Michael J. Wasylenko

Professor of Economics

Selected Papers

“Meeting the Fiscal Challenges to Finance Local Government." Gregory K. Ingram and Yu-Hung Hong (Editors), The Changing Landscape of Local Public Revenues: Proceedings of the 2009 Land Policy Conference, Cambridge MA: Lincoln Institute of Land Policy (2009), pp. 497-506.

“Health Care and the Looming Fiscal Crisis in the United States." State, Government, Public Management: Chilean Journal of Public Administration, (Estado, Gobierno, Gestion Publica: Revista Chilena de Administracion Publica), No. 9 (June, 2007), pp. 65-78.

"Proceedings of the Ninety-Eighth Annual Conference of the National Tax Association." George Palumbo, Tax Institute of America (2005). 

“The Impact of Aid, Need and Structure on Fiscal Disparities in Metropolitan America: 2002.”

“Taxation and Economic Development: The State of the Economic Literature.” New England Economic Review (Federal Reserve Bank of Boston) (March/April, 1997), pp. 37-52.