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Ling Li

CPR Research Graduate Assistant (ECON)

Ling is a Ph.D. student in the department of Economics, whose primary fields are public and labor economics. Her current research focuses on workplace safety. One of her papers “Helping nurses or hurting patients: the effect of OSHA inspections in nursing facilities,” examines the effect of government enforcement of safety standards and finds enforcement reduces injuries among the workers but leads to worse quality of service. She presented this paper at the annual meeting of Midwest Economic Association (MEA) in April 2017 and, presented it at the annual meeting of Society of Labor Economists (SOLE) in May 2017.   Ling works with Professor Perry Singleton in CPR. One of their joint papers examines the effect of OSHA inspections on workplace injury rates and they are currently working on assessing the effect of unionization on workplace safety.

Recently, Ling was also selected as an Outstanding TA Award recipient for 2017.

Ling joined the doctoral program in economics in 2013 and has been a graduate associate at CPR since 2015. Prior to coming to Syracuse, Ling graduated from Tsinghua University in Beijing, China in 2013 with her bachelor’s degree in economics. She also studied as an exchange student at McGill University in Montreal, Canada during her junior year. Ling is currently in her fourth year and is expected to be on the job market next year.