What's New in The Center for Policy Research

March 2018

Sarah Hamersma presented the paper “Effects of Pregnancy-Related Medicaid Expansions on Maternal, Infant, and Child Health” (co-authored with Melanie Guldi) for the Population, Education, and Health Seminar at University of Missouri’s Truman School of Public Affairs.

Shannon Monnat  presented at the Rural Poverty Research Institute (RUPRI) Conference: Rural Poverty: Fifty Years After The People Left Behind. Her presentation is titled: "Economic Dislocation and Landscapes of Despair: Rural-Urban and Within-Rural Differences in Premature Mortality in the US."

Alfonso Flores-Lagunes gave a talk at Penn State titled "Bounds on Average Treatment Effects with an Invalid Instrument, with an Application to the Oregon Health Insurance Experiment."

Yingyi Ma presented her paper “International Student Mobility” to Executive Education at the Graduate School of Education of the University of Pennsylvania.

Amy Schwartz attended the Association for Education Finance and Policy meeting this week, where she  presented and served as a chair.

CPR Graduate Associate, David Schwegman attended the Association for Education Finance and Policy meeting in Portland, OR. He will present his paper “The Direct Effects of Accountability-Driven School Closure: Evidence from New York City,” a joint paper with Bob Bifulco.

Len Lopoo and Andrew London’s article titled “Household Crowding During Childhood and Long-Term Education Outcomes” was featured on How Housing Matters.

Shannon Monnat (SOC/Lerner Center) spoke at a USDA-hosted opioid forum in Middletown, PA.

Hugo Jales (ECON) gave a talk at the Research and Statistics Group of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York titled, "On the effects of the minimum wage on employment, formality, and the wage distribution."

Michah Rothbart (PAIA) presented at the Department of Politics and Public Administration in the University of Hong Kong. The title of that talk is “Let Them Eat Lunch: The Impact of Universal Free Meals on Student Performance.”

Madonna Harrington Meyer's (SOC) co-authored paper "A Targeted Minimum Benefit Plan: A New Proposal to Reduce Poverty Among Older Social Security Recipients A Targeted Minimum Benefit Plan," was published in the Russell Sage Foundation Journal of the Social Sciences

Ingrid Gould Ellen (NYU Wagner) presented, “Neighbors and Networks: The Role of Social Interactions in the Residential Choices of Housing Choice Voucher Holders”, as part of the CPR Seminar Series on March 8th.

CPR Graduate Associate, Iuliia Shybalkina (PAIA) attended the ASPA (American Society for Public Administration) conference in Denver, CO, and presented her paper "Participatory Budgeting: Is it a Solution to Unequal Political Participation and Influence?"

CPR hosted the new Cornell Research Data Center (RDC) Administrator, Nichole Szembrot, and several leaders from the Cornell branch on March 6th for an information session on "Opportunities for Research with Confidential Federal Statistical Data at the New York Federal Statistical Research Data Center."

Congratulations to Pete Wilcoxen! He will serve as the Inaugural Ajello Professor in Energy and Environmental Policy. A gift from Maxwell School alumnus James Ajello ’76 MPA will create this new professorship, while supporting interdisciplinary research projects in the field.

Hugo Jales (ECON) gave a talk on "The Effects of the Minimum Wage on Employment, Formality, and the Wage Distribution," at the Economics Department at the University of Michigan on March 8th.

Michah Rothbart (PAIA) presented on the progress of a joint project with Amy Schwartz called, “Does Universal Free School Meals Reduce Childhood Obesity?” at the Tufts/UConn RIDGE Center Grantee Meeting in Boston on March 8th.

Saba Siddiki (PAIA) presented at a workshop called, “Mixed Methodologies and Novel Data in the Study of Local Environmental Governance” at Arizona State University on March 8th.

Shannon Monnat (SOC/Lerner Center) was quoted in the Healthline article, "Why ‘Despair Deaths’ Continue to Rise in the U.S."

Colleen Heflin (PAIA) was in Washington, DC on March 7 and 8 to attend the Family Self-Sufficiency and Stability Research Consortium Ninth Steering Committee Meeting, supported by the Office of Planning, Research and Evaluation (OPRE), Administration for Children and Families at the US Department of Health and Human Services.

Sarah Hamersma's (PAIA) article "Are We Our Students' Keepers?" was recently published in Comment Magazine.

Yilin Hou (PAIA) and former CPR doctoral student, Pengju Zhang, was at the Public Choice Society Annual Conference in South Carolina this weekend to present their co-authored paper, "User Charges Under Tax and Expenditure Limitations -- A Public Choice Perspective of Paradigm Shifts in Local Public Finance."

Yingyi Ma (SOC) was at the University of California, Riverside to attend the Pathway to College (PCN) Network meeting.

February 2018

Len Burman (PAIA) discussed new tax plan on WRVO.

Yilin Hou's (PAIA) co-authored article, "Measuring the Financial Shocks of Natural Disasters: A Panel Study of U.S. States," was published in the National Tax Journal.

Amy Ellen Schwartz (PAIA/ECON) was in Melbourne, Australia this week to attend the Melbourne Institute Director’s Conference. While she is in Melbourne she will also meet with the Victorian Department of Education and Training.

Congratulations to Len Lopoo and Colleen Helfin (PAIA) on receiving funding for their study “Does Child Support Increase Self-Sufficiency?: Evidence from Virginia” from the Institute for Research on Poverty (IRP) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Graduate associate, David Schwegman's co-authored paper, "Teacher Accountability Reforms and the Supply of New Teachers" was recently cited in Education Next’s article, "Has Evaluation Reform Chased Away Competent Would-Be Teachers?"

Shanon Monnat (SOC/Lerner Center) was chosen as a panelist to discuss realistic solutions for the American opioid epidemic in The New York Times article, "How a Police Chief, a Governor and a Sociologist Would Spend $100 Billion to Solve the Opioid Crisis."

Michael Wasylenko (ECON) was cited in the CT Viewpoints article, "Revitalize CT’s cities to strengthening an already healthy economy."

Jennifer Karas Montez (SOC) was quoted in the Washington Post Article, "Why education matters to your health — literally."

Colleen Heflin (PAIA) was highlighted in the Self-Sufficiency Research Clearinghouse newsletter for her work in the Family Self-Sufficiency and Stability (FSS) Research Scholars Network.

Amy Schwartz presented a lecture titled "Think Outside the Classroom: How Schools Can Leverage Non-Academic Services to Improve Student Outcomes" at the Andrew Young School of Policy Studies.

Len Burman (PAIA) discussed state and local tax deduction limit in TaxVox blog.

January 2018

Tom Dennison (PAIA/Lerner Center) was quoted in the Consumer Reports story “Amazon Takes Aim at Disrupting the Healthcare Industry.”

CPR Graduate Student, David Schwegman’s (PAIA) recent co-authored paper is featured in Chalkbeat.

Madonna Harrington Meyer (SOC) was quoted in the CNY 55 Plus article "Should You Get Paid to Babysit?"

Congratulations to Becky Schewe (SOC) on receiving a grant from USDA’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture. Full Article.

A recently published article, co-authored by Alfonso Flores-Lagunes (Econ), measures the effectiveness of Job Corps training and finds a positive effect on three important outcomes—earnings, employment, and amount of public benefits received.

Stuart Rosenthal's (Econ) lecture on agglomeration economies cited in Asian Scientist article.

Tom Dennison (PAIA/Lerner Center) was interviewed for the Syracuse.com article, "Knee, hip surgery revolution could pinch profits at Syracuse hospitals." 

"Opioid Overdose Epidemic Hits Hardest for the Least Educated," published on the Population Reference Bureau website, features Shannon Monnat's (SOC/Lerner Center) research on deaths of despair.

During his recent research trip to China, Yilin Hou (PAIA) was interview by the Xinhau News Agency Thinker Program on the details of his design for the local property tax in China.

A research study co-authored by Jennifer Karas Montez (SOC) was referenced in the Pacific Standard article, "Your College Major Predicts Midlife Health."

Congratulations to Yingyi Ma (SOC) who has been selected to participate in Pathways through College Research Network to conduct research on Stem Education.

Jennifer Karas Montez's (SOC) research was cited in the Chronicle of Higher Education article, "Why Education Matters to Your Health."

Stuart Rosenthal, Perry Singleton, Alfonso Flores-Lagunes Hugo Jales (ECON)  presented at the American Economic Association  (AEA) conference January 5-7, 2018.

December 2017

Len Burman (PAIA) was interviewed on WCNY's Capitol Pressroom about the GOP tax bill and its effects.

Stuart Rosenthal (Econ) was one of the keynote speakers at Singapore Management University's Inaugural conference on Urban and Regional Economics, December 18-19th.

Article by Douglas Wolf (PAIA) and Kanika Arora '15 PhD (PAIA) titled, "Does Paid Family Leave Reduce Nursing Home Use? The California Experience," was featured by the Journal of Policy Analysis and Management (JPAM) and will be published in the Winter 2018 issue

Sarah Hamersma (PAIA) presented her paper titled "Substance Use Disorder Treatment and Youth Access to Public Health Insurance" in a seminar at the Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics at the University of Pennsylvania on December 18th.

Yilin Hou (PAIA) is visiting Hong Kong from December 15-20. He will give a talk at the City University of Hong Kong on "Local Property Tax for China: Scheme Design, Implementation Strategies, and Potential Impacts,"
Yilin will also visit the Rating and Valuation Department of the Hong Kong government to learn about and discuss their property tax assessment and administration. This visit is part of Yilin's ongoing project on property tax reform.

Len Burman (PAIA) interviewed in The Atlantic article, "The United States Is Already a Low-Tax Country."

Congratulations to Becky Schewe (SOC) and her colleagues Christa Kelleher (Earth Sciences) and Teng Zeng (Civil and Environmental Engineering) on receiving a grant from the National Institute of Food and Agriculture in the USDA for her project titled, “ Linking Human Behavior And Hydrological Processes Towards Improved Understanding Of Spatio-Temporal CEC Prevalence Across Agroecosystems."

The research of John Yinger (Econ/PAIA) was cited by the Albany Times-Union for the article “School Officials Document Rise in Disabilities.”

Yingyi Ma's (SOC) co-edited book, "Understanding International Students from Asia in America" has been published.

Congratulations to CPR Graduate Associate, Iuliia Shybalkina who has been chosen as a 2018 American Society for Public Administration (ASPA) Founders' Fellow.

Shannon Monnat (SOC/Lerner Center) gave a presentation on opioid use in rural and small urban areas at the NIH Behavioral and Social Science Research Festival. 

Yoonseok Lee (Econ) gave a talk titled, "Depth-Weighted Estimation of Panel Data Models" for an invited seminar at
McGill University on December 8th.

Nine CPR graduate students, who are preparing for the job market, presented their research at a CPR's first Graduate Student Poster Session that was held in the Center on Thursday, December 7th.

Shannon Monnat (SOC/Lerner Center) was interviewed for the CBS Moneywatch article, "Could your pharmacy replace your doctor?"

Jennifer Karas Montez (SOC) article, "The Assault On Our Education System In The House And Senate Tax Plans Will Literally Kill," published in Huffington Post.

Tom Dennison (PAIA) was quoted in the Consumer Reports story, “How Big Healthcare Mergers Like CVS and Aetna Could Affect You.”

Shannon Monnat (Soc/Lerner Center) was interviewed for the Boston Globe article, "Could CVS become the Genius Bar of health care?"

Len Burman (PAIA) discusses impact of GOP tax plan on NYS on WCNY'S Capitol Pressroom.

November 2017

Shannon Monnat (SOC/Lerner Center) presented, "Understanding America's Rural/Urban Interface," in a webinar on November 29th.  

Andrew London's (SOC) most recently co-authored article, "Same-Sex Sexuality and the Duration of First Different-Sex Marriages" was published in Population Review.

Shannon Monnat (SOC/Lerner Center) presented, "Understanding America's Rural/Urban Interface," in a webinar on November 29th.                  

Andrew London's (SOC) most recently co-authored article, "Same-Sex Sexuality and the Duration of First Different-Sex Marriages" was published in Population Review.

Len Burman (PAIA) quoted in Huffington Post article, "Want A Simpler Tax Code? Sure, But It Will Cost You."

Robert Bifulco (PAIA) was quoted in the Cleveland.com article, "Will Say Yes to Education scholarship program boost Cleveland's economy?"

Yilin Hou (PAIA) was in Japan to give a talk on optimal design of local property tax at Fukuoka University on the November 22, and will meet with municipal tax officials in Osaka and Fukuoka on Japan's real property tax administration.

Sarah Hamersma (PAIA) presented "The Effects of Pregnancy-Related Medicaid Expansions on Maternal, Infant, and Child Health," joint work with Melanie Guldi, at the Southern Economic Association meetings.

Len Burman (PAIA) discusses GOP Tax plan in Washington Post, CBS News and NY Times.

Amy Lutz's (SOC) paper with Rebecca Wang (SOC) and Pamela R. Bennett (University of Maryland), "Mismatch and Academic Performance at America’s Selective Colleges and Universities," was published in the Ethnic and Racial Studies journal.

David Popp (PAIA) spoke at the MIT Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research (CEEPR) Fall Research Workshop on November 16th.

Dylan Conger (George Washington University) presented on, "The Effect of Advanced Placement Courses on Students' Skill Formation, Interest, and Confidence," as part of the Fall CPR Seminar Series on November 16th.

Shannon Monnat (SOC/Lerner Center) discusses the need to address the underlying causes of distress, despair, and disconnectedness in regards to the opioid epidemic in her op-ed published in the ConvergenceRI newsletter.

Len Burman (PAIA) comments on the debate to end the estate tax in The Atlantic.

David Popp (PAIA) will be speaking at the MIT Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research (CEEPR) Fall Research Workshop on November 16th.

Maxwell X Lab innovates policymaking through behavioral science

Shannon Monnat (SOC/Lerner Center) was cited in the Business Insider article, “These maps show that counties where opioid deaths and prescription rates are highest are also places where Trump won big in 2016.”

Colleen Heflin's (PAIA) paper, "The Role of Social Positioning in Observed Patterns of Material Hardship: New Evidence from the 2008 Survey of Income and Program Participation," was published in the November issue of Social Problems journal.

Bill Horrace (ECON) presented his paper, "Network Competition and Team Chemistry in the NBA," at Lehigh University on November 3rd.

Becky Schewe (SOC) gave a talk to the Ministry of Primary Industries (New Zealand Government, Wellington) titled, "Dairy Farm Sustainability: Why We Must Consider Labor Relations to Reduce Antibiotic Use," on November 3rd.

Madonna Harrington Meyer's (SOC) co-authored article, "Grandparenting in the United States," has been published in Innovation in Aging.

A number of CPR faculty and grad students attended and presented their work at the Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management (APPAM) 39th Annual Fall Research Conference, November 2-4.

October 2017

Becky Schewe (SOC) gave a talk on October 31st, at Lincoln University (Christchurch, New Zealand) titled, "Labor and Sustainability: The Role of Farm Labor Relations in Sustainable Agriculture."

Amy Ellen Schwartz (PAIA/ECON) co-authored article, "Who Feels Included in School? Examining Feelings of Inclusion Among Students With Disabilities," was published in Educational Researcher.

Amy Lutz's (SOC) Op-Ed Piece titled, "Immigrants Have Always Belonged In The U.S. Military," was published in the Huffington post.

Orgul Ozturk (University of South Carolina) presented on October 26th, as the guest speaker as part of CPR's Fall Seminar Series.

Shannon Monnat (SOC/Lerner Center) gave a talk entitled, "Landscapes of Despair: A Demographer's Take on Drug, Alcohol and Suicide Mortality," at Rhode Island College.

Rebecca Schewe (SOC) gave a talk at the Center for Sustainability, University of Otago in New Zealand titled, "Dairy farm Sustainability: The Role of Farm Labor Relations in Shaping Antibiotic Use," on October 26th.

The CPR Graduate Student Seminar was held Thursday, October 19th in the CPR conference room.  Ling Li, Shulin Shen, Laura Rodriguez Ortiz, and Boqian Jiang presented.

Sarah Hamersma attended the conference, #RealCollege: A National Convening on College Food & Housing Insecurity, at Temple University in Philadelphia October 23-24th.

Shannon Monnat (SOC/Lerner Center) presented her work at Edinburgh, Scotland's Institute for New Economic Thinking Conference, "Reawakening: From the Origins of Economic Ideas to the Challenges of Our Time."

Colleen Heflin (PAIA) moderated the USDA Economic Research Service Sponsored Grantees Conference, "Understanding the Relationship between SNAP, Food Insecurity and Health in the National Health Interview Survey." This event was organized by the University of Kentucky Center for Poverty Research.

Shannon Monnat was at the American Academy of Political and Social Science (AAPSS) in Washington, DC to give a sponsored presentation to journalists about the rural-urban interface and rural-urban interdependence. 

John M. Yinger (ECON/PAIA) was selected as the 2017 Steven D. Gold Award recipient, which recognizes someone who has made a significant contribution to public financial management in the field of intergovernmental relations and state and local finance.

Len Lopoo participated in the NICHD Population Sciences Subcommittee Meetings in Washington, DC. on October 18th.

Jennifer Karas Montez's (SOC) editorial, "Deregulation, Devolution, and State Preemption Laws’ Impact on US Mortality Trends," was published in the American Journal of Public Health.

Yoonseok Lee (ECON) presented his paper, "Depth-Weighted Estimation of Panel Data Models" at UC-Riverside on October 13th.

Katherine Michelmore and Sarah Hamersma (PAIA) attended the Economic Self-Sufficiency Policy Research Institute (ESSPRI) fall conference at UC-Irvine.
Sarah presented a proposal on her project, "Does SNAP Increase Young Adults' Engagement in Higher Education?"

Congratulations to Shannon Monnat (SOC/Lerner Center), who along with Glenn Sterner and Ashton Verdery (Penn State),  received a grant from the National Institute of Justice for their study “Identifying and Informing Strategies for Disrupting Drug Distribution Networks: An Application to Opiate Flows in Pennsylvania.”

CPR Grad student, Hyunseok Jung (Econ) gave a talk on October 6th, at SUNY-Binghamton on "Adaptive LASSO for Stochastic Frontier Models with Many Efficient Firms."

Dr. Gail D'Onofrio (Yale University) gave The 29th Annual Herbert Lourie Memorial Lecture, "The Opioid Epidemic: A Practice & Policy Perspective," on October 5th at 4:00pm in 220 Eggers Hall.

Len Burman's (PAIA) co-authored study, "Is U.S. Corporate Income Double-Taxed?"  was cited in Forbes article.

Alfonso Flores-Lagunes (ECON)  presented his paper "Does Youth Training Lead to Better Job Quality? Evidence from Job Corps"  at the 13th IZA Conference on Labor Market Policy Evaluation in Bonn, Germany on October 5th.

Andrew London's (SOC) paper on "Race, Remarital Status, and Infertility in 1910: More Evidence of Multiple Causes” has been published in the October issue of Demography.

Len Burman (PAIA) was on the Capitol Pressroom on October 3rd, to discuss the latest on tax reform in Washington D.C.

Amy Lutz (SOC)  moderated the "Teach in on Charlottesville" discussion on SU campus on October 3rd.

Shannon Monnat (SOC/Lerner Center) presented at the annual meeting of the Interdisciplinary Association of Population Health Sciences (IAPHS) on October 3rd, as part of a Keynote Panel titled: "Landscapes of Despair: Population Health & the Opioid Crisis."

September 2017

David Popp's (PAIA) co-authored paper, “"Should We Give Up After Solyndra? Optimal Technology R&D Portfolios under Uncertainty," was published in the Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists

Michah Rothbart (PAIA) and Yilin Hou (PAIA) is attending and presenting at the ABFM conference in Washington, DC September 28th-30th.  Michah will present his co-authored paper, "Do Minimum Community Benefit Laws Work? Evidence from Illinois," and Yilin will present his co-authored paper, "Local Infrastructure Investment and House-Land Prices."

Graduate Associate Hyunseok Jung (Econ) will be presented his paper, "Adaptive LASSO for Stochastic Frontier Models with Many Efficient Firms," at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

David Popp's (PAIA) paper, "From Science to Technology: The Value of Knowledge From Different Energy Research Institutions," was published in the Research Policy journal.

Shannon Monnat (SOC/Lerner Center) presented at the Institute for Research on Poverty's Annual Poverty Research and Policy Forum on "The Geography of Opportunity: What Do We Know?"  She will be discussing geographic differences in 'deaths of despair' and other stress-related mortality.

Shannon Monnat (SOC/Lerner Center) cited in MinnPost article, "It’s not just opioids: ‘Diseases of despair’ claim a growing number of Minnesotan lives."

Amy Ellen Schwartz (PAIA/Econ) research on education, summer jobs programs cited in Politico.

Shannon Monnat's (SOC/Lerner Center) article "More than a rural revolt: Landscapes of despair and the 2016 Presidential election," was published in the Journal of Rural Studies.

Tom Dennison's (PAIA) work, "Economic Costs of Obesity," was published in Obesity Medicine: Management of Obesity in Women's Health Care.

Rebecca Schewe (SOC) selected as an O’Hanley Faculty Scholar. Selection is based on outstanding teaching and scholarship, and other accomplishments including success with external grant support and service to the institution.

Maxwell X Lab's Co-founder and Managing Director, Joseph Boskovski ('14 MPA) Helps Governments Make Effective Policy

Shannon Monnat (SOC/Lerner Center) participated in a meeting related to a USDA-supported, multi-institution project "W3001: The Great Recession, Its Aftermath, and Patterns of Rural and Small Town Demographic Change." in Fort Collins, CO.

Len Lopoo's (PAIA) co-authored article, "Why America Needs a Population Czar," was published in The Boston Globe.

Saba Siddiki (PAIA) presented in the Enst Brown Bag Lecture Series: "Is Diversity Good for Social Learning?" at Colgate College.

Jennifer Karas Montez's (SOC) research on health disparities was featured in the Interdisciplinary Association for Population Health Science article, "How Does Institutional Change Produce Health Disparities?"

Andrew London's (SOC) and Janet Wilmoth's (SOC) co-authored paper "The Influence of Men’s Military Service on Smoking Across the Life Course" has been published in the Journal of Drug Issues.

Colleen Heflin (PAIA) gave a brownbag presentation at the US Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Policy, Research and Evaluation, Administration for Children and Families in Washington DC.

Pete Wilcoxen, (PAIA/CEPA) was interviewed for the Bloomberg BNA article, "Air Pollution Economic Impact Model Lacks Clarity: EPA Advisers."

August 2017

Saba Siddiki (PAIA) presented her work, "Advancing Policy Adoption Theory: A Case of State Alcohol Regulation" at the American Political Science Association conference in San Francisco on August 31st.

Len Burman (PAIA) talked about his tax plan that would dedicate a new tax to boost stagnating wages in the Vox article, "A bold new plan promises to fix middle-class wage stagnation."

Shannon Monnat's (SOC/Lerner Center) research was cited in the Associated Press article, "Trump Won Places Drowning in Despair. Can He Save Them?"

Emily Gutierrez's (Econ) co-authored paper "Do State Employment Eligibility Verification Laws Affect Job Turnover?" has been published in the Contemporary Economic Policy Journal.

Congratulations to Kathy Michelmore (PAIA) on receiving funding from IRP at the University of Wisconsin-Madison for her project “Assessing the Effectiveness of Tax Credits in Early Childhood: Links Between the Earned Income Tax Credit, Child Tax Credit, Poverty, and Material Hardship” with Natasha Pilkauskas (University of Michigan).

Jennifer Karas Montez (SOC) was quoted in the Scientific American article, "U.S. Life Expectancy Varies Significantly Based on Location."

CPR would like to congratulate Stuart Rosenthal on his appointment as Chair of the Economics Department at the Maxwell School!

The American Sociological Association (ASA) Annual Meetings were in Montreal August 12th-15th. This year, CPR’s Madonna Harrington Meyer (Matilda White Riley Distinguished Scholar Award 2016) was a panelist for the Section on Aging and the Life Course at the Matilda White Riley Session and Business Meeting. CPR presenters include Senior Research Associates Colleen Heflin, Yingyi Ma, Amy Lutz, and Research Assistant, Rebecca Wang.

CPR Associate Director, Peggy Austin, attended the National Council of University Research Administrators conference August 6th-9th.

Leonard Burman (PAIA) shared his proposal for tax policy on TaxVox Blog.

Amy Ellen Schwartz attended the 40th Annual NBER Summer Institute in Cambridge, MA.

July 2017

Amy Ellen Schwartz (PAIA/ECON) was a featured panelist for a congressional briefing hosted by First Focus on "Children and Families Facing Eviction" on July 19th. 

The Lerner Center for Public Health Promotion and its Take Back the Streets campaign were highlighted in the Active Living By Design Healthy Neighborhood Roundup, a biweekly resource digest to inform healthy communities strategies for New York State Healthy Neighborhoods Fund grantees.

Sarah Hamersma (PAIA) presented her work, "Educational Compromises? Food Inadequacy and SNAP among Young Adults," and participated in the round table, "U.S. Social Safety Net Developments," at the APPAM International Conference in Brussels on July 14th.

Yingyi Ma (SOC) participated in the Posse Foundation mentor training in Miami, Florida July 10th-14th.

Alfonso Flores-Lagunes (ECON) will be teaching "Impact Evaluation Methodologies," and participating in the International Workshop on "Causal Inference, Program Evaluation and External Validity," at the Luxembourg Institute for Socio-Economic Research (LISER) July 10th-14th.

June 2017 

Len Lopoo is the 2017 recipient of the Birkhead-Burkhead Teaching Excellence Award and Professorship.

David Schwegman's co-authored paper, "The Impact of Georgia's Education Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax on the Fiscal Behavior of Local School Districts," has been published in the National Tax Journal.

Saied Toossi's paper, "Incentivizing Healthy Eating in Children: An Investigation of the 'Ripple' and 'Temporal' Effects of a Reward-Based Intervention," has been published in Appetite.

Sarah Hamersma (PAIA presented her co-authored paper (with Jinqi Ye), "The Effect of the Public Health Insurance Expansions on the Mental and Behavioral Health of Children" at the Institute for Research on Poverty Summer Research Workshop at the University of Wisconsin-Madison on June 21st.

Alfonso Flores-Lagunes (ECON) paricipated in the Institute for Poverty Research Summer Workshop, held in Madison, Wisconsin from June 19-22.

Amy Ellen Schwartz (PAIA/Econ) was quoted in the Education Week article, "Student Mobility Takes an Academic Toll. But Why?"

Hugo Jales (Econ) presented his work, "Estimating the Effects of the Minimum Wage in Developing Countries: A Density Discontinuity Design Approach," June 16th, at the 2017 North American Summer Meeting of the Econometric Society in St. Louis, Missouri.

Badi Baltagi (Econ) spoke at the XI World Conference of the Spatial Econometrics Association (SEA) June 16-17th in Singapore.

Hyunseok Jung and William Horrace (Econ) attended the 15th European Workshop on Efficiency and Productivity Analysis (EWEPA) in London June 12-15th. Hyunseok  presented his paper, "Adaptive LASSO for Stochastic Frontier Models with many Efficient Firms.”

Iuliia Shybalkina (PAIA) attended, the Public Management Research Association (PMRA) Doctoral Student Professional Development Workshop and presented, "Are There Justice Implications to Participatory Budgeting?" at the PMRC Conference in Washington, on June 8th.

David Popp (PAIA), has been awarded the 2017 AERE Publication of Enduring Quality (PEQ) Award for his paper, “Induced Innovation and Energy Prices." The award recognizes two influential empirical papers on induced innovation in environmental economics.

The Lerner Center was featured in The Nation's Health article, "NPHW goes to the dogs at New York’s Syracuse University." The Center collaborated with Pet Partners of CNY, a local chapter of a national organization that offers animal-assisted therapy and activities with the help of people-animal volunteer teams, for National Public Health Week      

CPR grad student, Jindong Pang (ECON) attended the 2017 American Real Estate and Urban Economic Association (AREUEA) National Conference in DC, June 1-2, where he presented "Do Subways Reduce Congestion? Evidence from US Cities."

David Popp (PAIA) attended the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists Summer Conference in Pittsburgh, on June 1.         

May 2017 

Congratulations to Johnny Yinger (PAIA/ECN), whose birdhouse sculpture won the award for the most popular piece in the “On My Own Time” exhibit in Hendrix Chapel.

Jan Ondrich (ECON) has been named a fellow of the Global Labor Organization (GLO). The GLO is an international network and virtual platform for researchers, policy makers, practitioners and the general public interested in scientific research, its policy and societal implications on global labor markets, demographic challenges and human resources.

David M. Van Slyke, dean of the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs, announced the appointment of Michael Wasylenko as Maxwell Advisory Board Professor of Economics.      

Tom Dennison was quoted in Syracuse.com article, "Patient hurt in jump at Auburn hospital; they send her to Syracuse instead of their ER."

Yingyi Ma (SOC) was quoted in the CNN article, " China's New World Order," which explores the ways China is changing communities and lives across the globe, including its influence on education in the U.S.

Alfonso Flores-Lagunes, Hugo Jales, and Ling Li (ECON) attended the annual meeting of the Society of Labor Economists (SOLE) May5-6th, in Raleigh, NC. 

Kathy Michelmore's (PAIA) work, " The Gap within the Gap" has been published on The Brookings Institution website.

April 2017

Amy Ellen Schwartz (PAIA/ECON) was interviewed on With Good Reason Radio for their ongoing series, Degrees of Separation

The Paul Volcker Symposium in Behavioral Economics was held, April 28th at 12:00pm in 426 Eggers Hall. The symposium featured  three young scholars working on the forefront of behavioral economics.  

Scott Imberman (Michigan State University) presented this year's Jerry Miner Lecture, titled "The Roles of Neonatal Health and Race in Special Education Identification." This lecture was part of the Education Finance and Accountability Program (EFAP) Lecture Series.

Len Burman's (PAIA) paper, " An Analysis of the House GOP Tax Plan," co-authored with several Tax Policy Center experts, was published in the Columbia Journal of Tax Law.   

Yilin Hou (PAIA) is attending the Applied Research in Public Finance Conference at Indiana University, on April 28thwhere he will serve as an invited discussant for the paper "Do Savings Increase in Response to Salient Information about Retirement and Expected Pensions?"

Paul Volcker Symposium in Behavioral Economics, will be held Friday, April 28, 2017 11:30-2:00 PM in 426 Eggers Hall featuring three young scholars working on the forefront of behavioral economics.

Yingyi Ma (SOC) weighs in on decline in international student enrollment in Diverse: Issues In Higher Education article. Says, "I have encountered multiple requests from international students...They are all asking questions related to whether they need to prepare more when they apply for visas."

Alfonso Flores-Lagunes (ECON) gave a seminar April 21, at the University of New Hampshire, titled "Bounds on Average Treatment Effects with an Invalid Instrument, with an Application to the Oregon Health Insurance Experiment."

Leonard Burman (PAIA) was quoted in the New York Times article, " Do Tax Cuts Really Spur Growth? It Depends on the Details." Burman says, “A lot of the debate about taxes is really a debate about spending.”         

John Yinger(PAIA/ECN) and Thomas Dennison(PAIA) were among the speakers for the “Sustaining Action: A Teach-In, Building Inclusive Communities through Social Action” discussion held Friday, April 14th, in the Maxwell Auditorium.

On April 13th, Christine Jolls (Yale Law School) gave the annual Paul Volcker Lecture in Behavioral Economics.    

April 10th, Tom Dennison (PAIA), Cynthia Morrow (PAIA), Jennifer Karas Montez (SOC), and Perry Singleton (ECN) participated on a faculty panel focused on American health, the Affordable Care Act, and the potential impact of Republican proposals to replace it.  

CPR Research Affiliate, Jennifer Karas Montez (SOC), discusses the relationship between education and mortality in the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond article, " The Mortality Gap."

CPR Grad student, Ling Li (ECON), attended the 2017 Midwest Economics Association (MEA) Annual Meeting in Cincinnati,April1-2. She served as a discussant & presented her paper "Helping Nurses or Hurting Patients: The Effect of OSHA Inspections in Nursing Facilities."

March 2017

Carolyn Heinrich (Vanderbilt University) presented on March 30th, as the guest speaker as part of CPR's Spring Seminar Series.

David Popp (PAIA) was in New York City Wednesday, March 29th, attending a Council on Foreign Relations workshop on "Harnessing International Cooperation to Advance Clean Energy Innovation."

Professor Hugo Jales (ECON) presented his work on the effects of minimum wage on developing countries at SUNY Binghamton, Friday, March 24.

Lara Shore-Sheppard (Williams College) presented at the CPR Seminar Series on Thursday, March 23. This event was co-sponsored by the Lerner Center.

CPR grad student, Iuliia Shybalkina (PAIA), presented her paper at the ASPA annual conference March 19th, in Atlanta, GA, titled "Are There Justice Implications to Participatory Budgeting?"

Yilin Hou (PAIA) was featured in a recent Wall Street Journal article on potential property tax in China. He says China should introduce a property tax—"the earlier the better"—to stabilize the real-estate roller coaster of recent years

CPR faculty and grad students participated in this year’s AEFP 42nd Annual Conference, March 16-18, in Washington DC.  

Tom Dennison (PAIA) weighs in on the impact the proposed Republican Obamacare replacement plan could have on CNY in Syracuse.com article.

Yilin Hou (PAIA) was invited to speak 3/20 at the Presidential Panel of the American Society for Public Administration (ASPA) annual conference in Atlanta, GA. The topic of his speech is "Fiscal Implications of Natural Disasters and Policy Recommendations."

Alfonso Flores-Lagunes (Economics) gave a seminar, March 15th, at University of Fribourg, titled "Conscription and Military Service: Do They Result in Future Violent and Non-Violent Incarcerations and Recidivism?"

Yingyi Ma (SOC) participated in the 2017 CIES Conference in Atlanta, GA, as a panelist for the Education Equity and Excellence in China session.

Alfonso Flores-Lagunes (Economics) gave a seminar, March 13th, at ETH-Zurich, titled "Bounds on Average Treatment Effects with an Invalid Instrument, with an Application to the Oregon Health Insurance Experiment."

Sarah Hamersma’s (PAIA) latest work, “Finding Trust in the Economy,” has been published in Comment Magazine.

Alfonso Flores-Lagunes (Economics) gave a talk on Tuesday, March 7 at Cornell University's Department of Economics, titled "Bounds on Average Treatment Effects with an Invalid Instrument, with an Application to the Oregon Health Insurance Experiment."

February 2017

Jennifer Montez (SOC) says Cuomo’s action is a resounding win for Democrats in Daily Orange article " Male politicians should follow the example of New York state Gov. Andrew Cuomo and defend women’s reproductive rights."

Stuart Rosenthal, (ECON) has authored a report, " Owned Now Rented Later? Housing Stock Transitions and Market Dynamics," that was released February 6th, by the Research Institute for Housing America.

Rebecca Schewe (SOC) is traveling to New Orleans and Gretna, Louisiana this week, to collect surveys from Vietnamese American shrimpers. This trip supported by the NOAA funded project.

Michael Wasylenko (ECON) weighs in on NYS funded renovations at Syracuse Hancock International Airport and the economic impact the improvements will have on Onondaga County and the surrounding region in the Daily Orange .

Jennifer Karas Montez ’s (SOC) recent commentary, “ Macro-Level Perspective to Reverse Recent Mortality Increases,” is now in press in The Lancet.

January 2017

Tricia Olsen (University of Denver) presented her work, "Access to Remedy: Accountability for Allegations of Corporate Human Rights Abuse in Latin America" Thursday, January 26, as part of the CPR Seminar Series.

Alfonso Flores-Lagunes (ECON) comments in the Daily Orange on expanding job opportunities both inside and outside academia for those who hold a doctorate in economics.

The CPR Graduate Student Seminar was held Thursday, January 19th in the CPR conference room.  Ling Li, David Schwegman, Saied Toossi, and Jindong Pang   presented.

Leonard Burman (PAIA) was interviewed by WCNY TV about President-elect Trump’s tax policy proposals.

Sarah Hamersma (PAIA) has a new publication posted online at Contemporary Economic Policy, entitled " Wearing Out Your Welcome: Examining Differential Medicaid Eligibility of New Entrants and Continuing Recipients."

December 2016

CPR Research Affiliate, Jennifer Karas Montez (Sociology), was quoted in an Associated Press story titled “ US Life Expectancy Falls, as Many Kinds of Death Increase .”

Alfonso Flores-Lagunes (ECON) presented his paper, "Going beyond LATE: Bounding Average Treatment Effects of Job Corps Training" Friday, December 9, in the Economics Department at the University at Albany.

Natasha Pilkauskas (University of Michigan) presented "Maternal Employment Stability in Early Childhood: Links with Child Behavior and Cognitive Skills," as part of the CPR Seminar Series, Thursday, December 1, in 426 Eggers Hall.

Sarah Hamersma (PAIA) presented her co-authored paper (with Len Lopoo and Lincoln Groves) titled, "Pregnancy Medicaid Expansions and Higher-Order Births" this week at the annual meeting of the Southern Economic Association.  

November 2016  

CPR grad student, Judson Murchie (PAIA), presented his research titled, "Does Awareness of Fair Housing Law Influence and Landlord Behavior? Evidence from a Field Experiment of Online Posts for Rental Housing" to the Social Science department at West Point on November 22.

Leonard Burman (PAIA) is the 2016 Davie/Davis Award Recipient. It honors NTA members who serve the public through insightful analyses and objective advice on issues of taxation and government finance to elected officials, policymakers, and the public.                                         

David Popp (PAIA) presented his paper "From Science to Technology: The Value of Knowledge From Different Energy Research Institutions,"  November 17th at the Georgia Tech School of Public Policy speaker series.

Adam Gamoran (President of the WT Grant Foundation) presented "Finding the Middle Ground: Consensus Responses to the Challenge of Reducing Inequality" as part of the CPR Seminar Series on November 17th.

Alfonso Flores-Lagunes (ECON) presented his paper, "Going beyond LATE: Bounding Average Treatment Effects of Job Corps Training," November 15th, at the Economics Department of the University of Rochester.

Hugo Jales (ECON) presented, "Measuring the Role of the 1959 Revolution on Cuba's Economic Performance," November 15th, at Le Moyne College.

Michah Rothbarth(PAIA) presented, "Let Them Eat Lunch: The Impact of Universal Free Meals on Student Performance" (co-authored with Amy Schwartz), at the National Tax Association annual conference, November 10-12 in Baltimore.

Grad student, Boqian Jiang (ECON) presented, "Homeownership and U.S. Local Election Turnout," November 12, at the Urban Economics Association annual conference in Minneapolis, MN. 

CPR’s Sherry Zhang (ECON) presented, "Marriage Market Versus Employment: The Impact of Dual-Thin Markets on Employment Outcomes for Single Ph.D. Workers," at the Urban Economics Association Conference in Minneapolis, November 11.

October 2016

Leonard Burman (PAIA) was quoted in the October 27th Washington Post Wonkblog article “ Why these economists say Hillary Clinton’s tax hike could create jobs.”

Sarah Hamersma, Len Lopoo, and Kathy Michelmore (PAIA), participated in the Upstate Population Workshop at Cornell University, October 28th

CPR grad student, Kelly Stevens (PAIA) presented at the United States Association for Energy Economics Conference in Tulsa, OK, October 24th, presenting her work on the feasibility of natural gas combined cycle utilization targets in the Clean Power Plan.                                                            

 CPR Associate Director, Peggy Austin, attended the Society of Research Administrator's International (SRAI) conference in San Antonio, October 23- October 26.

Leonard Lopoo (PAIA), Director of the Center for Policy Research, was interviewed by the Deseret News for the story “ Survey: Americans want paid family leave, and they support social programs for families.”

CPR grad student, Carlos Diaz (ECON),presented "Self-Control and Peer Groups: An Empirical Analysis," October 22, at the 11th Annual Economics Graduate Student Conference at Washington University in St. Louis.

An SU Multidisciplinary Team Wins NSF Award to Study Distributed Energy Markets. CPR’s Peter Wilcoxen (PAIA) will lead the development, testing and analysis of market simulation models.

CPR Senior Research Associate Jeffrey Kubik’s (ECON) research was cited by the Nobel Committee in the scientific announcement of Oliver Hart’s and Bengt Holmstrom’s 2016 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences.

David Popp (PAIA) was quoted in an October 6th article in Nature Index about measuring the impact of R&D spending. 

John Yinger (PAIA/ECON) will be a panel member at the Fourth Annual School Finance Symposium - "Supporting our Schools: A Forum on Foundation Aid." The symposium took place at the Rockefeller Institute of Government in Albany.

Former CPR grad student, Dr. Kerri Raissian (University of Connecticut) is the winner of the 2016 Raymond Vernon Memorial Award by the Journal of Policy Analysis and Management (JPAM), for her paper which was published in the Winter 2016 issue of JPAM.

Len Burman (PAIA) was quoted by The New York Times in an article titled “ Donald Trump Tax Plan Would Add to Debt and Hillary Clinton’s Wouldn’t, Study Finds.”

Dr. Daniel Webster (Johns Hopkins) gave the 28th Herbert Lourie Memorial Lecture on Health Policy, "A Roadmap for Reducing Gun Violence in America," October 13th, 4:00-5:30pm, in 220 Eggers Hall.

Alfonso Flores Lagunes (ECON) discusses his analysis of new overtime pay rule at Syracuse University .

Amy Ellen Schwartz, (PAIA, ECON) was quoted in Education Week for the article " Shorter School Grade Spans Linked to Bullying." 

John Yinger (PAIA, ECON) and Sun Jung Oh (Korea Labor Institute) are the lead article in Cityscape magazine’s, nine-paper symposium on "Housing Discrimination Today", asking the question What Have We Learned from Paired Testing in Housing Markets?" (17: 3, pp. 15-59).

Yilin Hou (PAIA) attended the Association for Budgeting and Financial Management (ABFM) conference in Seattle, October 6-8. He chaired a panel that he organized with presentations that are spin-offs from his San Diego project. 

September 2016

A podcast featured the article “Top dog bottom dog…,” by Amy Ellen Schwartz (PAIA, ECON), Leanna Stiefel (NYU), and Michah W. Rothbart (PAIA) in the American Educational Research Association. 

George A. Akerlof (2001 Nobel Laureate, Georgetown University) delivered the 2016 Paul Volcker Lecture in Behavioral Economics titled "Phishing for Phools", in Goldstein Auditorium.

 Leonard E. Burman (PAIA), was quoted in Washington Post, estimating that Trump's tax plan could double the trade deficit.

Michah W. Rothbart, (PAIA) was interviewed on NPR Ed Blog for his co-authored research that was featured in the piece " Sixth Grade Is Tough. It Helps To Be 'Top Dog.'"

Michah W. Rothbart, (PAIA) was interviewed on NPR Ed Blog for his co-authored research that was featured in the piece " Sixth Grade Is Tough. It Helps To Be 'Top Dog.'"

The CPR Seminar Series presented, Shawn Bushway's (University at Albany, SUNY) "A New Look at the Employment and Recidivism Relationship through the Lens of a Criminal Background Check,” on September 22.

Leonard E. Burman (PAIA and Paul Volcker Chair in Behavioral Economics) was interviewed by the New York Times for the article " One Beneficiary of Clinton’s Complex Tax Plan: Tax Lawyers."

William Horrace (Economics) has been named a “W.E.B. DuBois Scholar" by the National Institutes of Justice; and has been awarded a grant from the U.S. Department of Justice to continue his research on police racial profiling.

Madonna Harrington Meyer (Sociology) has been awarded the Matilda White Riley Distinguished Scholar Award by the American Sociological Association (ASA) Section on Aging and the Life Course (SALC), and has been asked to give the Distinguished Scholar Lecture in 2017, at the ASA meetings in Montreal. 

Michah W. Rothbart (PAIA) discusses his findings from his paper " Do Top Dogs Rule in Middle School? Evidence on Bullying, Safety, and Belonging," published in the American Educational Research Journal, which he coauthored with Amy Ellen Schwartz (PAIA/ECON) and Leanna Stiefel (NYU). 

CPR Director, Leonard Lopoo (PAIA) offers insight into “ Poverty in the north country: little hope, less money makes everyday life a challenge,” in a Watertown Daily Times article.

Thomas Dennison (Director, Lerner Center, PAIA) weighs in on Syracuse University's falling short in enforcing tobacco-free policy .

William Horrace (Economics) is a visiting scholar, this semester, at the Consumer and Community Affairs Division of the Federal Reserve Board in D.C., developing econometric techniques to assess how well US banks provide services to low- and middle-income communities under the Community Reinvestment Act. 

CPR Research Affiliate, Jennifer Karas Montez, was quoted in The New York Times article, “New Clues in the Mystery of Women’s Lagging Life Expectancy."

August 2016

Peter Wilcoxen (PAIA) has been selected as the 2016 NASPAA recipient of the Leslie A. Whittington Excellence in Teaching Award. 

Rebecca Schewe (Sociology) presented, August 19-23, two papers at the American Sociological Association Conference and "Structural Barriers to a Climate Change Ethic in US Agriculture," at The Society for the Study of Social Problems Conference.

CPR's newest faculty member, Kathy Michelmore (PAIA), is featured in a New York Times article for research she and her co-author conducted on inequality in America's education system .

Amy Lutz (Sociology) traveled to Seattle Washington to attend the Society for the Study of Social Problems Conference August 19-21. While in Seattle, Amy will also attend the Annual American Sociological Association Conference, August 20- 23.

Rebecca Schewe (Sociology) attended the Rural Sociological Society annual meeting and the World Congress of Rural Sociology in Canada, August 10-14.  

Yilin Hou (PAIA) attended the International Institute of Public Finance conference in Lake Tahoe, Nevada, August 9-12, where he chaired a panel that he has organized. 

Cynthia Morrow (PAIA) weighed in on how your zip code can affect your health in the syracuse.com article " Zip Codes Deliver Bad News for Poor Neighborhoods: Your Health May be in Danger."

David Popp (PAIA) wrote a policy brief for the C.D. Howe Institute titled " A Blueprint for Going Green: The Best Policy Mix for Promoting Low-Emissions Technology."

July 2016

Andrew London (Sociology) and Scott Landes had a recent publication “ Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Adult Mortality,” published in Preventive Medicine 90: 8-10.

Rebecca Bostwick, Program Director, at the Lerner Center, weighed in on the article, “ After Shootings, Syracuse Police Opening A Station At Skiddy Park,” which is based on the work they are doing in the Near Westside.

June 2016

CPR Grad Associate, Fabio Rueda De Vivero (Economics) presented his and Amy Schwartz's (PAIA/Economics) work on the effect of neighborhood violence on school attendance at New York University on June 28th as part of the IESP Summer Seminar series.

Leonard Lopoo (PAIA) and Andrew London’s (Sociology) “Household Crowding during Childhood and Long-Term Education Outcomes,” was featured in the Uncommon Knowledge “ Parents, Don’t Make Your Kids Share a Room” section of the Boston Globe.

Rebecca Schewe (Sociology) attended the 22nd International Symposium on Society and Resource Management, hosted by Michigan Technological University, June 22-26

William Horrace (Economics) has been named an Associate Editor at the Journal of Business and Economic Statistics.

June 22, David Popp (PAIA) spoke on "Policy Tools for Clean Innovation" at the North American Climate Policy Forum in Ottawa. The forum will provide a structured dialogue between senior policy officials from the US, Canada, and Mexico and leading experts in climate policy design, low carbon technology and innovation policy.

Dr. Jonathan Schwabish (CPR PhD 2003 grad), currently a Senior Research Associate in The Urban Institute’s Income and Benefits Policy Center has written a book Better Presentations: A Guide for Scholars, Researchers, and Wonks that will be published by Columbia University Press this fall.

Yilin Hou (PAIA) was in Washington, DC June 16-17. Invited by Alan Schick and Phil Joyce of the University of Maryland School of Public Policy, Yilin was a discussant at the international Conference on Budget Reform and Fiscal Management. 

Sarah Hamersma (PAIA) and Emily Cardon (PAIA)  attended the Biennial Conference of the American Society of Health Economists in Philadelphia June 13-15. Sarah was a discussant in two sessions and  presented, "Educational Compromises? Food Inadequacy and SNAP among Young Adults" as a poster. 

Amy Ellen Schwartz (PAIA/ECN) attended the 2016 APPAM International Conference, held in London June 13-14.

Former CPR Graduate Associate, Lincoln Groves, and his research on the impact of welfare reform, are featured in the Washington Post article " Why One Researcher Worries About Welfare Reform's Impact on White Men". 

The Daniel Patrick Moynihan Syracuse/Cornell Summer Education Seminar was held June 6 in CPR. The conference, hosted by Amy Ellen Schwartz (PAIA/ECN), Robert Bifulco (PAIA), and Michael Lovenheim (Cornell), provided an opportunity for faculty and graduate students to share their work on issues in education and social policy. Sarah Hamersma (PAIA) and Katherine Michelmore (PAIA) were two of the conference’s five presenters.

May 2016

Leonard Lopoo (PAIA) and Andrew London (Sociology) have published a new paper in Demography titled “ Household Crowding During Childhood and Long-Term Education Outcomes”. A summary of this article was featured in the University of Oxford’s Child and Family Blog.

Congratulations to CPR’s Leonard Lopoo (PAIA) and Robert Bifulco (PAIA) who have both been promoted to Professor of Public Administration and International Affairs.

Kudos to Yoonseok Lee (Economics) who has received his Tenure and Promotion to Associate Professor.

Yilin Hou (PAIA) has edited two book series, that are forthcoming, through Springer Publishing, entitled “ Development and Governance”  and “ Studies in Public Budgeting.”

Amy Ellen Schwartz (PAIA/Economics) traveled to Singapore May 19th to present "Do Housing Vouchers Improve Academic Performance? Evidence from New York City" at the National University of Singapore, Institute of Real Estate Studies, "Affordable Housing: The Public Policies, Politics, and Economics" Symposium.

The Maxwell School at Syracuse University, and The Lerner Center (Tom Dennison, Director), in partnership with the Onondaga health community, hosted a public session of NY Governor Andrew Cuomo’s new Task Force to End Heroin and Prescription Opioid Addiction, co-chaired by Lt. Governor Kathy Hochul (Political Science, ’80) on May 18th.

Hugo Jales (Economics) presented "Identification and Estimation in Density Discontinuity Designs" at the "Advances in Economics" conference in Michigan, Thursday, May 19th

CPR Senior Research Affiliate, Jennifer Karas Montez (Sociology), was interviewed by the BBC for the story " What’s Killing White American Women."

Roberto Martinez received the Sustaining Our Community award on behalf of the Lerner Center for Public Health Promotion for their work on the Near Westside Healthy Neighborhood Initiative. The award, given by GreeningUSA, Inc., recognizes the efforts of people across NYS who have made significant impacts on creating more sustainable communities in 2015. 

William Horrace (Professor of Economics and Chair of the Department of Economics) has been named Distinguished Professor by Interim Vice Chancellor and Provost Liz Liddy. This distinction is one of the University’s highest honors for faculty whose exemplary leadership in teaching and research has advanced the University’s scholarly mission.

The CPR Graduate Student Seminar was held on Thursday, May 12, in CPR. Jinqi Ye, Jason Thomas, Michelle Lofton, and Katie Wood gave brief overviews of their doctoral research and/or work experience in CPR this past year.

Amy Ellen Schwartz (PAIA/Economics) quoted in Syracuse.com - "Fighting Obesity In Schools: Serve More Water, But Don't Call Kids Fat."                                       

Sarah Hamersma (PAIA) spoke May 13, at SU’s NYC location (Lubin House) to high school teachers in the Syracuse University Project Advance program and also spoke on her research with young adults and food insecurity May 6, here at SU.

April 2016

The 2016 Jerry Miner Lecture Series took place on April 28 in 426 Eggers Hall. This year's guest, Dr. Richard Murnane (Harvard University) presented "The Consequences of Educational Reform in Chile: Lessons for the U.S. School Choice Debate".

Yilin Hou (PAIA) testified before the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission of the Congress on Wednesday, April 27, about China’s fiscal policy and financial reforms, as well as related policy targets as set in China’s 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-2020).

William Horrace's (Economics) co-authored paper, titled " How Dark is Dark? Bright Lights, Big City, Racial Profiling" has been published in the May 2016 issue of The Review of Economics and Statistics.

Badi H. Baltagi (Economics) gave an Econometrics lecture at Texas A&M Friday, April 22, 2016.

Rebecca Schewe (Sociology) gave a talk titled “Citizen Science or Stakeholder Science? Using Citizen Science to Engage with Diverse Stakeholders in the Gulf Coast Fisheries," at ESF, on April 20th.

Alfonso Flores-Lagunes (Economics) presented "Going beyond LATE: Bounding Average Treatment Effects of Job Corps Training,” at Queen’s University, Department of Economics in Kingston, Canada, April 19.

Sarah Hamersma (PAIA) gave a seminar at Marquette University's Economics Department April 18th on "The Effect of Parental Medicaid Expansions on Children's Health Insurance Coverage," (with Matthew Kim and Brenden Timpe).

David Popp (PAIA) is featured in a policy-relevant article, evaluating the effectiveness of public energy R&D in Nature Energy this week.

Amy Ellen Schwartz(PAIA/Economics) was quoted in the Daily RX News - School water fountains could be key to ending child obesity.

Peter Wilcoxen (PAIA) has been named Laura J. and L. Douglas Meredith Professor of Teaching Excellence at Syracuse University. This is the highest teaching honor awarded at Syracuse University. 

Lingxin Hao (Johns Hopkins) presented "Early Parental Investment and Childhood Human Capital Formation" Thursday, April 7th at the CPR Seminar Series.

John Yinger (PAIA/Economics) was interviewed by WCNY on Connect: NY 105, concerning the Achievement Gap in New York Schools.

Jason Thomas (Postdoctorial Research Associate) travels to Chicago to present, "Duration and Diversion: Examining the Effects of Incumbent Party Tenure on Diversionary Uses of Force" April 6, at the Midwestern Political Science Association Meeting.

Leonard Burman (PAIA and Paul Volcker Chair in Behavioral Economics) was a guest on the NPR radio program On Point discussing " The Candidates' Tax Plans And You."

Amy Ellen Schwartz's (Economics/PAIA) research featured in " Scientists have discovered an unbelievably simple new way to fight childhood obesity; and in Medicinenet.com for " Breakfast in School Classrooms Expands Participation, Not Waistlines."                                                              

Dr. Cynthia Morrow (PAIA/Lerner Chair) spoke, Monday, April 4, on the influence of the community in shaping health during an event organized by Healthy Monday.

CPR Grad Student Yusun Kim (PAIA) and Sarah Hamersma (PAIA) will be presenting at the Midwest Economic Association meetings April 2, in Evanston, IL.

March 2016

Helen Levy (University of Michigan) presented "Health Reform and Retirement" at the CPR Seminar Series on Thursday, March 24th.

Leonard Burman (PAIA) explains how D.C. Tax Experts Evaluate 2016 GOP Candidates’ Plans: ‘Magical Thinking’ is Required to Make Them Work.

Badi H. Baltagi (Economics) was elected a 2016 fellow of the Society for Economic Measurement (SEM).

Rebecca Schewe (Sociology) traveled to Boston, March 17, to attend the Eastern Sociological Society meeting. She is part of: an author-meets-critic session  discussing the book Bun in the Oven by Barbara Katz Rothman, and presenting "Who Works Here? Non-family Labor and Immigrant Labor on U.S. Dairy Farms."

Robert Bifulco (PAIA), Amy Schwartz (PAIA), John Yinger (PAIA), and CPR Grad Student, Jud Murchie (PAIA) attended the annual Association for Education Finance and Policy AEFP meeting, in Denver, CO., March 17-19.

Hugo Jales (Economics) presented "Measuring the Effects of the Minimum Wage on Employment, Formality and the Wage Distribution: A Structural Econometric Approach" on March 12 at the Latin American Workshop in Econometrics of the Econometric Society, held in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Pete Wilcoxen (PAIA) shares his opinion on growing electronic waste in a Times Telegraph story, " Evolving Technology Leads to Electronic Waste Heap".

The Lerner Center for Public Health Promotion, directed by Tom Dennison (PAIA), in participation with St. Joseph's Hospital, is working to address the root causes of poor health in Syracuse.

Len Burman (PAIA), director of the Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center, was interviewed by The Fiscal Times about Hillary Clinton's tax proposal.

David Popp (PAIA) presented his paper, titled "Environmental Regulation and Green Skills: An Empirical Exploration" on Thursday, March 3 in the Triangle Resource and Environmental Economics (TREE) seminar at the Research Triangle Institute. The seminar was a joint effort between the Research Triangle Institute, Duke University, the University of North Carolina, and NC State.

February 2016

Jeff Kubik (Economics) was interviewed by The Daily Orange for an article about the Paid Family Leave Act in New York State.

Tax Policy Center Director, Leonard Burman (PAIA), weighs in on Senator Ted Cruz’s tax reform proposal in the Business Insider.

CPR graduate student, Brianna Carrier (PAIA) was in Washington, DC, February 22-24, to work with Teach For America's Native Alliance Initiative's Legislative Summit.

Becky Schewe (Sociology) presented "Why Don’t They Just Change? Contract Farming, Informational Influence, and Barriers to Agricultural Climate Change Mitigation" at the CPR Seminar Series, February 25th, in 426 Eggers Hall.

Amy Ellen Schwartz (PAIA, ECON) spoke February 23rd at Texas A&M's Education Policy Workshop. The title of her talk was "Instruction Isn't Enough: How Academic Success is Shaped by What Happens Outside of School and What We Can Do About It".

Thomas H. Dennison (Professor of Practice, PAIA) was the guest speaker on February 23, at the Ithaca College Gerontology Institute Distinguished Speaker Series. He presented “The Changing Face of Long Term Care.”

Sarah Ellen Hamersma (PAIA) was interviewed for FiveThirtyEight to comment on how “ Mark Rubio’s Paid Family Leave Plan May Not Work.”

Rebecca Schewe (Sociology) traveled to Louisiana this past week for a focus group with Vietnamese fishermen and to interview representatives from state agencies and community organizations for her NOAA funded project.

Joanna Lahey (Texas A&M University)  presented "Discrimination at the Intersection of Age, Race, and Gender" as part of CPR's Seminar Series, Thursday, February 11, at 3:30pm in 426 Eggers Hall.

Amy Ellen Schwartz (PAIA & Economics) spoke on a panel, February 10, at the Albert Shanker Institute, on the topic: "How Should We Address the Effects of Residential Segregation by Race and Class on America's Schools?"

Tom Dennison (Professor of Practice, PAIA and Director, The Lerner Center) has launched a new program at Nojaim Bros. Supermarketin in order to help customers pick out food that is better for their health.

Becky Schewe (Sociology) attended a council meeting for the International Association for Society and Natural Resources, where she is a council member, on Thursday and Friday, February 4 and 5.

January 2016

Jan Ondrich (Economics) has coauthored the introduction and a chapter of a special issue of Public Finance Review which was a compilation of  papers presented at the 2012 Maxwell Research Symposium.  

Leonard Burman (PAIA) comments in a Washington Examiner  article for the Tax Policy Center, analyzing Donald Trump's tax cutting plan.

CPR Research Affiliate Janet Wilmoth (Sociology), was quoted in a Redding.com article, titled “ Immigrants Burden and Blessing for States” on how some states are benefiting economically from a younger immigrant population.

Cynthia Morrow (PAIA, Lerner Center Chair) is featured in the Fall/Winter 2015 issue of Syracuse University Magazine. In the article, titled “ Committed to Community Health” Cynthia discusses the experiences led to her commitment to public health.

December 2015

Anna Swanson (Lerner Fellow) was quoted in SU News about her experience as one of the Maxwell students who traveled to Rome for food security class.

Leonard Burman (PAIA) explains in the New York Times how An Analysis of Governor Bush's Tax Plan," finds Jeb Bush’s Tax Plan Would Cause $8.1 Trillion Budget Hole.

Zhiyong An (Shanghai University of Finance and Economics) presented “Demographics and Firm Returns: Empirical Evidence from a Population Policy Change in China,” at the CPR Seminar Series on December 3.

Leonard Burman (PAIA) weighed in on Tax Consumption Policy in the New York Times and Capping the Cadillac Tax Benefits in Pay Day Work Force Solutions.

November 2015

Jan Ondrich (Economics) participated in the Southern Economic Association Conference November 21-23, in New Orleans. He was Invited to organize two sessions for the SEA by the president of the association and he had two paper presentations.

Yilin Hou (PAIA) attended the Southern Economic Association Conference, November 21-23, to present a co-authored paper on Chinese citizens’ ability to pay the local property tax. 

CPR graduate student, Jinqi Ye (Economics), attended the 2015 National Tax Association Annual Conference in Boston November 19-21, to present her paper, "The Effects of State and Federal Mental Health Parity Laws On Working Time."

Yilin Hou (PAIA)  attended the 2015 National Tax Association conference in Boston, to present a paper on land and housing issues in the United States and presented a paper with his China team, which is part of his on-going work to design a property tax for China.  

Yingyi Ma (Sociology) discussed change to China’s one-child policy in the Daily Orange.

Yilin Hou (PAIA) traveled to China to discuss local property taxes and was asked to design a local-tax system by the China Fiscal Policy Center. 

Alfonso Flores-Lagunes (Economics) presented his paper "Going beyond LATE: Bounding Average Treatment Effects of Job Corps Training" at Queens College on Monday, November 9.  

David Popp (PAIA) met with members of Ontario's Ministry of Environment and Climate Change on Friday, November 6.

Amy Ellen Schwartz (PAIA and Economics) discusses how, in part, student success starts in the school lunch line.

Alfonso Flores-Lagunes (Economics) presented his paper "Going beyond LATE: Bounding Average Treatment Effects of Job Corps Training" on Friday, November 6, at the University of Central Florida.

October 2015

Amy Ellen Schwartz (PAIA and Economics) discussed how, in part, student success starts in the school lunch line.

CPR Research Affiliate Andrew London (Sociology), along with Colleen M. Heflin have published the article "Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Use among Active-Duty Military Personnel, Veterans, and Reservists," in the December issue of Population Research and Policy Review.

Graduate Research Assistant, Kelly Stevens (PAIA) presented October 26, at the United States Association for Energy Economics (USAEE) conference in Pittsburgh her research on natural gas capacity.

A video of the 27th Annual Herbert Lourie Memorial Lecture on Health Policy, given by Dr. James Knickman on Thursday, October 8, is now available.

Kevin Stange (University of Michigan)  presented at the CPR Seminar Series on Thursday, October 15.

Wlliam Horrace (Economics) presented his paper with former CPR graduate Shawn Rohlin (Kent State University) "How dark is dark? Bright lights, big city, racial profiling" at University of Colorado Denver on Friday, October 16.

Badi H. Baltagi (Economics) gave a paper at Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge at a conference (October 17-18 2015 ) on Spatial Econometrics.

Dr. James Knickman, President & CEO of the New York State Health Foundation, gave the 27th Annual Herbert Lourie Memorial Lecture on Health Policy Thursday, October 8.

Yilin Hou (PAIA) was in San Diego (Oct. 4-10) to work on his sponsored local public finance project, spending one day training the county’s fiscal staff on understanding the rules-based time-consistent fiscal policy framework; then interviewing the executive and management team of the County of San Diego.

Two of Sarah Hamersma's (PAIA) papers were referenced in this week's The New York Times article, " Marco Rubio’s Plan for Paid Leave Does Not Require Paid Leave". 

Robert Bifulco (PAIA), Yilin Hou (PAIA), John Yinger (PAIA, ECN), and PAIA CPR grad students Yusun Kim, Michelle Lofton, Jud Murchie, & Pengju Zhang will be presenting research at the Association for Budgeting and Financial Management Conference, on October 1-3, in Washington, DC.  

September 2015

The CPR Graduate Student Seminar was held September 24, 3:30-5:00 in the  large conference room. The presenters were: Judson Murchie (PAIA), Carlos Diaz (Econ), and Jinqi Ye (Econ).

Alfonso Flores-Lagunes (Economics) was a leading academic speaker at the "Innovative Week" event for undergraduates at the Guadalajara campus of the Monterrey Institute of Technology (ITESM) in Mexico, September 23-25.

The Syracuse University Lerner Center for Public Health Promotion, directed by Thomas Dennison (PAIA), collaborated in the first Lerner Summit at Columbia University.

Andrew London (Sociology) along with Karyn A. Stewart have published the article “ Falling Through the Cracks: Lack of Health Insurance among Elderly Foreign- and Native-Born Blacks,” in the Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health.

The first CPR Seminar Series of Fall, 2015 was Thursday, September 17th - 3:30-5:00 in the large conference room. Alfonso Flores-Lagunes (Economics) presented “The Effect of Degree Attainment on Crime: Evidence from A Randomized Social Experiment."  

August 2015

The Lerner Center aids in funding for soccer facility in Syracuse's Skiddy Park.  

CPR Grad Associate, Kelly Stevens has taken a position as a Visiting Student at Carnegie Mellon University in the Engineering and Public Policy Program. She will be working in the Center for Climate and Energy Decision Making as she continues her own dissertation work.

Leonard Burman (PAIA) has published an article on the Tax Policy Center website entitled " Hillary Clinton’s Off-the-Mark Proposal to Encourage More Patient Investors."

July 2015

The Daniel Patrick Moynihan Syracuse/Cornell Summer Education Seminar was held July 27 in CPR. The conference provided an opportunity for faculty and graduate students to share their work on issues in education and social policy. The event was hosted by Amy Ellen Schwartz (PAIA/ECN), Robert Bifulco (PAIA), and Michael Lovenheim (Cornell). Presenters included CPR’s Hosung Sohn and Lincoln Groves.

David Popp (PAIA) was featured in WalletHub’s recent study about 2015's most and least energy-expensive states.

Sarah Ellen Hamersma (PAIA) was awarded the Public Administration Department Birkhead-Burkhead Teaching Excellence Award and Professorship in recognition of her distinguished teaching records at this June's MPA commencement.  

John Yinger's (ECN/PAIA) talk on housing discrimination relates to the Supreme Court's recent decision to uphold housing discrimination law .

June 2015

 Chihwa Kao (Economics) presented two papers at the 2015 International Panel Data Conference with Badi H. Baltagi and Fa Wang: " Identification and Estimation of a Large Factor Model with Structural Instability," and " Change Point Estimation in Large Heterogeneous Panels. The conference ran June 28-3

Rebecca Schewe (Sociology) traveled to the International Symposium on Society and Research Management in Charleston, SC., to present “Communication Avenues for Vietnamese Fishing Communities in Mississippi and Alabama with Coastal Resource Agencies,” and served on a panel engaging undergraduate students in research, making the transition to a tenure track job.

CPR Research Affiliate, Janet Wilmoth,(Sociology) coordinated the Aging Families/Changing Families International Conference, held June 3-6. More than 120 attendees participated in the three-day event that included daily keynote speakers, 17 sessions and 78 presentations of original research focused on aging in the context of family life.

 Kelly Stevens (PAIA)  presented her research on the natural gas capacity boom, June 5, at the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists conference in San Diego.

Qing Miao (PAIA) presented her research on adaptation to floods, at the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists conference in San Diego on Friday, June 5.

The Lincoln Institute of Land Policy invited Yilin Hou (PAIA) to serve on a panel of experts on property taxation for a Roundtable, June 11-13 in Beijing, with the Budgetary Committee of the Chinese National Legislature and the Department of Tax Administration, the Ministry of Finance.

May 2015

Peter Wilcoxen (PAIA) has been promoted to the rank of Professor. Congratulations Professor Wilcoxen!

Sarah Hamersma (PAIA) has been awarded tenure and promotion to the rank of Associate Professor. Kutos to Sarah!

CPR's Lincoln Groves (PAIA) successfully completed his dissertation defense, May 15th, "Three Essays on U.S. Social Policy’s Impact on the Human Capital Development of Young Adults At-Risk of Poverty.” Congratulations Dr. Groves!

Sarah Hamersma (PAIA) is attending the 2015 Summer Institute on Faith and Vocation, May 21-24, in Gainesville, Fl.

William Horrace (Econ) presented, "How Dark is Dark? Bright Lights, Big City, Racial Profiling" and Alfonso Flores-Lagunes (Econ) presented "The Effect of Degree Attainment on Crime: Evidence from a Randomized Social Experiment" at a conference, May 18th in honor of Ron Oaxaca in Tucson, AZ. 

Janet M. Wilmoth, Andrew S. London, (CPR Research Affiliates) and Colleen M. Heflin have published an article “ Economic Well-Being among Older-Adult Households: Variation by Veteran and Disability Status," in the Journal of Gerontological Social Work.

Rebecca Schewe (Sociology) served on a faculty panel titled “10 Tips for Landing that Academic Job” for the Syracuse Future Professoriate Program. The panel was held at the White Eagle Conference Center on May 14. 

Leonard Burman (PAIA) has been named the inaugural holder of the Pozen Director’s Chair at the Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center (TPC).  

David Popp (PAIA) presented “Using Scientific Publications to Evaluate Government R&D Spending: The Case of Energy,” in the Climate Change & Environment Research Seminar Series at the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change & the Environment at the London School of Economics, May 6.

Leonard Burman (PAIA) spoke on the panel “Taxes, Philosophy and Reform” on April 29th during the Milken Institute Global Conference in Los Angeles.

Yingyi Ma (Sociology) visited South China this month and attended an education forum in Beijing where she presented her paper “Is the Grass Greener on the Other Side of the Pacific?”  

April 2015

CPR grad student, Alex Falevich (Economics) attended the SAS Global Forum 2015 conference in Dallas, Texas, on Friday, April 24.

Douglas Almond (Columbia University) presented at the CPR Seminar Series April 23, in the large conference room.                                           

Bridget Lenkiewicz  (PAIA-The Lerner Center)  participated in an art show at SUNY Upstate's Health Sciences Library. She had five pieces on display for the month of April. The library hosted a reception to celebrate the artists on April 22.

Congrats to CPR MPA student Ruby Jennings, who ran in the Boston Marathon on Monday!  

CPR grad student, Sun Jung Oh (ECON) attended the 2015 American Educational Association meeting in Chicago April 18-21.

On Friday, April 17th, Amy Ellen Schwartz (ECN &PAIA) spoke on the “Tackling Economic Inequality” panel at the New York Law School.

Rebecca Lynn Schewe (Sociology) attended Michigan State University, April 15-17th to participate in the annual meeting of her USDA NIFA grant team and external advisory board and the symposium to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Long Term Ecological Research project at Michigan State University (Kellogg Biological Station).                 

On Thursday, graduate student, Qing Miao (PAIA)  presented her paper on “The States' Initiatives in Climate Adaptation Planning in a Panel Focused on the Politics of Climate Adaptation,” at the Annual Conference of the Midwest Political Science Association.

The 2015 Jerry Miner Lecture Series hosted Douglas Harris (Tulane University). He presented “Is this the Future of U.S. Schooling Policy? Evidence and Lessons from New Orleans 10 Years After Hurricane Katrina,” on April 9, 2015.

Kelly Ann Stevens (PAIA) has been selected for a Graduate Scholar Award from the Climate Change: Impacts and Responses conference in Vancouver and on April 11th, she presented her research on natural gas utilization in the U.S. electricity sector.

Leah Moser (The Lerner Center) weighs in on Syracuse University certificates enhancing professional skillsets in the Syracuse Eagle Newspapers, Penny Saver, March 25th issue.

Yilin Hou (PAIA) was in Beijing, China this first week in April to give a talk at the School of Public Policy and Management, Tsinghua University. He will speak on his long-term research focus, “rules-based, time consistent countercyclical fiscal policy framework and its potential applications in China.” He  also introduced his research on the design of a local property tax that fits the Chinese context.

March 2015

Sarah Hamersma (PAIA) attended the Midwest Economic Association meetings March 27-28. She  presented her research project “Public Health Insurance and Work Incentives: Could the Affordable Care Act Reduce Labor Market Distortions?” and presented on a job-market mentoring panel with the theme “The Search Process.”

Cynthia Morrow (PAIA) is featured in the March/April issue of The Good Life: Central New York. The article, titled “Compassion and Conviction” discusses the ways in which Dr. Morrow hopes to guide the next generation of doctors in the field of public health. This issue can be found on newsstands now.            

Amy Ellen Schwartz (ECN/PAIA) was interviewed by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch regarding research she is conducting on summer youth employment.

The Paul Volcker Symposium was held on Thursday, March 19 from 1:00-3:00 p.m. in 426 Eggers Hall.

The Center for Policy Research and its faculty members Bob Bifulco, Sarah Hamersma, Sharon Kioko, Len Lopoo, David Popp, Amy Ellen Schwartz, and John Yinger are featured in APPAM’s spotlight on Syracuse University.

Michelle Lofton (PAIA) presented her paper "The Use of Short-Term Debt by General Purpose Governments" at the PAIA Ph.D. Seminar on Thursday, March 5 in Eggers 209.

February 2015

Yilin Hou (PAIA) contributed a chapter to the 3rd edition of Handbook of Public Administration, recently published by Wiley.

John M. Yinger (ECN/PAIA) attended the AEFP conference in Washington, DC, held February 26-28. He and Phuong Nguyen-Hoang (University of Iowa) presented “The Behavioral Impacts of Property Tax Relief: Salience, Complexity, or Framing?”

Amy Ellen Schwartz (ECN/PAIA) presented “Safe Havens? School Climate and the Impact of Neighborhood Crime on Test Scores,” at this year’s AEFP conference, held February 26-28 in Washington, DC.

Bob Bifulco (PAIA), Ross Rubenstein (PAIA), and Hosung Sohn presented "The Effects of College Scholarship Programs on High School Completion and Post-Secondary Outcome” at the Association for Education Finance and Policy conference, February 26-28 in Washington, D.C.

Kelly Stevens (PAIA), CPR research associate, weighs in with the Daily Orange on Syracuse's record-breaking snowfall totals and cold temperatures.

Emily Cardon (PAIA) presented her paper "Improved Access to Medicaid: Evaluating the ACA Medicaid Expansion’s Impact on Access to Care” at the PAIA PhD Seminar on February 19. The Seminar was held in Eggers Hall.

The Lerner Center for Health Promotion at the Maxwell School of Syracuse University, under the direction of Thomas Dennison, has received $250,000 to help fund the Near West Side Healthy Neighborhood Initiative.

Yingyi Ma (Sociology) spoke at Johns Hopkins University on February 4th. The talk was titled: "Stay or Return: That is a question."

January 2015

CPR’s Amy Ellen Schwartz (PAIA/Economics), John Yinger (PAIA/Economics), and Bob Bifulco (PAIA) each contributed a chapter to the second edition of Handbook of Research in Education Finance and Policy, published by Routledge.

Becky Schewe (SOC)  traveled to Bayou la Batre, Alabama the week of January 21, to conduct a focus group with Vietnamese- American fishermen. Her trip was supported by the Appleby-Mosher and the Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant.

Abbey Steele (PAIA) visited Bogotá, Colombia in December to check in on an ongoing project that studies the impact of a state-building efforts by the Colombian government and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

Amy Ellen Schwartz (PAIA/ECN) has co-authored an article in Regional Science and Urban Economics entitled "Do choice schools break the link between public schools and property values? Evidence from house prices in New York City ."

December 2014

Becky Schewe (SOC) was in Biloxi, Mississippi on December 12,  to conduct a focus group with Vietnamese-American shrimpers about their engagement with state and federal agencies. 

Andrew S. London (SOC) has co-authored, “ Falling Through the Cracks: Lack of Health Insurance among Elderly Foreign- and Native-Born Blacks,” in the Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health. First published Online 10/8/14.

November 2014

Alfonso Flores-Lagunes (ECN) participated in the "Hispanic Economic Issues Conference" at the Atlanta Fed on Friday, November 21, presenting his paper "The Effect of Degree Attainment on Crime: Evidence from a Randomized Social Experiment." Alfonso also participated in the Southern Economic Association Meetings in Atlanta on Saturday, November 22 where he presented "Bounds on Population Average Treatment Effects with an Instrumental Variable."

David Agrawal, from the University of Georgia, presented "The Internet as a Tax Haven? The Effect of the Internet on Tax Competition," on November 20, at the CPR Seminar Series.                     

Badi H. Baltagi (ECN) gave a seminar November 20th at North Carolina State/Duke University/UNC.

Amy Ellen Schwartz (PAIA/ECN) gave two papers "The Impact of Restaurant Letter Grades on Taxes and Sales: Evidence from New York City” and “Do Housing Choice Voucher Holders Care About Schools?" at the Urban Economics Association/North American Regional Science Association conference on November 15 in Washington DC.

Badi H. Baltagi (ECN) gave a paper titled “Asymptotic Power of the Sphericity Test  Under Weak and Strong Factors in a Fixed Effects Panel Data Model” at a conference at Emory University in Atlanta November 14-16.   

Lincoln Groves (PAIA) presented his paper “Still ‘Saving’ Babies? The Impact of Child Medicaid Expansions on High School Graduation Rates” Thursday at the PAIA PhD Seminar in Eggers 209 and again on Friday, November 14, at the CPC-CAPS Encore Presentation at Cornell University. 

Yilin Hou headed to the  National Tax Association conference in Albuquerque, NM, held November 13-15, to present a paper titled “Optimal Debt use by Local Governments with Volatile Revenues and Stable Infrastructure needs”.

CPR Grad Student, Nuno Mota (ECN) is presenting a paper titled “Local Parental Leave Assistance and Long-Term Effects on Female Labor Supply" at the RSAI/UEA Conference in Washington DC on November 13.

CPR Faculty presented at APPAM meetings on November 6-8.

CPR grad students participated in APPAM in Albuquerque last week.

Sarah Hamersma presented her work “Food Insecurity and Teenage Labor Supply” (joint with Matthew Kim) at the University of Florida Economics conference “It’s Alive!” – a celebration of the re-instatement of their Economics Ph.D. program.

CPR Director, Leonard Lopoo presents “Household Crowding during Childhood and Long-Term Education Outcomes” at the Severe Deprivation in America Conference at the Russell Sage Foundation November 14.

October 2014

View the 26th Annual Herbert Lourie Memorial Lecture of Health Policy “ Improving Public Health Safety Nets after an Economic Recession” with Dr. Sanjay Basu.

Perry Singleton (ECN) attended the NBER’s Disability Research Center Conference in Washington DC 10/30-10/31.

Perry Singleton (ECN) presented a talk titled "Health Information and the Timing of Social Security Entitlements" at SUNY Buffalo on Friday, October 24.

Robert Bifulco (PAIA) was in Washington, DC at a meeting of COPRA, the NASPAA body charged with accreditation of MPA and MPP programs.  

Yilin Hou (PAIA) has published a new book, Local Property Tax In China: History, Pilots and Prospects.

CPR Grad Michelle Lofton (PAIA) presented her co-authored paper with Sharon Kioko (PAIA), “The Impact of Deficits on Fund Balances and Liquidity: A Panel Study of New York Counties,” on Oct. 4th at the Association for Budgeting & Financial Management conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The 26th annual Lourie Lecture was held, 2:00-3:30 PM at the Sheraton University Hotel featuring, Sanjay Basu, M.D., Ph.D. (Stanford University Medical School). The event was streamed live on www.ustream.tv/channel/visual-technologies

Yilin Hou (PAIA) presented “Uncertainty and Public Budgeting/Fiscal Policy,” and also two papers with former doctoral students at the Association of Budgeting and Financial Management annual research conference held in Grand Rapids, MI on October 2-4.  

Robert Bifulco (PAIA) attended the Association of Budgeting and Financial Management research conference in Grand Rapids, MI on October 2-4.  He organized two panels on school finance, and Saturday, made his own presentation.

Becky Schewe (Sociology) attended a council meeting of the International Association for Society and Natural Resources in San Antonio October 1-4, 2014. 

September 2014

Alfonso Flores-Lagunes (Economics) delivered a plenary session presentation at the XXIV Mexican Colloquium of Mathematical Economics and Econometrics on September 22, in Monterrey, Mexico.

The first CPR Seminar Series of the fall semester was on Thursday, September 18, from 3:30-5:00 in 426 Eggers Hall. Eric Brunner presented “Homeowners, Renters, and the Political Economy of Property Taxation.” 

William Duncombe and Yilin Hou’s paper “ The Savings Behavior of Special Purpose Governments: A Panel Study of New York School Districts” has been published in the Fall 2014 issue of Public Budgeting & Finance

Yingyi Ma (Sociology) has written an article for the China Daily about how Chinese students have rediscovered the meaning of being Chinese while being away from home.

Professor In Choi (Sogang University in Seoul, Korea) visited and worked with Professor Badi H. Baltagi September 8-October 15. 

August 2014

Becky Schewe (Sociology) presented her paper "Possible, Adaptable, Gainful: Normative and Political Economic Barriers to Adopting Agricultural Climate Change Mitigation Practices" at the American Sociological Association meeting, in San Francisco, August 15-19.

Donggyun Shin  (Kyung Hee University, Korea) visited CPR August 18-22nd to work on an ongoing project with Yoonseok Lee. His research interests include labor economics, applied micro econometrics, crime, education, and macro labor market (structural labor economics). 

An inaugural walk took place on August 4th to introduce the newest Monday Mile route that was installed this summer at St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center in Syracuse. The Director of the Lerner Center for Public Health Promotion, Tom Dennison (PAIA) was interviewed by Time Warner Cable News concerning the Monday Mile initiative.

CPR Associate Director, Margaret Austin attended the National Council of University Research Administrators (NCURA) meeting in Washington, DC this past week. She presented with two colleagues a session entitled “Proposal Submissions: The Good, The Practical, and The Possible.”

Becky Schewe (Sociology) organized the panel “Citizens and Environmental Action: Community Resilience in the South" August 1, at the annual meeting of the Rural Sociological Society and is chairing the Natural Resources Research Interest Group, annual business meeting.

Yingyi Ma (Sociology) featured in SU News  as she looked at the International Student Experience.

July 2014

Amy Lutz was interviewed by Channel 3 news concerning the Syracuse community and the Border Children story. Follow up interview [August 11, 2014]

David Popp and Tian Tang (PAIA) presented “The Learning Process and Technological Change in Wind Power: Evidence from China’s CDM Wind Projects” July 21, at the NBER Environmental & Energy Economics Summer Institute in Cambridge, MA.

Badi H. Baltagi (ECN) was a key note speaker at a time series macroeconomics conference at Loughbrough University, UK, July 21-22.

Donggyun Shin  (Kyung Hee University, Korea) visited CPR July 17-18th to work on an ongoing project with Yoonseok Lee. His research interests include: labor economics, applied micro econometrics, crime, education, and macro labor market. 

Badi H. Baltagi gave an invited talk at the Health Econometric conference at the University of Padova, Italy on July 19 and will be a key note speaker at a time series macroeconomics conference at Loughbrough University, UK July 21.

June 2014

William Horrace (ECN) presented at the International Association of Applied Econometrics meetings at Queen Mary University on June 28 in London.

Qing Miao (PAIA) presented at the International Research Committee on Disasters Researchers Meeting in Colorado on June 25-26.

David Popp (PAIA) presented “The Importance of Spillovers for Green Technology Innovation: Evidence from Wind and Solar in China” on June 26, at a conference at the Peterson Institute for International Economics in Washington, DC

Sarah Hamersma and Lincoln Groves (PAIA) are attending the Summer Research Workshop of the Institute for Research on Poverty at the University of Wisconsin-Madison on June 23-26.

Ross Rubenstein (PAIA) presented June 18, to a group of Strategic Data Project Fellows from Harvard’s Center for Education Policy Research on “Challenges and Opportunities in Program Evaluation.” The group was in Syracuse for a two-day Fellows Workshop.

Thomas Dennison co-authors paper with former CPR graduate research assistants and faculty entitled “ Assessing Variation in Utilization for Acute Myocardial Infarction in New York State.”

Jung Eun Kim (PAIA) successfully defended her dissertation, June 9th. She has accepted a position as an assistant professor in the Department of Politics and Public Administration at the University of Hong Kong starting this fall. 

Joseph Boskovski (PAIA) has been selected as a 2014 recipient of the L. Alan Beals Graduate Award for Excellence in Local Government Studies.

May 2014

Tom Dennison and Leah Moser (Lerner Center) presented "Using Healthy Monday” to Boost Programs and Raise Health on Campus, May 30, 2014, at the ACHA Conference  in Texas. 

Badi Baltagi (ECON) presented at the CESifo in Munich, May 30-31 at a workshop he co-organized with Peter Egger and Michael Pfaffermayr on Gravity Models.

Abbey Steele (PAIA) is at The University of California, San Diego this week for a workshop, hosted by the Empirical Studies of Conflict project and the US Institute of Peace, on successful development in conflict zones.

Amy Lutz (SOC) presented "Who Joins the Military?: A Look at Race, Class, and Immigrant Generation" at the Patriots or Invaders? - Immigrants in the Military in Modern America conference, held at Princeton University May 22-24. 

Pallab Ghosh has received the "2014 Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award" for Economics from the Maxwell School. 

CPR Senior Research Associate, Leonard E. Burman has been named the first holder of the Paul Volcker Chair in Behavioral Economics.

Congratulations to CPR Staff member Kelly Bogart for completing her Master’s in  Museum Studies. Kelly will graduate on Saturday, May 10.

The Center for Policy Research (CPR) to serve as the liaison between Syracuse University researchers and the New York Census Research Data Center (NYCRDC).

Sarah Hamersmapresented her work on Food Security in a poster session at the Society of Labor Economists meeting in Washington D.C. on May 2.

April 2014

 Charles Clotfelter of Duke University presented at the 2014 Jerry Miner Lecture Series on April 24, in 426 Eggers Hall at 3:30pm.  

David Popp presented a paper “Using Scientific Publications to Evaluate Government R&D Spending: The Case of Energy” at Resource for the Future ( www.rff.org) in Washington, DC on April 24.

Yoonseok Lee presented his work "Model Selection in the Presence of Incidental Parameters" April 22, at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario.

William Horrace presented "How Dark Is Dark? Bright Lights, Big City, Racial Profiling" April 18, at Hamilton College.  

Sarah Hamersma presented her work, “Wearing Out Your Welcome: Examining Differential Medicaid Eligibility of New Entrants and Continuing Recipients” April 15, in the School of Policy Studies seminar at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario.

Rebecca Bostwick (Lerner Center) has been chosen to participate in an 18 month fellowship by the Health Foundation for Western & Central New York for leaders in the health community. Program details

Sharon Kioko and grad student Michelle Lynn Lofton (PAIA) presented "Testing State Balanced Budget Requirements Using Accrual Based Data," at the Western Social Science Association (WSSA) Conference in Albuquerque, NM.

Jung Eun Kim (PAIA) has accepted a tenure-track assistant professor position in the Department of Politics and Public Administration at the University of Hong Kong. She will begin in August, 2014.

March 2014

Rebecca Bostwick (Lerner Center) presented “Healthy Shopper Rewards” a panel session at the DASH-NY Coalition Conference-Healthy Community Development: Economic & Infrastructure Strategies to Reduce Obesity Disparities, in Rochester NY.

Kelly Ann Stevens (PAIA) presented at the SU Interdisciplinary Research Symposium on March 22nd in the Energy & Environmental Impacts session, discussing the 2001-2003 boom in natural gas capacity in the U.S. electricity sector.

Chun-Chieh Hu (Economics), presented his sole author paper at the 2014 Midwest Economic Association (MEA) Annual Meeting.

Congratulations to Tom Dennison (PAIA), who was honored with the St. Joseph the Worker Award at the St. Joseph’s Day Appreciation Breakfast.

Badi  H. Baltagi (Economics) is ranked 25th in the Field of Econometrics by RePEc and ranked 12th out of 792 in New York State.

CPR ranked 30th (Top 10% Institutions in the field of Econometrics), in February 2014 in IDEAS, RePEc, a service hosted by the Research Division of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.

Robert Bifulco (PAIA) presented "Estimating the Effect of Say Yes to Education in Syracuse: An Application of Synthetic Control Methods," at the annual AEFP Conference in San Antonio, TX.

CPR Graduate students, Sun Jung Oh and Christian Buerger presented at the 2014 AEFP Annual Conference in San Antonio, Texas.

Badi H. Baltagi visited Aarhus University in Denmark to give a talk as part of their distinguished lecture series, CREATES.

Melanie Guldi (University of Central Florida), presented on Thursday at the CPR Seminar Series in 426 Eggers Hall.

February 2014

Sarah Hamersma (PAIA) was interviewed by the New York Times Magazine (journalist Shaila Dewan) for a project she is doing on job-lock due to health insurance, with a particular focus on women.  

Grad student, Liu Tian (Economics) has accepted an offer from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics as an Assistant Professor in the School of Public Economics & Administration in China starting this September.

Yingyi Ma (Sociology) has been named one of the inaugural Maxwell School O’Hanley Faculty Scholars

Sarah Hamersma (PAIA) presented her work, February 20th at the CPR Seminar Series.

Sarah Hamersma (PAIA) is a contributing author in the newly published book, What Works for Workers? Public Policies and Innovative Strategies for Low-Wage Workers.  

Congratulations CPR Graduate Research Assistant Pallab Ghosh . He has accepted a position as Assistant Professor in the Department of Economics at the University of Oklahoma. We wish him all the best!

January 2014

An Interview with Thomas Dennison (PAIA) is featured in " Natural Awakenings" Feb February newsletter.

Robert Bifulco (PAIA) has been named co-editor of the Journal of Policy Analysis and Management and will begin his co-editing duties in July.

CPR Econ grad student, Chun-Chieh Hu, presented his sole author paper  "How Did Massachusetts Health Reform Affect the SSI-disabled Program?"  at the 2014 AEA Annual Meeting in Philadelphia, PA.  

David Popp was interviewed for a story on Externalities entitled "Air pollution explainer: What's an externality?" on NPR’s Marketplace .

John Yinger (ECN/PAIA) weighs in on Pataki's Property Tax Relief Takes from Schools and Gives to the Wealthy .

December 2013

Yingyi Ma has coauthored a paper with former doctoral student, Gokhan Savas. It is forthcoming in Review of Higher Education: Which Is More Consequential: Fields of Study or Institutional Selectivity?

Thomas Dennison is quoted in the upcoming Fall/Winter 2013 issue of the United Hospital Fund "Blueprint" in the article "Changing Patient Population Challenges Nursing Homes."  

John Yinger (ECN, PAIA) participated in the recent NY Education Reform Commission Public Symposium, presenting testimony entitled " Reforming Education Finance in New York State."  

Thomas Dennison attended the Population Health Summit in New York City as part of a Panel discussing "The Near Westside Initiative: Bringing Health to the Table." A webcast of this forum can be found at   www.health.ny.gov/populationhealthsummit.  

Eleonora Patacchini’s (ECN) work featured in the Bloomberg article “Like Mother Like Daughter, at Least in the Labor Market,” and in a PBS interview.

November 2013

Stuart Rosenthal (ECN) has received the Walter Isard Award for Scholarly Achievement presented by the North American Regional Science Council (NARSC).

Sarah E Hamersma presented "Wearing Out Your Welcome: Examining Differential Medicaid Eligibility of New Entrants and Continuing Recipients," at the Southern Economic Association Conference.

Liu Tian (ECN) presented a  paper  at the NTA 106th Annual conference on Taxation on 21st Nov in Tampa, FL.

Yoonseok Lee (ECN) was a guest speaker at the Econometrics Seminar, Department of Economics, UBC (University of British Columbia) on November 20th.

Jeffrey Weinstein presented “Making the Grade: The Impact of Classroom Behavior on Academic Achievement” at the North American Meetings of the Regional Science Assoc. International.

Badi H. Baltagi gave an Econometrics Series Seminar at the University of Alabama on Friday, November 15.

William Horrace gave a talk titled “Endogenous Network Production Functions with Selectivity” at the University of Guelph on November 8.

CPR grad student, Chun-Chieh Hu (Economics), presented his sole authored paper "How Did Massachusetts Health Reform Affect the SSDI Program?" at the APPAM Fall Research Conference.

Lincoln Groves (PAIA) presented a paper and was accepted into the APPAM doctoral mentoring Session.

John Yinger op-ed weighed in on new casino amendment proposal in Newsday.

Tian Tang (PAIA) presented her paper co-authored with David Popp at the APPAM 2013 Fall Research Conference on Nov. 7th.

November 6, Sarah Hamersma participated in a conference at the Urban Institute entitled “Medicaid on the Eve of the Affordable Care Act: What are the Research Priorities?”  

October 2013

Qu Feng (Economics) was honored at the NTU Convocation Ceremony 2013 for inspirational teaching and mentorship of a Koh Boon Hwee Scholars Award, and received the certificate of honor from Tony Tan, the president of Singapore.

Badi H. Baltagi (Economics) was a keynote speaker at the 40th Anniversary Macromodels International Conference held in Warsaw (Poland). 

CPR Director, Len Lopoo presented “Mandating Prescription Contraceptive Coverage: The Effects on Contraceptive Consumption and Fertility” at the Cornell Population Center/Center for Aging & Policy Studies Encore Conference at the Aging Studies Institute, October 18.

The ABFM Association for Budgeting and Financial Management Conference was held on October 3rd-5th, 2013 honors CPR Grad Christian Buerger.

Visiting Scholar, Giacomo de Giorgi (Stanford University) visited CPR this week. 

Visiting Scholar, Qiang Ren (Central University of Finance and Economics, Beijing, China) comes to CPR to work with Professor Yilin Hou.

The Future of Children has released its latest journal issue Military Children and Families including an article Unlocking Insights about Military Children and Families” co-authored by CPR Research Affiliate, Andrew S. London. 

Herbert Lourie Memorial Lecture on Health Policy was held October 4, 2013-2:00 PM - 3:30 PM. Guest Speaker was Rajiv Kumar, MD, Founder & CEO of Shape Up | Social Wellness at the Sheraton University Hotel on University Avenue.

September 2013

Former CPR Graduate Associate, Il Hwan Chung’s (PA/2012) dissertation, selected for the 2013 NASPAA Annual Dissertation Award

Yilin Hou attends conference and meets with scholars to discuss progress of his book series on Development and Governance.

CPR visiting scholar Philippe Barbe, from the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) in France, arrives on September 15, 2013.

Wiley has just published Badi H. Baltagi's 5th Edition of his book Econometric Analysis of Panel Data.  

Professor Peter Wilcoxen was quoted in the recent Yahoo! Finance article, "Obama's Keystone stand deepens impasse with Canada" about the Keystone XL pipeline.

August 2013

Thomas Dennison's report " New York's Nursing Homes: Shifting Roles and New Challenges has been published by the United Hospital Fund.

Former CPR/Metropolitan Studies Program Director Guthrie S. Birkhead, Jr. (1968-1973), Dies at 92.  

July 2013

Len Lopoo presented a paper he coauthored with Kerri Raissian titled "U.S. Social Policy and Family Complexity" at the Family, Complexity, Poverty and Public Policy Conference at the University of Wisconsin-Madison on July 12.

Sharon Kioko's coauthored article titled " Governement-wide Financial Statements and Credit Risk" has been chosen by the academic journal Public Budgeting and Finance to receive the Jesse Burkhead Award for 2012. 

May 2013

David Popp's new publication "Technology Variation vs. R&D Uncertainty: What Matters Most for Energy Patent Success?" is now available online in the journal Resource & Energy Economics.

April 2013

Congratulations to Badi H. Baltagi and Chihwa Kao being named #22 and #64 in the worldwide rankings of authors in econometrics by the RePEc April 2013 Rankings! CPR was also recognized in the Top 10% of institutions in the field of Econometrics ranking #28 out of 1680 institutions.  

CPR Director, Leonard Lopoo was awarded the 2013 Excellence in Graduate Education Faculty Recognition Award on Thursday, April 25.   

Jing Li completed her dissertation oral defense and has accepted an offer at the School of Economics at Singapore Management University.

Congratulations to CPR Senior Research Associate Leonard Burman who has been named to lead the Tax Policy Center, which he co-founded in 2002 at the Urban Institute in Washington DC!

March 2013

View Perry Singleton's newly published article, “ Insult to Injury: Disability, Earnings, and Divorce ,” in The Journal of Human Resources.

February 2013

Amy Lutz (Sociology) weighs in on a recent NBC Latino piece " U.S. military, a growing Latino army"discussing the growing numbers of Hispanics in the military.

January 2013 

Congratulations to Badi H. Baltagi and Chihwa Kao being named #44 and #78 in the worldwide rankings of authors in econometrics by RePEc’s November 2012 Rankings! CPR was also recognized in the Top 10% of institutions in the field of Econometrics ranking #37 out of 1657 institutions.

December 2012

Tom Dennison (PAIA) and The Lerner Center have been awarded a three-year grant from Excellus to address the management needs of individuals with pre-diabetes in Onondaga County.

View Len Burman (PAIA) article, “What Would be Worse than Going Over it? Not Addressing the Systemic Problems that Brought us to the Edge” on the front page of the Opinion section of the Post Standard!  

Thomas J. Kniesner (Economics) has coauthored a new online published article " Losers and Losers: Some Demographics of Medical Malpractice Tort Reforms." Robert Bifulco (PAIA) and Ross Rubenstein (PAIA) are featured in the Buffalo News discussing the values of the Say Yes to Education Program . 

November 2012

Leonard Burman (PAIA/Econ) speaks out on "Raising Taxes on the Rich" on the Business News Network and has co-authored a new book.  

Toni Miles was the keynote speaker of the 2012 Syracuse Seminar on Aging " The Medicaid Expansion, Long Term Care Financing and the Boomer Cohort ."

October 2012

Leonard Burman (PAIA/Economics) presented " Taxes and the Election 2012 " at OASIS.

Kerri M. Raissian (PAIA) and Leonard M. Lopoo (PAIA) have published an article in "Policy Retrospectives" in the Journal of Policy Analysis and Management entitled Natalist Policies in the United States

Watch Kerri Raissian’s interview on YNN discussing the findings of a recent paper published in Pediatrics and local trends in child abuse. http://centralny.ynn.com/content/top_stories/603163/abuse-case-raises-questions/

September 2012

MAXWELL RESEARCH SYMPOSIUM "Housing Issues in the 21st Century." 

Leonard Burman (PAIA/Economics) presented Testimony before House Committee on Ways and Means and the Senate Committee on Finance 

Douglas A Wolf (PAIA/Economics) was interviewed by the Russell Sage Foundation in connection with a new e-publication.

View William Horrace's (ECN) recent article publication, " A Monte Carlo Study of Ranked Efficiency Estimates" from Frontier Models.

Kerri Raissian (PAIA graduate student) has been named the recipient of a 2012 Emerging Scholars Award by the NASPAA!

Amy Lutz  (SOC) has just been awarded a two year grant from the NSF entitled "Access to Selective Colleges in the Pre- and Post-Grutter Eras among Racial, Ethnic, and Immigrant Groups".   

August 2012

Thomas Dennison discussed St. Joseph's Hospital's decision to join Meatless Monday, with YNN.

Leonard M. Lopoo (PAIA) has been named the new Director of the Center for Policy Research at the Maxwell School of Syracuse University by Dean Steinberg.

July 2012 

Badi H. Baltagi (ECN), Chihwa Kao (ECN), and Qu Feng have published the article “A Lagrange Multiplier Test for Cross-Sectional Dependence In A Fixed Effects Panel Data Model” in the Journal of Econometrics.

Leonard Burman (PAIA/Economics) quoted in the San Francisco Chronicle : "It would really be good to reform the tax code to make it simpler and fairer, but the more likely thing is that we just go up to this fiscal cliff again and again and again."

June 2012  

Michael Wasylenko is honored by the Maxwell School faculty and advisory board with the creation of the Michael J. Wasylenko Endowed Faculty Fund

May 2012

Leonard Burman speaks out in the United Press International (UPI) about "Dems, GOP exaggerating tax claims."   

William D. Duncombe (PAIA), John M. Yinger (PAIA & Economics) discuss school mergers and its merits in "School Mergers: Despite resistance, it may be the way out for some." 

April 2012

Jerry Miner (ECN) hosted Professor Henry Levin (Teachers College, Columbia University)as the guest speaker for the Jerry Miner Lecture Series.   

Badi H. Baltagi (Economics)was named the Inaugural “ Advances in Econometrics Fellow ” for his many contributions to the Advances in Econometrics. 

Andrew London (SOC) has coauthored a Research Innovation and Development in Economics (RIDGE) brief  "Going Digital: The Pros and Cons of Promoting Online Food Assistance Applications based on the study “Clients’ Perspectives on a Technology-Based Food Assistance Application System.”   

Leonard Burman(PAIA/Economics) testified at the Senate Budget Committee hearing on tax reform to encourage growth, reduce the deficit and promote fairness. The hearing is now available online for viewing, along with a copy of the testimony.

A talk by Professor Melissa Luke (School of Education) will be held Thursday, April 5, 12:45 p.m. to 1:45 p.m. in the Center for Policy Research Seminar Room (426 Eggers Hall).  Lunch will be provided.

March 2012

The Post Standard discussed Health Care operations for the year ahead with local expert Thomas Dennison (PAIA).

William D. Duncombe(PAIA), John M. Yinger(PAIA & Economics) and Wen Wang, have been named the Richard Musgrave Prize winners for authoring the most outstanding paper published in the National Tax Journal for 2011.

February 2012

Leonard Burman (PAIA) weighs in on taxpayers' issues when he spoke with The New York Times in " Paying Far More Than 13.9%: A Taxpayer’s Lament ." He discussed various tax issues, including alternative minimum tax and tax cuts for the rich, while arguing for a return to the principles of the Tax Reform Act of 1986.  

Christine Himes (Sociology) co-authored an eight-year study, now published in The Journal of the American Geriatrics Society on obesity.

January 2012

A report " Family Structure and the Economic Mobility of Children," co-authored by Leonard Lopoo (Public Administration) was cited in the recent New York Times article " Harder for Americans to Rise From Lower Rungs."  

December 2011

Janet Wilmoth (Sociology) has been named the first Director of the University's new Aging Studies Institute (ASI).

November 2011

Gary Engelhardt, Andrew London, Janet Wilmoth and Jan Ondrich have received funding for 2012 for three projects from The Center for Retirement Research at Boston College/SSA.

September 2011

Leonard Burman was quoted in The New York Times in the article " Questioning the Dogma of Tax Rates," where Burman finds that the evidence to the premise that lower capital gains rates promote growth "is murky, at best."   

August 2011

William Horrace has been named Melvin A. Eggers Economics Faculty Scholar.

Gary Engelhardt has been named a Melvin A. Eggers Economics Faculty Scholar.

July 2011

Leonard Burman was quoted in the Boston Globe in the " Pawlenty’s fiscal foolishness," article and in a San Francisco Chronicle article on economic recovery after financial panic. 

May/June 2011

Thomas Dennison (Public Administration) has co-authored a Report on an analysis of variations in hospital costs in New York State. Funded by the NYS Health Foundation, it concluded that unique hospital characteristics are probably responsible for cost variations.

April 2011

Andrew London has published an article in the May 2011 issue of the Sociological Inquiry entitled " Mitigating Material Hardship: The Strategies Low-Income Families Employ to Reduce the Consequences of Poverty ." The article's results, complement recent research that identifies domains of hardship as unique and suggest that domain-specific hardship mitigation approaches are necessary.

Leonard Burman recently spoke with NPR Morning Edition, about the ongoing federal budget battle for " Politicians Put Positive Spin On Budget Battle Words ." Burman was also quoted on demographics and spending in a National Journal article, entitled " Locked and Loaded " about a predicted pivotal issue in 2012 elections on the size and cost of government.

Badi Baltagi, Distinguished Professor of Economics, has coauthored an article " Finding Out Why African Banks Lend So Little " which recently appeared on VoxEU.org. The article looks to explain why African banks invest large sums abroad and lend relatively little to local businesses, pointing out that many banks suffer from a shortage of information about the creditworthiness of some of their customers.

CPR's Senior Research Associate, Stuart S. Rosenthal, who currently holds the title of Melvin A. Eggers Economics Faculty Scholar, has been named the new Maxwell Advisory Board Professor of Economics by The Maxwell School's interim dean Michael Wasylenko.