Rebecca Schewe

Assistant Professor, Sociology

Peer Reviewed Books:

"Condos in the Woods: the growth of seasonal and retirement homes in Northern Wisconsin." R. Schewe, D.R. Field, D. Frosch, G. Clendenning and D. Jensen, Madison, WI: University of Wisconsin Press (2012).

Peer Reviewed Articles:

“Stewarding Dairy Herd Health and Antibiotic Use on U.S. Amish and Plain Mennonite Farms.” Schewe, R. and Brock, C. Journal of Rural Studies, (58) (2018), pp. 1-11.

“Who Works Here? Contingent labor, Nonfamily Labor, and Immigrant Labor on U.S. Dairy Farms." Schewe, R. and White, B.* Social Currents, 4(5) (2017), pp. 429-447.

Why Don’t They Just Change? Contract Farming, Informational Influence, and Barriers to Agricultural Climate Change Mitigation." Schewe, R. and Stuart, D., Rural Sociology , (2016). DOI: 10.1111/ruso.12122.

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