Rebecca  Schewe

Associate Professor, Sociology

Becky Schewe will start pilot testing a survey of manure and biosolids behavior with New York farmers as part of her co-project with colleagues Christa Kelleher (Earth Sciences) and Teng Zeng (Civil and Environmental Engineering) titled, “Linking Human Behavior and Hydrological Processes Towards Improved Understanding Of Spatio-Temporal CEC Prevalence Across Agroecosystems." The survey will be sent to a stratified sample of NY dairy, beef, hay, and corn farmers to ask them about how they manage manure application and biosolids application.

The objective of this project is to link human behavior, hydrological processes, and the occurrence of chemicals of emerging concern (CECs) in New York waterways downstream of agricultural systems. This project is funded by the National Institute of Food and Agriculture in the USDA.