CPR Seminar Series

Selected Thursdays; 3:30-4:30 p.m.

The CPR Seminar Series includes both internal and external speakers who present findings from their latest policy-relevant research. For Syracuse University faculty, the presentations are in a workshop format: designed to provide feedback to the researchers while the work is in a formative stage. External speakers typically present research projects that are near completion. The seminar series is partially funded by the Lerner Center for Public Health Promotion.

Spring 2021

  • March 4
    Kasey Buckles (Notre Dame) "The Drug Crisis and the Living Arrangements of Children"

  • March 11
    Econometric Methods Workshop
    Yulong Wang (Syracuse University) "Review of Time Series Econometrics"

  • April 1
    Matt Kraft (Brown University)

Past Seminars

Fall 2020

  • October 1
    Andrew Hill (Montana State University) "Physician-Patient Race-Match Reduces Patient Mortality"

  • October 8
    CPR Graduate Student Seminar

  • October 29
    Todd Ely (University of Colorado Denver) "Private Foundation Payout Behavior Under Public Constraints"

  • December 3
    Econometric Methods Workshop
    Jan Ondrich (Syracuse University) "Survival Analysis – A Refresher and Some New Developments"

Spring 2020

  • February 27
    Angela Fertig (University of Minnesota) "The Long-Term Health Consequences of Childhood Food Insecurity"

  • March 5
    Ronald Zimmer (University of Kentucky) "General Equilibrium Effects of Recruiting High-Performing Teachers for School Turnaround: Evidence from Tennessee"

  • March 26 Canceled
    Todd Ely (University of Colorado Denver) "Private Foundation Payout Behavior Under Public Constraints"

  • April 2 Canceled
    Andrew Hill (Montana State University)

  • April 16 Canceled
    Kasey Buckles (Notre Dame)

  • April 23 Canceled
    Econometric Methods Workshop
    Jan Ondrich (Syracuse University)

Fall 2019

  • October 3
    Christina Gibson-Davis (Duke University) "The Kids Are Alright: The Rise in Non-Marital Births and Child Well-being"

  • October 24
    CPR Graduate Student Seminar

  • October 31
    Econometric Methods Workshop
    Hugo Jales (Syracuse University) "Discontinuous Incentives, Regression Discontinuity, and Bunching"

  • November 14
    Taryn Morrissey (American University) "The Earned Income Tax Credit and Parent-Child Time Use"

Spring 2019

  • January 28
    Ying Shi (Stanford University) "Expertise and Independence on Governing Boards: Evidence from School Districts"

  • February 21
    Michael Wasylenko (Syracuse University) "Regional Divergence: With Special Focus on NYS Regional Divergence: What can be Done for Populations Left Behind?"

  • February 28
    Alex Rothenberg (Syracuse University) "Unity in Diversity? How Intergroup Contact Can Foster Nation Building"

  • March 21
    Christopher Ruhm (University of Virginia) "Has Mortality Risen Disproportionately For the Least Educated?"

  • March 28 
    Econometric Methods Workshop 
    Yoonseok Lee (Syracuse University) "Nonparametric Regression: A Review"

  • April 4
    James Ziliak (University of Kentucky) "The Antipoverty Impact of the EITC: New Estimates from Survey and Administrative Tax Records"

  • April 18
    Anna Haskins (Cornell University) "Schools as Surveilling Institutions? Parental Incarceration, System Avoidance, and Parental Involvement in Schooling"

Fall 2018

  • September 27
    Econometric Methods Workshop
    Badi Baltagi (Syracuse University) "Panel Data: A Review of the Basic Methodology"

  • October 4
    Yueming "Lucy" Qiu (University of Maryland College Park) "Quantifying the Rebound Effects of Residential Solar Panel Adoption"

  • October 18
    Len Burman (Syracuse University) "Safely Expanding Research Access to Administrative Tax Data: Creating A Synthetic Public Use File and A Validation Server"

  • October 24
    Chloe East (UC Denver) "The Labor Market Effects of Immigration Enforcement"

  • November 1
    CPR Graduate Student Seminar

  • November 15
    Yilin Hou (Syracuse University) "Modeling and Testing the Ability and Willingness to Pay the Property Tax – Evidence from China with Survey Data"

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