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Maxwell School

NIA Workshops on Cross-National Issues in Aging

Spring 1995

441 Eggers Hall, Thursdays; 4:00 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.

(unless otherwise indicated)

These workshops are an activity of the Center for Demography and Economics of Aging, which is funded by National Institute on Aging Grant No. P20-AG12837.

  • February 9. Kajal Lahiri (SUNY-Albany). "A Structural Model of Disability Determination."
  • February 16. No Seminar - Spring Break.  
  • February 23. MaryBeth Ofstedal (National Center for Health Statistics). "A Simultaneous Logit Model of Co-Residence Choices."
  • March 2. Nandinee Kutty (Cornell University). "The Scope for Poverty Alleviation for Older Homeowners through Reverse Annuity Mortgages."
  • March 8 (Wednesday). James P. Smith (RAND Corporation). "Racial and Ethnic Differences in Mortality Risks by Socio-Economic Status."
  • March 9. Sam Preston (University of Pennsylvania). "Racial Differences in Old Age Mortality."
  • March 16. Alvin Headen (North Carolina State University). "Fuzzy Set Indices of Health and Functional Status: Effects on Nursing Home Entry and Death."
  • March 23. Steven Venti (Dartmouth College). "The Importance of IRA on Retirement Savings."
  • March 30. Daniel Hamermesh (University of Texas). "ETA."
  • April 6. Gary Burtless (The Brookings Institution). "Causes of United States Income Distribution Changes 1950-1989."
  • April 13. Eric Hanushek (University of Rochester). "TBA."
  • April 20. Matthew Murray (University of Tennessee). "Between Youth and Experience: Job Search Outcomes for Older Workers."
  • April 27. Francine Blau (Cornell University). "TBA."