CPR Seminar Series

426 Eggers Hall, Selected Thursdays; 3:30 p.m.- 5:00 p.m.

The CPR Seminar Series includes both internal and external speakers who present findings from their latest policy-relevant research. For Syracuse University faculty, the presentations are in a workshop format: designed to provide feedback to the researchers while the work is in a formative stage. External speakers typically present research projects that are near completion. The seminar series is partially funded by the Lerner Center for Public Health Promotion.

Spring 2018

March 8               Ingrid Gould Ellen (NYU Wagner) “Neighbors and Networks: The Role of Social Interactions in the Residential Choices of Housing Choice Voucher Holders”

April 5                  Rajeev Darolia (University of Kentucky)

April 19               Marianne Bitler (UC David)

Fall 2017

October 19                 CPR Graduate Student Seminar

October 26                 Orgul Ozturk (University of South Carolina) "When Does it Count? The Timing of Food Stamp Receipt and Educational Performance"

November 16             Dylan Conger (George Washington University) "The Effect of Advanced Placement Courses on Students' Skill Formation, Interest, and Confidence"

Spring 2017

January 26               Tricia Olsen (University of Denver) “Access to Remedy: Accountability for Allegations of Corporate Human Rights Abuse in

                                  Latin America.”

February 23              Joseph Marchand (University of Alberta) "The Local Effects of the Texas Shale Boom on Schools, Students, and Teachers."

March 23                   Lara Shore-Sheppard (Williams College) "The Impact of the ACA Medicaid Expansion on Disability Program Participation.”

                                   *Co-sponsored by the Lerner Center.

March 30                   Carolyn Heinrich (Vanderbilt University) “A Thousand Petty Fortresses: Administrative Burden in U.S. Immigration Policies and

                                   Its Consequences." 

April 27                      Scott Imberman (Michigan State University) “The Roles of Neonatal Health and Race in Special Education Identification.”

                                   - The Jerry Miner Lecture Series (*Special Time*  2:00-3:30 pm).

                                   This lecture is part of the Education Finance and Accountability Program (EFAP) Lecture Series.

Fall 2016

September 22            Shawn Bushway (University at Albany, SUNY) "A New Look at the Employment and Recidivism Relationship through the Lens of a Criminal Background Check."

October 20                 Perry Singleton (Syracuse University) “The Dynamic Effect of Disability on Marriage” (joint with Ling Li).

October 27                 CPR Graduate Student Seminar 

November 17             Adam Gamoran (WT Grant Foundation) "Finding the Middle Ground: Consensus Responses to the Challenge of Reducing Inequality."

December 1               Natasha Pilkauskas (University of Michigan) "Maternal Employment Stability in Early Childhood: Links with Child Behavior and Cognitive Skills."

Spring 2016

February 11               Joanna Lahey (Texas A&M University) "Discrimination at the Intersection of Age, Race, and Gender."

February 25               Becky Schewe (Syracuse University) "Why Don’t They Just Change? Contract Farming, Informational Influence, and

                                    Barriers to Agricultural Climate Change Mitigation."    

March 24                   Helen Levy (University of Michigan) "Health Reform and Retirement." (sponsored by CPR and the Lerner Center).

April 7                       Lingxin Hao (Johns Hopkins University) "Early Parental Investment and Childhood Human Capital Formation."

April 28                     Richard J. Murnane (Harvard University & NBER Research Associate) "The Consequences of Educational Reform in Chile:

                                   Lessons for the U.S. School Choice Debate." - The Jerry Miner Lecture Series


Fall 2015

September 17          Alfonso Flores-Lagunes (Syracuse University) “The Effect of Degree Attainment on Crime:

                                 Evidence from A Randomized Social Experiment."

September 24         CPR Graduate Student Seminar

                               Judson Murchie (PAIA) “Property Value Effects of Place-Based College Tuition Guarantee Programs.”

Carlos Diaz (Economics) “Peer Influence on Youth Crime: Does Parenting Matter?”

Jinqi Ye (Economics) “The Effect of State and Federal Mental Health Parity Laws on Working Time.”

October 15            Kevin Stange (University of Michigan) “Investing in Schools: Capital Spending, Facility Conditions,

                                 and Student Achievement.” (with Paco Martorell and Isaac McFarlin) 

December 3            Zhiyong An (Shanghai University of Finance & Economics) “Demographics and Firm Returns:

                                 Empirical Evidence from a Population Policy Change in China.” (with Yilin Hou)

Spring 2015

April 2                      Janet Wilmoth and Andrew London (Syracuse University), “The Long-Term Impact of Military Service on Lives.”

April 9                      Harris (Tulane University), The Jerry Miner Lecture Series

April 23                    Douglas Almond (Columbia University)

Fall 2014

September 18         Eric Brunner (University of Connecticut), "Homeowners, Renters and the Political Economy of Property Taxation."

October 23             Francesco Vona (French Economic Observatory– Sciences Po), "Green Skills."

November 20          David Agrawal (University of Georgia), "The Internet as a Tax Haven? The Effect of the Internet on Tax Competition."

Spring 2014 

January 23               Hosung Sohn (Syracuse University), "Improving School Performance through Simultaneous Use of Rewards and Sanctions:

                               Evidence from A Regression Discontinuity Design." 

February 20             Sarah Hamersma (Syracuse University),  "Food Security and Teenage Labor Supply."

March 6                   Melanie Guldi (University of Central Florida), "Do Pregnant Teens Respond to Improved Opportunities? An Evaluation of Title IX
                               of the Educational Amendments of 1972 to the Civil Rights Act of 1964."

April 24                   Charles Clotfelter (Duke University), "Colleges and Their Customers: The Market for Baccalaureate Education in the Age of Merit
                               and Disparity." The Jerry Miner Lecture Series.

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