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Maxwell School

CPR Seminar Series in Aging, Labor and Public Finance

Spring 2000

441 Eggers Hall, Thursdays; 4:00 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.

(unless otherwise indicated)

  • January 20. Doug Wolf (Syracuse University). "Issues in the Design and Analysis of Microsimulation Experiments."
  • January 27. Economics Candidate - Mike Conlin (Cornell University). "An Empirical Analysis on the Effect of Divisionalization and Franchising on Competition."
  • February 3. Economics Candidate - Devashish Mitra (Florida International University). "Endogenous Lobby Formation and Endogenous Protection: A Long Run Model of Trade Policy Determinants."
  • February 10. Economics Candidate - Stephen Yeaple (University of Wisconsin). "The Determinants of U.S. Outward Foreign Direct Investment: Market Access vs. Comparative Advantage."
  • February 17. Judy Feder (Georgetown University). "Can Medicare Survive its Saviors?" The American Prospect, May-June (1999).
  • February 24. Sandra Danziger (University of Michigan). "Work, Income and Material Hardship after Welfare Reform."
  • March 2. Angela O'Rand (Duke University). "Gender, Pensions, and Retirement."
  • March 9. Mike Brien (University of Virginia/Economic Council of Advisers). "Widows Waiting to Wed? (Re)Marriage and Economic Incentives in Social Security Widow Benefits."
  • March 23.Glenn Hubbard (Columbia University). "Entrepreneurship and Household Saving."
  • March 28*. Jonathan Skinner (Dartmouth College). "The Efficiency of Medicare."
  • March 29** Joe Hotz (UCLA). "Games Daughters and Parents Play: Teenage Childbearing, Parental Reputation, and Strategic Transfers," (with Lingxin Hao and Ginger Zhe Jin).
  • April 6. Nancy Folbre (University of Massachusetts). "Public Support for Parents."
  • April 13. Christopher Flinn (New York University). "Interpreting Minimum Wage Effects on Wage Distributions: A Cautionary Tale."
  • April 20. John Yinger (Syracuse University). "An Introduction to an Education Finance and Accountability Program."
  • April 27. Elizabeth Powers (University of Illinois). "Accounting for Rapid Growth in the Children's SSI Caseload: The Role of Medicaid Policy."

* Note Tuesday date. Joint seminar with Economics Department to be held in the Economics Conference Room (110 Eggers Hall).

** Note: Wednesday date.