Visiting Scholars and Graduate Students 2014

Visiting Faculty Scholars

Visiting Scholar, Associate Professor Qiang Ren (Central University of Finance and Economics, Beijing, China) visited CPR in December. He worked with CPR Professor Yilin Hou on China’s local property tax issues and to finalize a second paper.

Francesco Vona (OFCE - Sciences Po, France) visited CPR from October 13-October 31. He works on technical change, labor and environmental economics. During his stay, he collaborated with David Popp on a project on green jobs and skills in US states.

In Choi (Sogang University, Seoul, Korea) worked in CPR with Badi Baltagi September 8-October 15. His research focus has been on time series and panel data analysis. He has published a book, numerous articles in leading journals in economics and statistics; is a Fellow of the Journal of Econometrics and received the Plura Scripsit Award from Econometric Theory and Chongram Award from the Korean Economic Association.

Donggyun Shin  (Kyung Hee University, Korea) visited CPR August 18-22 to work with Yoonseok Lee. His research interests include labor economics, applied micro econometrics, crime, education, and macro labor market (structural labor economics).

Yongheng Yang (Tsinghua University, Beijing, China) visited for the month of July and worked with CPR's Yilin Hou on a co-authored paper.

Marco Battaglini (Princeton University) visited CPR from May 15-August 1. His fields of interest include: economic theory, game theory, contract theory, political economy, and laboratory experiments. 

Visiting Graduate Student Scholars

Ping Zhang visited from the University of Georgia to work on his Ph.D. which he completed this past summer.  He worked with Dr. Yilin Hou and was here at CPR for one year (Fall -Summer 2013-2014). His research interests included Public Finance and Budgeting.