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Joe Boskovski

Managing Director and Co-Founder of the Maxwell X Lab

Joe Boskovski serves as Managing Director and Co-Founder of the Maxwell X Lab. Joe's main research interests are in applied behavioral economics and field experiments. He received his undergraduate education in public policy from SUNY Albany in 2010, and his master’s degree in public administration from Syracuse University in 2014.   Prior to coming back home to Syracuse, Joe worked at the Behavioral Insights Team as a partner with Bloomberg Philanthropies' What Works Cities initiative, implementing several field experiments in housing, criminal justice, healthcare, and government services. He has also worked as a project manager for a machine learning field experiment with the University of Pennsylvania; a teacher in New Haven, Connecticut; and analyst at NYS Parks. In his time in government, academia, and consulting, Joe became convinced that field experiments, informed by the latest research, could cost-effectively improve outcomes and infuse evidence into everything we do. Joe firmly believes that everything should be tested using RCTs and that low-cost interventions can substantially improve the effectiveness of government and nonprofit programs.