Iuliia (Yulia) Shybalkina

CPR (PhD Graduate Student - Public Administration and International Affairs)

Iullia Shybalkina

Contact Information


Undergraduate Education

Kharkiv Institute of Finance, Ukraine - Finance 

Graduate Education

University of Oklahoma - Public Administration and Kharkiv Institute of Finance, Ukraine - Finance 

Research Interests

  • Public Financial Management and Budgeting
  • Public Management


Yulia is finishing her Ph.D. in Public Administration. Her interests lie at the intersection of public financial management and budgeting and public management. She is a mixed-methods researcher with experience in econometric, geographic, and qualitative analyses. Yulia’s current projects pertain to participatory budgeting in New York City and property tax assessment appeals in New York City, Pittsburgh, and Chicago and their consequences for the distribution of public expenditures and tax burdens. Prior to arriving at Maxwell, Yulia worked as a public finance analyst and an accountant. She holds an MPA from the University of Oklahoma. She also earned her B.A. and M.A. in finance in Ukraine, where she was born and raised.