Graham Ambrose

CPR (PhD Graduate Student - Public Administration and International Affairs)

Graham Ambrose

Contact Information


Undergraduate Education

University of Minnesota - Applied Plant Science 

Graduate Education

University of Minnesota - Science, Technology and Environmental Studies 

Research Interests

  • Governance and decision-making in the food system


Graham is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Public Administration and International Affairs. He grew up in Muskego, Wisconsin. He is interested in studying the formal and informal groups in our food system that make policy decisions collaboratively, and how these decisions ultimately shape measurable economic, social, and environmental outcomes. Graham's interest in the food system comes from a B.S. in Applied Plant Sciences and summers working on multiple farms in the Midwest. After obtaining his M.S. in Science, Technology and Environmental Sciences, he spent time as a researcher at the University of Minnesota and Princeton University, where he focused on decision-making and well-being in urban food systems. He is working with Professor Saba Siddiki.