Michah Rothbart

Assistant Professor of Public Administration and International Affairs

Selected Papers

"What are the Financial Implications of Public Quality Disclosure? Evidence from New York City’s Restaurant Food Safety Grading Policy." Rachel Meltzer, Michah W. Rothbart, Amy Ellen Schwartz, Thad Calabrese, Diana Silver, Tod Mijanovich, and Meryle Weinstein,  Public Finance Review (2017).

“Let Them Eat Lunch: The Impact of Universal Free Meals on Student Performance,” Amy Ellen Schwartz, and Michah Rothbart, Center for Policy Research, The Maxwell School, Syracuse University, Working Paper No. 203 (May 2017).

“Do Top Dogs Rule in Middle School? Evidence on Bullying, Safety, and Belonging." Amy Ellen Schwartz, Leanna Stiefel, and Michah W. Rothbart, American Educational Research Journal (2016).