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Maxwell School

CPR Seminar Series

Spring 2006

441 Eggers Hall, Thursdays; 4:00 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.

(unless otherwise indicated)

  • January 19.  Peter Blanck (Burton Blatt Institute-SU) “The Burton Blatt Institute and the Future of Disability Policy”
  • February 2.  Economics Recruiting
  • February 9.  Economics Recruiting
  • February 23.  Cancelled. Daniel Lichter (Cornell University) “Promoting Marriage and Healthy Families: Can Government Play a Role?”
  • March 23.  Janet Gornick (City University of New York) “Disparities in Working Time: A Cross-National Analysis of the Distribution of Work Hours”
  • April 6.  Katherine Magnuson (U of Wisconsin- Madison) “Earnings, Transfers, and Living Arrangements in Low Income Families: Who Pays the Bills?”
  • **April 13.  James Wyckoff (SUNY-Albany) “How Changes in Entry Requirements Alter  the Teacher Workforce and Affect Student Achievement”                       
  • April 20.  Ariel Kalil (U of Chicago- Harris School) “Welfare Leaving and Health Trajectories Among the Children of Immigrants and Natives”
  • **April 21. Dallas Salisbury (Employee Benefit Research Institute) “Future of Employment Related Benefits”
  • April 27.  Marcia Carlson (Columbia University) “The Consequences of Multi-Partnered Fertility for Parental Resources and Relationships”

     **Jerry Miner Lecture Series
    ***Special Lecture co-sponsored by Maxwell Dean’s Office, lecture in SER at 2:00 pm