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Maxwell School

CPR Seminar Series in Aging, Labor and Public Finance

Fall 1999

441 Eggers Hall, Thursdays; 4:00 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.

(unless otherwise indicated)

  • September 2. Introduction and Organizational Meeting.
  • September 9. Timothy Smeeding (Syracuse University). "Social Security in the 21st Century. More than Deficits, Strengthening Security for Women".
  • September 16. Tom Kniesner (Syracuse University). "Intergenerational Economic Consequences of Poor Health: Taking Care of Grammy and Grampy."
  • September 23. Charles Longino (Wake Forest University). "Retirement Migration in America, Trends and Prospects."
  • September 30. Bruce Meyer (Northwestern University). "Welfare, the Earned Income Tax Credit, and the Labor Supply of Single Mothers."
  • October 7. Stuart Rosenthal (Syracuse University)."The Capitalization of Locational Amenities into Wages versus Land Rents: A Dynamic Model of Quality of Life in a System of Cities" with Stuart Gabriel, University of Southern California).
  • October 14. Lara Shore Sheppard (University of Pittsburgh/Joint Center for Poverty Research, University of Chicago). "The Impact of Public Health Insurance on Labor Market Transitions" (with John Ham of Ohio State University).
  • October 21. Gary Engelhardt (Syracuse University). "401(k)'s and Household Wealth Accumulation: Evidence from the Health and Retirement Survey."
  • October 28. Jeff Milyo (Tufts University). "Income Inequality and Health Status in the United States: Evidence from the Current Population Survey."
  • November 4. Kathryn Tout (Child Trends). "Evaluating Welfare Reform and Child Outcomes."
  • November 11. Anne Gauthier (University of Calgary). "Patterns of Time Use of People Age 55 to 64 Years Old: Some Cross-National Comparisons." (with Timothy Smeeding).
  • November 18. Joshua R. Goldstein (Princeton University). "Longer Life and Population Growth." (with Wilhelm Schlag).
  • December 2. John Moran (Syracuse University). "Preference Diversity and the Breadth of Employee Health Insurance Options" (with Michael Chernew and Richard Hirth).
  • December 9. Dan Black (Syracuse University).  Revised June 2000. "How the Availability of High-Wage Jobs for Low-Skill Men Affects AFDC Expenditures: Evidence from Shocks to the Coal and Steel Industries." (with T. McKinnish and S. Sanders).