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Maxwell School

Maxwell Policy Research Symposium

The Department of Economics and the Center for Policy Research of The Maxwell School of Syracuse University have instituted an annual Policy Research Symposium concentrating on a specific area in economics.

Urban and Regional Economics

Our first conference, on urban and regional economics was held April 28-29, 2000.

Several highly distinguished visitors presented papers including:

  • Jan Brueckner (University of Illinois)
  • Dennis Epple (Carnegie Mellon University)
  • Ed Glaeser (Harvard University)
  • Vernon Henderson (Brown University)
  • Steve Ross (University of Connecticut)
  • William Strange (University of British Columbia).
  • For further information on obtaining copies of the papers presented at this conference or other questions, please feel free to contact  Stuart Rosenthal at 315-443-3809 (  or  Mary Santy at 315-443-3115 (