Rebecca Wang

CPR (PhD Graduate Student - Sociology)

Rebecca Wang

Contact Information


Undergraduate Education

BA in Sociology, BA in Psychology and Social Behavior - University of California, Irvine  

Graduate Education

MA in Sociology - San Jose State University  

Research Interests

  • Racial/Ethnic Relations
  • Asian and Latino Immigration
  • Social Gerontology
  • Intergenerational Dynamics
  • Life Course


Rebecca was born and raised in the ethnically diverse Silicon Valley, California. Her research interests include race/ethnic relations and post-1965 Asian and Latino immigration. Recently, Rebecca has been interested in social gerontology and she is currently working on carving out her own space in the overlap of these two broad fields of research.For example, she is interested in the differing needs and intergenerational family experiences between early- and late-arriving older adult immigrants. Rebecca worked with Professor Amy Lutz on an NSF funded project that examines access, enrollment, and completion of higher education for different racial and ethnic groups post Grutter v. Bollinger.