William Duncombe -  June 11, 1955 - May 11, 2013

William D. Duncombe was a Professor of Public Administration and International Affairs at Syracuse University, Senior Research Associate in Maxwell’s Center for Policy Research, and Associate Director of CPR’s Education Finance and Accountability Program (EFAP).

Special Reports

Procurement Practices in New York School Districts

Executive Summary

Full Report (without appendices)

Appendix A: Survey Instrument

     Appendix B: Cover letter sent with survey

  Appendix C: Summary of survey results

Appendix D: Extra tables

      Appendix E: Coding the constraints

Appendix F: Glossary



Teacher Hiring Practices in New York School Districts 


   Executive Summary

Full Report (without appendices

Appendix A: Survey Instrument

Appendix B: Cover letter sent with survey

Appendix C: Basic survey results

Appendix D: Extra tables

Conference Papers 

" Staffing Classrooms: How Do New York School Districts Find Their Teachers?"

" Staffing Classrooms: Do Teacher Hiring Practices Affect Teacher Qualifications?"



Special Report


Estimating the Cost of An Adequate Education In New York  

Executive Summary

CPR Working Paper No. 44 - Estimating the Cost of an Adequate Education in New York, William Duncombe.  February 2002, 126pp.

Estimating the Cost of Educational Adequacy: A Comparison of Approaches - Conference paper presented at the American Education Finance Association 2002 Annual Conference in Albuquerque, NM on March, 2002


Developing a Financial Condition Indicator System (FCIS) for New York State School Districts

Condition Report 

Financing A Sound Basic Education in New York  

New York School Aid Simulation