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Maxwell School

CPR Seminar Series

Fall 2004

441 Eggers Hall, Thursdays; 4:00 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.

(unless otherwise indicated)

  • September 9Mel Stephens (Carnegie Mellon). "The Consumption Response to Predictable Changes in Discretionary Income: Evidence from the Repayment of Vehicle Loans."
  • September 23. Melissa Favreault (Urban Institute). "Reform Model Two of the President's Commission to Strengthen Social Security: Distributional Outcomes Under Different Economic and Behavioral Assumptions."
  • *October 6. Richard Zeckhauser (Harvard). "Individual Assessments on Terror Risks." 
  • October 14. Jared Bernstein (Economic Policy Institute). "The State of Working America, 2004."
  • October 21. Kerwin Charles (University of Michigan).  "Male Incarceration, the Marriage Market and Female Outcomes."
  • **October 26. Chris Paxson (Princeton University).
  • ****October 28.  Alan Krupnick (Resources for the Future in Washington) "Valuation of Natural Resource Improvements in the Adirondacks"
  •  ***November 4. Richard Freeman (NBER) "The Great Doubling: The Real Effect of Globalization on Labor"
  • November 18. Bruce Western (Princeton) "The Prison Boom and the American Labor Market"
  • December 2. Gregory Lewis (Georgia State) "Contentious and Consensus Gay Rights Issues: Public Opinion and State Laws on Non-Discrimination and Same-Sex Marriage".  
*  Wednesday lunch seminar, joint with  Economics
**  Tuesday Seminar, joint with Economics
*** joint with Economics and Trade-Political Economy
****Joint Seminar with Economics and the Associate Dean for Sponsored Research