Visiting Scholars and Graduate Students 2013


Visiting Faculty Scholars 

Leonard Burman is the Director of the Tax Policy Center, a Professor of Public Administration and International Affairs at the Maxwell School of Syracuse University, and senior research affiliate at Syracuse University, The Center for Policy Research. He was visiting in CPR on October 7-9, 2013.

Giacomo de Giorgi (Stanford University) visited CPR October 6-12, 2013. Professor de Giorgi was at Columbia University as the Wesley Mitchell Visiting Professor until June 2013 . At Stanford, he was teaching Labor Economics, Development Economics, Economics of Human Resources, and Advanced Econometrics.

Philippe Barbe, a researcher from the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS in France), visited CPR September 15-21, 2013. His work covers several areas of both theoretical and applied statistics, as well as probability and other areas of mathematics. He was working with William Horrace

Visiting Scholar, Associate Professor Qiang Ren (Central University of Finance and Economics, Beijing, China) visited CPR to work with CPR Professor Yilin Hou on China’s local property tax issues and to finalize their forthcoming publication: Institutionalizing Local Property Tax in China. 

Visiting Graduate Students 2013

The Center for Policy Research is fortunate to afford visiting students from outside the United States the opportunity to work as research assistants in the Center.

Tiziano Arduini is from Rome, Italy where he is currently a third year PhD student at La Sapienza University in the Department of Social Sciences. He is working here in CPR as one of the research assistants of Professor Eleonora Patacchini and will be with us for the Fall-Spring 2013-2014 semesters.  

Carlo Leone Del Bello is a Ph.D student at La Sapienza University of Rome. His research interests include: Econometrics of Social Networks and Applied Econometrics. He is working with Eleonora Patacchini and is expected to stay at CPR for the Fall-Spring 2013-2014 semesters.    

Edoardo Rainone is currently affiliated with Banca d’Italia and La Sapienza - Università di Roma. His research interests include: Peer Effects, Social and Financial Networks, Spatial Econometrics, Economics of Education, Money Markets, Payment Systems, and Liquidity Management. He is working here at the Center with Eleonora Patacchini from September, 2013 – March, 2014. 

Rebecca Pietrelli is with the Department of Economic & Social Sciences, Sapienza - University of Rome and working with Eleonora Patacchini for the Fall 2013 semester. Her research interests are in Development Economics, Migration, Vulnerability to Poverty, & Impact Evaluation. Currently, she's working on two papers of her dissertation. One, researching on the impact of migration on vulnerability to poverty of origin households in Kagera region, Tanzania. The second focuses on the trade-off between migration and saving the households' consumption smoothing.