student, David Schwegman’s (PAIA) recent co-authored paper is featured in Chalkbeat.

Madonna Harrington Meyer (SOC) was quoted in the CNY 55 Plus article "Should You Get Paid to Babysit?"

Congratulations to Becky Schewe (SOC) on receiving a grant from USDA’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture. Full Article.

A recently published article, co-authored by Alfonso Flores-Lagunes (Econ), measures the effectiveness of Job Corps training and finds a positive effect on three important outcomes—earnings, employment, and amount of public benefits received.

Stuart Rosenthal's (Econ) lecture on agglomeration economies cited in Asian Scientist article.

Tom Dennison (PAIA/Lerner Center) was interviewed for the Syracuse.com article, "Knee, hip surgery revolution could pinch profits at Syracuse hospitals." 

"Opioid Overdose Epidemic Hits Hardest for the Least Educated," published on the Population Reference Bureau website, features Shannon Monnat's (SOC/Lerner Center) research on deaths of despair.

During his recent research trip to China, Yilin Hou (PAIA) was interview by the Xinhau News Agency Thinker Program on the details of his design for the local property tax in China.

A research study co-authored by Jennifer Karas Montez (SOC) was referenced in the Pacific Standard article, "Your College Major Predicts Midlife Health."

Congratulations to Yingyi Ma (SOC) who has been selected to participate in Pathways through College Research Network to conduct research on Stem Education.

Jennifer Karas Montez's (SOC) research was cited in the Chronicle of Higher Education article, "Why Education Matters to Your Health."

Stuart Rosenthal, Perry Singleton, Alfonso Flores-Lagunes Hugo Jales (ECON)  presented at the American Economic Association  (AEA) conference January 5-7, 2018.

December 2017

Len Burman (PAIA) was interviewed on WCNY's Capitol Pressroom about the GOP tax bill and its effects.

Stuart Rosenthal (Econ) was one of the keynote speakers at Singapore Management University's Inaugural conference on Urban and Regional Economics, December 18-19th.

Article by Douglas Wolf (PAIA) and Kanika Arora '15 PhD (PAIA) titled, "Does Paid Family Leave Reduce Nursing Home Use? The California Experience," was featured by the Journal of Policy Analysis and Management (JPAM) and will be published in the Winter 2018 issue

Sarah Hamersma (PAIA) presented her paper titled "Substance Use Disorder Treatment and Youth Access to Public Health Insurance" in a seminar at the Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics at the University of Pennsylvania on December 18th.

Yilin Hou (PAIA) is visiting Hong Kong from December 15-20. He will give a talk at the City University of Hong Kong on "Local Property Tax for China: Scheme Design, Implementation Strategies, and Potential Impacts,"
Yilin will also visit the Rating and Valuation Department of the Hong Kong government to learn about and discuss their property tax assessment and administration. This visit is part of Yilin's ongoing project on property tax reform.

Len Burman (PAIA) interviewed in The Atlantic article, "The United States Is Already a Low-Tax Country."

Congratulations to Becky Schewe (SOC) and her colleagues Christa Kelleher (Earth Sciences) and Teng Zeng (Civil and Environmental Engineering) on receiving a grant from the National Institute of Food and Agriculture in the USDA for her project titled, “ Linking Human Behavior And Hydrological Processes Towards Improved Understanding Of Spatio-Temporal CEC Prevalence Across Agroecosystems."

The research of John Yinger (Econ/PAIA) was cited by the Albany Times-Union for the article “School Officials Document Rise in Disabilities.”

Yingyi Ma's (SOC) co-edited book, "Understanding International Students from Asia in America" has been published.

Congratulations to CPR Graduate Associate, Iuliia Shybalkina who has been chosen as a 2018 American Society for Public Administration (ASPA) Founders' Fellow.

Shannon Monnat (SOC/Lerner Center) gave a presentation on opioid use in rural and small urban areas at the NIH Behavioral and Social Science Research Festival. 

Yoonseok Lee (Econ) gave a talk titled, "Depth-Weighted Estimation of Panel Data Models" for an invited seminar at
McGill University on December 8th.

Nine CPR graduate students, who are preparing for the job market, presented their research at a CPR's first Graduate Student Poster Session that was held in the Center on Thursday, December 7th.

Shannon Monnat (SOC/Lerner Center) was interviewed for the CBS Moneywatch article, "Could your pharmacy replace your doctor?"

Jennifer Karas Montez (SOC) article, "The Assault On Our Education System In The House And Senate Tax Plans Will Literally Kill," published in Huffington Post.

Tom Dennison (PAIA) was quoted in the Consumer Reports story, “How Big Healthcare Mergers Like CVS and Aetna Could Affect You.”

Shannon Monnat (Soc/Lerner Center) was interviewed for the Boston Globe article, "Could CVS become the Genius Bar of health care?"

Len Burman (PAIA) discusses impact of GOP tax plan on NYS on WCNY'S Capitol Pressroom.

November 2017

Shannon Monnat (SOC/Lerner Center) presented, "Understanding America's Rural/Urban Interface," in a webinar on November 29th.  

Andrew London's (SOC) most recently co-authored article, "Same-Sex Sexuality and the Duration of First Different-Sex Marriages" was published in Population Review.

Len Burman (PAIA) quoted in Huffington Post article, "Want A Simpler Tax Code? Sure, But It Will Cost You."

Robert Bifulco (PAIA) was quoted in the Cleveland.com article, "Will Say Yes to Education scholarship program boost Cleveland's economy?"

Yilin Hou (PAIA) was in Japan to give a talk on optimal design of local property tax at Fukuoka University on the November 22, and will meet with municipal tax officials in Osaka and Fukuoka on Japan's real property tax administration.

Sarah Hamersma (PAIA) presented "The Effects of Pregnancy-Related Medicaid Expansions on Maternal, Infant, and Child Health," joint work with Melanie Guldi, at the Southern Economic Association meetings.

Len Burman (PAIA) discusses GOP Tax plan in Washington Post, CBS News and NY Times.

Amy Lutz's (SOC) paper with Rebecca Wang (SOC) and Pamela R. Bennett (University of Maryland), "Mismatch and Academic Performance at America’s Selective Colleges and Universities," was published in the Ethnic and Racial Studies journal.

David Popp (PAIA) spoke at the MIT Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research (CEEPR) Fall Research Workshop on November 16th.

Dylan Conger (George Washington University) presented on, "The Effect of Advanced Placement Courses on Students' Skill Formation, Interest, and Confidence," as part of the Fall CPR Seminar Series on November 16th.

Shannon Monnat (SOC/Lerner Center) discusses the need to address the underlying causes of distress, despair, and disconnectedness in regards to the opioid epidemic in her op-ed published in the ConvergenceRI newsletter.

Len Burman (PAIA) comments on the debate to end the estate tax in The Atlantic.

David Popp (PAIA) will be speaking at the MIT Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research (CEEPR) Fall Research Workshop on November 16th.

Maxwell X Lab innovates policymaking through behavioral science

Shannon Monnat (SOC/Lerner Center) was cited in the Business Insider article, “These maps show that counties where opioid deaths and prescription rates are highest are also places where Trump won big in 2016.”

Colleen Heflin's (PAIA) paper, "The Role of Social Positioning in Observed Patterns of Material Hardship: New Evidence from the 2008 Survey of Income and Program Participation," was published in the November issue of Social Problems journal.

Bill Horrace (ECON) presented his paper, "Network Competition and Team Chemistry in the NBA," at Lehigh University on November 3rd.

Becky Schewe (SOC) gave a talk to the Ministry of Primary Industries (New Zealand Government, Wellington) titled, "Dairy Farm Sustainability: Why We Must Consider Labor Relations to Reduce Antibiotic Use," on November 3rd.

Madonna Harrington Meyer's (SOC) co-authored article, "Grandparenting in the United States," has been published in Innovation in Aging.

A number of CPR faculty and grad students attended and presented their work at the Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management (APPAM) 39th Annual Fall Research Conference, November 2-4.

October 2017

Becky Schewe (SOC) gave a talk on October 31st, at Lincoln University (Christchurch, New Zealand) titled, "Labor and Sustainability: The Role of Farm Labor Relations in Sustainable Agriculture."

Amy Ellen Schwartz (PAIA/ECON) co-authored article, "Who Feels Included in School? Examining Feelings of Inclusion Among Students With Disabilities," was published in Educational Researcher.

Amy Lutz's (SOC) Op-Ed Piece titled, "Immigrants Have Always Belonged In The U.S. Military," was published in the Huffington post.

Orgul Ozturk (University of South Carolina) presented on October 26th, as the guest speaker as part of CPR's Fall Seminar Series.

Shannon Monnat (SOC/Lerner Center) gave a talk entitled, "Landscapes of Despair: A Demographer's Take on Drug, Alcohol and Suicide Mortality," at Rhode Island College.

Rebecca Schewe (SOC) gave a talk at the Center for Sustainability, University of Otago in New Zealand titled, "Dairy farm Sustainability: The Role of Farm Labor Relations in Shaping Antibiotic Use," on October 26th.

The CPR Graduate Student Seminar was held Thursday, October 19th in the CPR conference room.  Ling Li, Shulin Shen, Laura Rodriguez Ortiz, and Boqian Jiang presented.

Sarah Hamersma attended the conference, #RealCollege: A National Convening on College Food & Housing Insecurity, at Temple University in Philadelphia October 23-24th.

Shannon Monnat (SOC/Lerner Center) presented her work at Edinburgh, Scotland's Institute for New Economic Thinking Conference, "Reawakening: From the Origins of Economic Ideas to the Challenges of Our Time."

Colleen Heflin (PAIA) moderated the USDA Economic Research Service Sponsored Grantees Conference, "Understanding the Relationship between SNAP, Food Insecurity and Health in the National Health Interview Survey." This event was organized by the University of Kentucky Center for Poverty Research.

Shannon Monnat was at the American Academy of Political and Social Science (AAPSS) in Washington, DC to give a sponsored presentation to journalists about the rural-urban interface and rural-urban interdependence. 

John M. Yinger (ECON/PAIA) was selected as the 2017 Steven D. Gold Award recipient, which recognizes someone who has made a significant contribution to public financial management in the field of intergovernmental relations and state and local finance.

Len Lopoo participated in the NICHD Population Sciences Subcommittee Meetings in Washington, DC. on October 18th.

Jennifer Karas Montez's (SOC) editorial, "Deregulation, Devolution, and State Preemption Laws’ Impact on US Mortality Trends," was published in the American Journal of Public Health.

Yoonseok Lee (ECON) presented his paper, "Depth-Weighted Estimation of Panel Data Models" at UC-Riverside on October 13th.

Katherine Michelmore and Sarah Hamersma (PAIA) attended the Economic Self-Sufficiency Policy Research Institute (ESSPRI) fall conference at UC-Irvine.
Sarah presented a proposal on her project, "Does SNAP Increase Young Adults' Engagement in Higher Education?"

Congratulations to Shannon Monnat (SOC/Lerner Center), who along with Glenn Sterner and Ashton Verdery (Penn State),  received a grant from the National Institute of Justice for their study “Identifying and Informing Strategies for Disrupting Drug Distribution Networks: An Application to Opiate Flows in Pennsylvania.”

CPR Grad student, Hyunseok Jung (Econ) gave a talk on October 6th, at SUNY-Binghamton on "Adaptive LASSO for Stochastic Frontier Models with Many Efficient Firms."

Dr. Gail D'Onofrio (Yale University) gave The 29th Annual Herbert Lourie Memorial Lecture, "The Opioid Epidemic: A Practice & Policy Perspective," on October 5th at 4:00pm in 220 Eggers Hall.

Len Burman's (PAIA) co-authored study, "Is U.S. Corporate Income Double-Taxed?"  was cited in Forbes article.

Alfonso Flores-Lagunes (ECON)  presented his paper "Does Youth Training Lead to Better Job Quality? Evidence from Job Corps"  at the 13th IZA Conference on Labor Market Policy Evaluation in Bonn, Germany on October 5th.

Andrew London's (SOC) paper on "Race, Remarital Status, and Infertility in 1910: More Evidence of Multiple Causes” has been published in the October issue of Demography.

Len Burman (PAIA) was on the Capitol Pressroom on October 3rd, to discuss the latest on tax reform in Washington D.C.

Amy Lutz (SOC)  moderated the "Teach in on Charlottesville" discussion on SU campus on October 3rd.

Shannon Monnat (SOC/Lerner Center) presented at the annual meeting of the Interdisciplinary Association of Population Health Sciences (IAPHS) on October 3rd, as part of a Keynote Panel titled: "Landscapes of Despair: Population Health & the Opioid Crisis."

September 2017

David Popp's (PAIA) co-authored paper, “"Should We Give Up After Solyndra? Optimal Technology R&D Portfolios under Uncertainty," was published in the Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists

Michah Rothbart (PAIA) and Yilin Hou (PAIA) is attending and presenting at the ABFM conference in Washington, DC September 28th-30th.  Michah will present his co-authored paper, "Do Minimum Community Benefit Laws Work? Evidence from Illinois," and Yilin will present his co-authored paper, "Local Infrastructure Investment and House-Land Prices."

Graduate Associate Hyunseok Jung (Econ) will be presented his paper, "Adaptive LASSO for Stochastic Frontier Models with Many Efficient Firms," at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

David Popp's (PAIA) paper, "From Science to Technology: The Value of Knowledge From Different Energy Research Institutions," was published in the Research Policy journal.

Shannon Monnat (SOC/Lerner Center) presented at the Institute for Research on Poverty's Annual Poverty Research and Policy Forum on "The Geography of Opportunity: What Do We Know?"  She will be discussing geographic differences in 'deaths of despair' and other stress-related mortality.

Shannon Monnat (SOC/Lerner Center) cited in MinnPost article, "It’s not just opioids: ‘Diseases of despair’ claim a growing number of Minnesotan lives."

Amy Ellen Schwartz (PAIA/Econ) research on education, summer jobs programs cited in Politico.

Shannon Monnat's (SOC/Lerner Center) article "More than a rural revolt: Landscapes of despair and the 2016 Presidential election," was published in the Journal of Rural Studies.

Tom Dennison's (PAIA) work, "Economic Costs of Obesity," was published in Obesity Medicine: Management of Obesity in Women's Health Care.

Rebecca Schewe (SOC) selected as an O’Hanley Faculty Scholar. Selection is based on outstanding teaching and scholarship, and other accomplishments including success with external grant support and service to the institution.

Maxwell X Lab's Co-founder and Managing Director, Joseph Boskovski ('14 MPA) Helps Governments Make Effective Policy

Shannon Monnat (SOC/Lerner Center) participated in a meeting related to a USDA-supported, multi-institution project "W3001: The Great Recession, Its Aftermath, and Patterns of Rural and Small Town Demographic Change." in Fort Collins, CO.

Len Lopoo's (PAIA) co-authored article, "Why America Needs a Population Czar," was published in The Boston Globe.

Saba Siddiki (PAIA) presented in the Enst Brown Bag Lecture Series: "Is Diversity Good for Social Learning?" at Colgate College.

Jennifer Karas Montez's (SOC) research on health disparities was featured in the Interdisciplinary Association for Population Health Science article, "How Does Institutional Change Produce Health Disparities?"

Andrew London's (SOC) and Janet Wilmoth's (SOC) co-authored paper "The Influence of Men’s Military Service on Smoking Across the Life Course" has been published in the Journal of Drug Issues.

Colleen Heflin (PAIA) gave a brownbag presentation at the US Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Policy, Research and Evaluation, Administration for Children and Families in Washington DC.

Pete Wilcoxen, (PAIA/CEPA) was interviewed for the Bloomberg BNA article, "Air Pollution Economic Impact Model Lacks Clarity: EPA Advisers."

August 2017

Saba Siddiki (PAIA) presented her work, "Advancing Policy Adoption Theory: A Case of State Alcohol Regulation" at the American Political Science Association conference in San Francisco on August 31st.

Len Burman (PAIA) talked about his tax plan that would dedicate a new tax to boost stagnating wages in the Vox article, "A bold new plan promises to fix middle-class wage stagnation."

Shannon Monnat's (SOC/Lerner Center) research was cited in the Associated Press article, "Trump Won Places Drowning in Despair. Can He Save Them?"

Emily Gutierrez's (Econ) co-authored paper "Do State Employment Eligibility Verification Laws Affect Job Turnover?" has been published in the Contemporary Economic Policy Journal.

Congratulations to Kathy Michelmore (PAIA) on receiving funding from IRP at the University of Wisconsin-Madison for her project “Assessing the Effectiveness of Tax Credits in Early Childhood: Links Between the Earned Income Tax Credit, Child Tax Credit, Poverty, and Material Hardship” with Natasha Pilkauskas (University of Michigan).

Jennifer Karas Montez (SOC) was quoted in the Scientific American article, "U.S. Life Expectancy Varies Significantly Based on Location."

CPR would like to congratulate Stuart Rosenthal on his appointment as Chair of the Economics Department at the Maxwell School!

The American Sociological Association (ASA) Annual Meetings were in Montreal August 12th-15th. This year, CPR’s Madonna Harrington Meyer (Matilda White Riley Distinguished Scholar Award 2016) was a panelist for the Section on Aging and the Life Course at the Matilda White Riley Session and Business Meeting. CPR presenters include Senior Research Associates Colleen Heflin, Yingyi Ma, Amy Lutz, and Research Assistant, Rebecca Wang.

CPR Associate Director, Peggy Austin, attended the National Council of University Research Administrators conference August 6th-9th.

Leonard Burman (PAIA) shared his proposal for tax policy on TaxVox Blog.

Amy Ellen Schwartz attended the 40th Annual NBER Summer Institute in Cambridge, MA.

July 2017

Amy Ellen Schwartz (PAIA/ECON) was a featured panelist for a congressional briefing hosted by First Focus on "Children and Families Facing Eviction" on July 19th. 

The Lerner Center for Public Health Promotion and its Take Back the Streets campaign were highlighted in the Active Living By Design Healthy Neighborhood Roundup, a biweekly resource digest to inform healthy communities strategies for New York State Healthy Neighborhoods Fund grantees.

Sarah Hamersma (PAIA) presented her work, "Educational Compromises? Food Inadequacy and SNAP among Young Adults," and participated in the round table, "U.S. Social Safety Net Developments," at the APPAM International Conference in Brussels on July 14th.

Yingyi Ma (SOC) participated in the Posse Foundation mentor training in Miami, Florida July 10th-14th.

Alfonso Flores-Lagunes (ECON) will be teaching "Impact Evaluation Methodologies," and participating in the International Workshop on "Causal Inference, Program Evaluation and External Validity," at the Luxembourg Institute for Socio-Economic Research (LISER) July 10th-14th.