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Iuliia Shybalkina

CPR Research Graduate Assistant (PAIA)

Iuliia Shybalkina, a third-year doctoral student in Public Administration and CPR graduate associate, has been chosen as 2017 “Larry D. Schroeder Award for Excellence in PhD Research" recipient.

Upon leaving Maxwell, Rosemary O’Leary endowed a research prize to be established in the name of her husband, Larry Schroeder.  The “Larry D. Schroeder Award for Excellence in PhD Research” is to be given to a current PhD student who has best demonstrated excellence in research. The PAIA Department bases the awards on the quality of the second year seminar papers. 

Iuliia's paper is entitled "Does Participatory Budgeting Direct Public Money to Poor Neighborhoods?" In this paper, she measured the effects of participatory budgeting on the distribution of capital funds among neighborhoods of different incomes in New York City council districts. Using a unique geocoded dataset and a difference-in-difference design, Iuliia found that PB districts spend more funds in lower-middle class neighborhoods after the adoption of PB, but not in the poorest neighborhoods.