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Maxwell School

Maxwell Policy Research Symposium-2012

The Center for Policy Research in The Maxwell School at Syracuse University sponsors an annual Policy Research symposium concentrating on a specific area of public policy analysis. Several highly distinguished visitors present papers at these conferences each year. Past conference proceedings have been published as books and special issues of conference journals.  

The 2012 Maxwell Policy Research Symposium was held on September 21-22, 2012 

 Public Events Room/Eggers Hall, Syracuse University

 "Housing Issues in the 21st Century"

 Sponsored by  The Center for Policy Research , at the Maxwell School, Syracuse University

*The keynote address video.*

 Conference Program

"Housing Issues in the 21st Century" addressed recent issues and developments related to housing in the United States.  

The proceedings of this conference will be published as an edited special issue of the Public Finance Review.


The conference was hosted by Jan Ondrich, a Professor of Economics and Senior Research Associate in the Center for Policy Research at Syracuse University. He worked on the conference in association with James Follain of the Rockefeller Institute of Government who was instrumental in putting the list of presenters together.   


For more information about this conference please contact Mary Santy, Center for Policy Research at 315-443-3115, or


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