Education Finance and Accountability Program (EFAP)

Working Papers and Reports

Hedonic Vices: Fixing Inferences about Willingness-to-Pay in Recent House-Value Studies, 2016. John Yinger and Phuong Nguyen-Hoang.

Hedonic Markets and Sorting Equilibria: Bid-Function Envelopes for Public Services and Neighborhhod Amenities, 2015. John Yinger.

Making the Grade: The Impact of Classroom Behavior on Academic Achievement, 2012. Kalena E. Cortes, Wael S. Moussa, and Jeffrey M. Weinstein

Examining the Nature and Magnitude of Intra-District Resource Disparities in Four Mid-Size New York State School Districts, 2007. Paper prepared for the Education Finance Research Consortium. Larry Miller and Ross Rubenstein (Center for Policy Research at Syracuse University).

Understanding the Incentives in California’s Education Finance System, March 2007. William D. Duncombe and John Yinger. Institute for Research on Education Policy and Practice.

Developing a Financial Condition Indicator System (FCIS) for New York State School Districts, May 2003. Special Report: by William D. Duncombe, Bernard Jump (Center for Policy Research at Syracuse University), Salwa Ammar, and Ronald Wright (Le Moyne College). 

Do Whole-School Reform Programs Boost Student Performance? The Case of New York City, Final Report submitted to the Smith Richardson Foundation by Robert Bifulco, Carolyn Bordeaux, William D. Duncombe and John Yinger.

Addressing Self-Selection Bias in Quasi-Experimental Evaluations of Whole-School Reform: A Comparison of Methods, Robert Bifulco (Duke University), Center for Child and Family Policy. Full Report.

Financing Higher Standards in Public Education: The Importance of Accounting for Educational Costs, William D. Duncombe and John Yinger. Center for Policy Research, Policy Brief No.10/1998. Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY. 

An Analysis of Two Educational Policy Changes  in New York State: Performance Standards and Property Tax Relief. William D. Duncombe and John Yinger. New York State Board of Regents Final Report: Educational Finance to Support High Learning Standards.(©1998 NYS Department of Education.  Reprinted with permission.) Abstract.