CPR Seminar Series

Selected Thursdays; 3:30-5:00 p.m.

The CPR Seminar Series includes both internal and external speakers who present findings from their latest policy-relevant research. For Syracuse University faculty, the presentations are in a workshop format: designed to provide feedback to the researchers while the work is in a formative stage. External speakers typically present research projects that are near completion. The seminar series is partially funded by the Lerner Center for Public Health Promotion.

*COVID-19: Masks Required - All students, faculty, staff and visitors (vaccinated and vaccine-exempt) accessing the Syracuse University campus must wear masks indoors at all times, and outdoors when in the presence of others. We continue to follow the advice of local public health officials in regards to in-person events. Please be sure to check back frequently for the latest safety protocols before coming to campus or other in-person venue.

Spring 2022

  • March 24
    Elizabeth Linos (UC Berkeley)

  • March 31
    Sanya Carley (Indiana University)

  • April 28
    Seth Gershenson (American University)

Past Seminars

Fall 2021

Spring 2021

  • March 4
    Kasey Buckles (Notre Dame) "The Drug Crisis and the Living Arrangements of Children"

  • March 11
    Econometric Methods Workshop
    Yulong Wang (Syracuse University) "Review of Time Series Econometrics"

  • April 1
    Matt Kraft (Brown University) "More than teaching: The long-run effects of teachers’ mentoring relationships with students"

Fall 2020

  • October 1
    Andrew Hill (Montana State University) "Physician-Patient Race-Match Reduces Patient Mortality"

  • October 8
    CPR Graduate Student Seminar

  • October 29
    Todd Ely (University of Colorado Denver) "Private Foundation Payout Behavior Under Public Constraints"

  • December 3
    Econometric Methods Workshop
    Jan Ondrich (Syracuse University) "Survival Analysis – A Refresher and Some New Developments"

Spring 2020

  • February 27
    Angela Fertig (University of Minnesota) "The Long-Term Health Consequences of Childhood Food Insecurity"

  • March 5
    Ronald Zimmer (University of Kentucky) "General Equilibrium Effects of Recruiting High-Performing Teachers for School Turnaround: Evidence from Tennessee"

  • March 26 Canceled
    Todd Ely (University of Colorado Denver) "Private Foundation Payout Behavior Under Public Constraints"

  • April 2 Canceled
    Andrew Hill (Montana State University)

  • April 16 Canceled
    Kasey Buckles (Notre Dame)

  • April 23 Canceled
    Econometric Methods Workshop
    Jan Ondrich (Syracuse University)

Fall 2019

  • October 3
    Christina Gibson-Davis (Duke University) "The Kids Are Alright: The Rise in Non-Marital Births and Child Well-being"

  • October 24
    CPR Graduate Student Seminar

  • October 31
    Econometric Methods Workshop
    Hugo Jales (Syracuse University) "Discontinuous Incentives, Regression Discontinuity, and Bunching"

  • November 14
    Taryn Morrissey (American University) "The Earned Income Tax Credit and Parent-Child Time Use"

For more information on the CPR Seminar Series or to be added to our email list, please contact Emily Minnoe at erminnoe@syr.edu