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Maxwell School

NIA Workshops on Cross-National Issues in Aging

Spring 1998

441 Eggers Hall, Thursdays; 4:00 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.

(unless otherwise indicated)

These workshops are an activity of the Center for Demography and Economics of Aging, which is funded by National Institute on Aging Grant No. P20-AG12837.

  • January 15. Richard V. Burkhauser and Douglas A. Wolf (Syracuse University). "Out with the Old and In with the New in Aging Studies at Syracuse." (organizational meeting).
  • January 22. Madonna Harrington Meyer (Syracuse University). "A Qualitative Analysis of the Impact of Medicaid: Cost-Containment Efforts on Frail Older Persons and Their Families."
  • January 29. Thomas A. Dunn (Syracuse University). "Intergenerational Coresidence and Children's Income."
  • February 5. Miles Corak (Statistics Canada). "Unto the Sons: The Intergenerational Income Mobility of Canadian Men."
  • February 12. Thomas DeLiere (University of Chicago). "The Impact of the ADA on Labor Force Participation Rates."
  • February 19. Jane Waldfogel (Columbia University). "Family Leave Policies and Women's Employment and Earnings after Childbirth in the United States, Britain, and Japan."
  • February 25. Matilda White Riley (National Institute on Aging). "The Hidden Age Revolution: Integrating People of All Ages." (Please note special date and a starting time of 4:30pm in the Public Events Room of Eggers Hall.)
  • March 5. Richard Johnson (Rutgers University). "Predictors of Out-of-Pocket Medical Expenses at Midlife: Do the Uninsured Pay More?"
  • March 12. Spring Break.  
  • March 19. Stacy Dickert-Conlin (Syracuse University/University of Kentucky) and Scott Houser (University of California at Fresno). "Microsimulation of Marriage and Cohabitation Penalties in the Transfer and Tax System."
  • March 26. Thomas LaViest (Johns Hopkins University). "Social Factors and Race Differences in Mortality."
  • April 9. Phyllis Moen (Cornell University). "Life after Midlife."
  • April 16. Richard Ippolito (Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation). "The Decline in Pension Funding."
  • April 23. Charles Yuji Horioka (Osaka University) "Savings and Bequests in Japan."